Are the Americas Stealing China’s Jobs?
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  • thibaud

    Mead: “[Mexico] has a thriving middle class, with consumer confidence at a four-year high.”

    While ours has been shrinking for many years, with consumer confidence near all-time lows – and while we’ve absorbed many millions of Mexico’s underclass.

    Perhaps soon the US and Mexico’s socio-economic models and income distribution patterns will converge upon the same “hourglass” shape: a large oligarchic gazillionaire class at the top, a massive underclass, and a small middle class squeezed in between top and bottom.

    So nice to see right and left agreeing on the need for greater convergence between us and the developing/”emerging” world.

  • Daniel Ehighalua

    Really! Where does that big old continent, Africa, figure in all of these? Asian countries now have open invitation of directing their full-blown exploitation towards Africa, with China leading the forays. Who will save Africa?

  • thibaud

    @#2 – nb. soon we’ll converge with Ghana, too. They have much to teach us about healthcare.

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “So nice to see right and left agreeing on the need for greater convergence between us and the developing/”emerging” world.”

    Thibaud … making sense… a shokah

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “the labour arbitrage is still a monumental hurdle for the US to overcome,” he said. “Labour costs are such a big part of the equation.””

    As long as US taxpayer, the sucker, provides free defense of shipping lines by US Navy.

    The time has come for the world-wide shipping use-tax payable to US Navy.

  • Kenny

    It is not only labor costs that is causing ‘re-shoring.’

    Due to fracking, the cost of natural gas has fallen precipitously in the U.S., and this is lowing the cost of manufacturing things like plastics as well as creating many new jobs in the energy sector.

  • Kris

    “Mexico also has a growing industrial economy that is increasingly attractive to new businesses”

    Oh dear. I hope the Mexican government will be able to cope with the large numbers of Americans illegally crossing the border to seek a better life south of the Rio Grande.

  • thibaud

    The convergence is in plain view in California’s formerly prosperous, now hardscrabble, Central Valley.

    Victor Hanson lives there and has described the descent into Mexican-style squalor many times.

    Tell me why, exactly, did we import an underclass? For whose benefit?

  • You are so ahead of the story. It will take many more decades before Chinese wages converge to American ones, at which point ours will be considerably lower than they are now. You’ve been lied to.

  • wanderer

    Oil costs drive the profitability of container ships transiting the Pacific. Although the trend in oil prices is up, up, up, they will fluctuate as price peaks tank the global economy and the resulting oil price decline revives it.

    So you’ll see these jobs ebb and flow, like the tide.

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