India Opening Economically?
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  • Anthony

    “India is a huge, complicated country…Change is hard….” Social organizational patterns are most resistant to imposed top down change perhaps more so in world’s largest democracy.

  • An

    @WRM Politics aside, the latent business culture and societal institutions is smothering the innate talents and entrepreneurial spirits of the Indian people. Navigating the bureaucracy in India to get anything done is a game in itself. You have to deal with the 1) the existing caste structure of Hindi culture, 2) the massive bureaucracy that combining the worst elements of socialist top down planning with the remnants of the British Raj, and 3) inherent business or bribes and gifts. Bribery is a “cost of doing” business and is expected. if your potential business associate does not receive a gift it is considered an insult.

    Western notions of fair play is non existent. The India we see in the news is not the one you experience trying to get a business deal done. With India, you have the (successful) grafting of 1st world political framework onto a third world political culture.

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