Deja Vu In New Orleans?
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  • Don
  • Jim.

    Sounds like it would be a good idea for as many people as possible to leave NOW, so if the worst happens the system won’t be overtaxed by those remaining.

  • Don’t worry. Whatever bad things happen in New Orleans, the media will blame on George W. Bush. If a pussy cat is rescued from a tree, it will be because BO ordered it.

    See how easy that is?

  • Corlyss

    @ Don

    Yeah. It was too much to hope for that America’s first black president would have to deal with Katrina Redux. *Sigh* Oh well.

  • joe Ynot

    Nice thoughts, Prof, but the media will cover for Obama comprehensively. I still vividly remember sitting in my car listening to an NPR reporter virtually screaming on air at a government official for not doing anything about the “atrocities”–rape, assault, untended corpses, high mopery, et al–that the reporter swore were going on at the Superdome at that very moment, while the official denied everything, and sounded increasingly baffled. How could anyone be so incompetent? I and every other listener surely thought. And we were right, but months later, after serious investigation, it turned out we had the wrong guy: It was the reporter who had no idea what he was talking about and the official who was right; a synecdoche of the reportage about Katrina (not that there weren’t problems all through the government, including the Federal). The press will do the opposite for Obama: Whatever happens it’s not his fault, it’s George Bush’s, and that’ll be the end of it.

  • John Lever

    Completely wrong. 1. Katrina didn’t hit New Orleans; it made landfall on the MS Gulf Coast. 2. Katrina was a 5, not a 2. It was later downgraded to a 3, but it really was a 5.

  • thibaud

    What does John Hagee make of this?

    Does His decision to spare Tampa mean that the Almighty is greatly pleased by Tampa’s convention ecdysiasts such as Palin imitator Lisa Ann?

    Or is He still going to smack the GOPpers upside the head as He did four years ago when they hied themselves north to the land o’ gitchee gumee?

  • Actually Thibaud, I prayed for the storm to turn left.

    I left it to God to decide how much to turn it…

  • thibaud

    Gerald – what do you have against Alabama and Mississippi? Too red? Or not red enough for you?

  • pst314

    6. John Lever: According to Wikipedia, Katrina was Cat 3 when it made landfall in Louisiana.

  • Part of the problem with materialists like you, Thibaud, is that you think prayer is something that is powered by me, and thus the results are my responsibility.

    I just made the petition. It was up to the Diety to grant it. Those states went through Katrina quite fine, despite getting directly hit by it and not having FEMA pre-staged. Let’s see if Blue Louisiana learned anything.

  • thibaud

    Looks like your governor of “Blue Louisiana” isn’t down with the GOP program. Maybe the “Diety” needs to have a friendly chat with him.

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