Saudi Shocks Paks With Pro-India Turn
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  • “stepping up its cooperation with Indian authorities on the sensitive question of Pakistani or Indian nationals suspected of terror activities and hiding in Saudi Arabia”

    Sounds like no longer anti rather than pro.

  • Kris

    “false documents apparently provided by people with access to the resources of the Pakistani state.”

    Any commenters interested in a career at Foggy Bottom, read and learn.

  • A) Saudi Arabia offered the Israelis an air corridor for roundtrip (bomber) flights Israel-Iran-Israel over a year ago.

    B) Sunni Arabs HATE Shia Persians more than anyone else on the planet, with the possible exception of the Palestinians.

    C) per this report from Dr Meade, the Saudis have inked a pact with India because of Saudi fear of terrorism and extremists funded by Iran.

    D) Either the US or Israel needs to give the Saudis ONE nuke. One. And the problems with Tehran will be over, dealt with by the Saudis.

  • asdf

    Indians are not going to be using force against Iran– either in a coalition or alone. They’re not a permanent security council member, so they don’t need that vote, either. At best, they’re a powerful regional voice and rising economic power.

    So what else is going on? Keep in mind, Israel and India have been developing ties for the past few years as well, especially with questions from both countries about the US’s reliability.

    So a Saudi approach to India might also serve as a riposte against Israel breaking its near-universal isolation, in addition to any vague and generic diplomatic support they get against Iran. That’s not as contradictory as you’d think. Israel’s a military power but a diplomatic pariah. If anything, their isolation makes them more likely to run military risks to harm Iran, because they have few alternatives. So keeping Israel isolated from potential allies serves both Saudi Arabia’s realist and idealist goals.

    A best-case scenario from Saudi Arabia’s point of view is for Israel to do the heavy lifting, suffer the diplomatic penalties, and run all the risks of retaliation to mitigate the threat of Iran. For one enemy to greatly weaken itself destroying another enemy? That’s well worth annoying pakistan over.

  • Jim

    Alex’s point B is spot on. My experience with Sunni Arabs – admittedly limited – is that they view the West and the Jews as outside enemies, but the Shia are traitors and backstabbers to Islam. The Saudis I have spoken with say the Shia are the biggest impediment to Islam controlling the world because Allah will not raise up the faithful as long as they allow the heretics to exist. Shiite practice is a direct affront to Allah and a stain on every true (Sunni) muslim.

    Its almost humorous that at the end of a diatribe against Shiites, they always add something about not liking the Jews either. Kind of a throw away line they have been drilled to add someplace during every discussion.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: “they always add something about not liking the Jews either”

    Delenda est Carthago.

  • teapartydoc

    I though it was: Carthago delenda est.

  • Let us not forget that Israel is a rising oil power in the ME and Iran is a falling oil power. Not just from sanctions but from long term neglect.

    In 10 years Iran as an economic power will be kaput. For them it is act now or else. There is also demographics. Iran is not having children. What that says in psychological terms is that the country has already lost hope.

    People without hope often do desperate things.

  • Techno Dan

    “The Saudis don’t like radical terrorism”.
    I’ll believe that when they stop funding madrassas and jihadist mosques.

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