To Stand upon Hallowed Ground
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  • Anthony

    In helping a very dear friend yesterday, he asid “I survived the invasion of Normandy and the Germans only to fall on my ***” He survived that too (at 88 years strong).

  • John Burke

    Nothing hammers home the sacrifice of the invaders more than visiting the American cemetery overlooking Omaha beach which contains the remains of 9387 Americans killed in the Nornandy campaign.

  • Warwick

    The Brits arrested Joan of Arc?

    I thought the Burgundians captured her and sold her to the English for ransom.

    And while I’m not an expert on these things, the term British in that context may be an anachronism.

    But whatever errors there may be, I’m sure they’re ironic examples of forgetfulness meant to add a light note of humor to a post on the seriousness of remembering.

  • Corlyss

    “It also remains one of the more pro-British and pro-American corners of the Hexagon.”

    Proximity to Celtic Brittany?

  • I don’t suppose any of those involved would have described themselves as “British” – hardly anyone did until quite recently – but the Glyndwr Rising ended right around the time of Joan’s birth, so Wales and England were definitively and (so far) permanently united by that point. I think a reasonable case could be made for “British”, from our current perspective.

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