Carbon Market Collapse in EU?
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  • Randy

    That Roasted Moonbat you got cooking sure smells good.

  • Corlyss

    There’s too much money in the market for it to die a quiet and well-deserved death. People should always remember that the carbon trading concept was invented by Enron, with the emphasis on TRADE, which is how they made their money. It has nothing to do with saving Gaia.

  • Eurydice

    A drop in price doesn’t mean anything other than the market is working the way a market should work – there’s an oversupply of permits, the market expected the EC to do something about limiting the supply, but the EC decided to delay doing it. If the EC limits permits and/or if the economy picks up, the market will go up. Whether or not trading carbon emission permits is actually useful in reducing carbon emissions is a whole other issue.

  • R McDonnell

    When my carbon credits are no longer worth anything, can I still burn them to heat my home?

  • thibaud

    Very interesting.

    Which president was it who pushed for
    hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of federally-funded research and demo projects, plus industrial subsidies, without which the US never would have achieved it’s breakthroughs in unconventional natural gas?

    Why, none other than the originator of the phrase, “big gum’mint” – Jimmy Carter himself!

    So it was that centralized beast beloved of clueless progressives, the federal government and its wicked acronym agencies of the 1970s, that we need to thank here.

    Now is the time to praise good men. Thank the Democratic Party and its prescient environmentalist president from 1977-1981 who did more than anyone to make tracking viable.

    A full analysis here of the government’s central role, by prominent critics of cap and trade, Tim Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger of the Breakthrough Institute:

    “… if cheap gas is harnessing market forces to shutter old coal plants, the existence of cheap gas from unconventional places is by no means the product of those same forces, nor of laissez faire energy policies.

    “Our current glut of gas and declining emissions are in no small part the result of 30 years of federal support for research, demonstration, and commercialization of non-conventional gas technologies without which there would be no shale gas revolution today.

    “Starting in the mid-seventies, the Ford and Carter administrations funded large-scale demonstration projects that proved that shale was a potentially massive source of gas. In the years that followed, the U.S. Department of Energy continued to fund research and demonstration of new fracking technologies and developed new three-dimensional mapping and horizontal drilling technologies that ultimately allowed firms to recover gas from shale at commercially viable cost and scale. And the federal non-conventional gas tax credit subsidized private firms to continue to experiment with new gas technologies at a time when few people even within the natural gas industry thought that firms would ever succeed in economically recovering gas from shale….”

  • thibaud

    _Fracing_ above, not iPhone’s dumb _tracking_ auto-“correct.”

  • Jim.


    So Carter continued Ford’s energy research programs, then? Cool.

    By the way, is Gitmo closed yet?

  • thibaud

    Yes, it was very cool when moderate Republicans like Ford were pragmatic and willing to use government to advance the national interest.

    A real shame that these moderate Republicans have been hounded out of the party in recent years by anti-gum’mint zealots.

  • thibaud

    Re Gitmo, I like most national security liberals am delighted that Obama has ratcheted up the war on terror and is waging it more ruthlessly, and more effectively, than his clumsy predecessor did – in best Truman/JFK fashion.

    That said, there is no question that the TP-dominated GOP is far more extremist than the current Democratic Party. The bigger danger today comes from right-wing anti-government zealotry.

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