Last Greek Industry Takes A Hit
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    This will be good for Greece, as they will be forced to get rid of much of their bureaucracy which they can’t afford. Structural improvements of reduced regulation, smaller government, and increased private enterprise will lead to a more vibrant economy.

  • Kenny

    Yes, tourism will take a hit in Greece just like it has in Egypt.

    Very few people want to play Indiana Jones on their vacation and dodge strikes, protests, riots, and maybe even bullets.

    Also, the world economy is in bad shape, meaning there will be less travel irrespective of the upheavals in Greece or Egypt. People will be staying close to home to save money. No?

    And besides, there is no shortage of vacation destinations. There are plenty to chose from.
    Nobody has to go to Greece. Do Miami or the Caribbean instead. And that’s what will happen.

    The bottom line: Greece is screwed.

  • I had the bad fortune of watching an country strangle itself economically in Zimbabwe before and after 2000. The trick is to spot anyone making money and put them out of business. Let me assure you – it works.

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