WRM Interviewed in The Hindu
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  • Anthony

    WRM, Bush nostalgia and magic has gone from US/India relations I find interesting perspective. Most importantly, discussions continue vis-a-vis American/Indian policy.

    Another note: “admiring what America can become rather than what it has been” may be too subjective a context to factor into foreign policy objectives (American Transformative Power).

    Finally, interviewers reveal insight and knowledge on India and United States relations.

  • Thanks for clarifying an obvious but often overlooked in Indian media’s coverage of US politics.

    Media always says “America is planning to do this or do that”. As if America is a politically static entity without any conflicts within itself. Indian media never elaborates the party and ideological affiliations of President, Senate and House to explain the intricacies of US foreign policy decisions. Sometimes when pro-India policy made by earlier President is withdrawn by a new President, Indian media (esp left-liberal ones) goes nuts over accusing US as an unreliable and treacherous ally etc….

    Treating US Government as a politically monolithic static block leads to lot of confusions when trying to understand US foreign policy.

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