AQ Sypathizers Proclaim Islamic Republic in Northern Mali
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  • rkka

    “I am glad Gaddafi is gone,”

    Why? Does anyone else look better at running Libya?

    “but how, exactly, was the war in Libya a humanitarian win?”

    It wasn’t. Torture and killing are now more prevalent than they were while Gaddafi was running the place.

    And I expect the same would have turned out to be true if Russia and China hadn’t stopped the West and the Sunni gulf kingdoms getting their way over Syria this past spring.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “The second lesson is that interventions like the one in Libya rarely end on the happy note of democracy defended and order restored.”

    “Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other.” Edmund Burke

    Even a culture’s failed attempt to support Democracy is a learning experience for a culture. 1. Capitalism, 2. Democracy, and 3. The Rule of Law can’t stand without local cultural support. The backward cultures of the world have a long way to go before they can support the three pillars of Western Culture.

    “Cultures evolve at glacial speeds” Jacksonian Libertarian

    We regularly see cultures which cannot yet support Democracy, sliding back into Tyranny. Russia, Venezuela, Iraq, etc… have all slipped back or are slipping back into Authoritarian rule because of this.

    Cultural evolution can be accelerated by exposure to a superior culture, but cultural evolution is still glacially slow. That said, I believe that over the next generation even the most backward cultures will evolve to the point where supporting the three pillars of western culture becomes viable. Every culture is now being exposed to the superior western culture and they have been so exposed for a generation. By the time 2 generations have been exposed to the superior western culture, local culture will have evolved enough to support the tree pillars.

    We have the example of immigrants’ assimilation into a national culture by which to gage a time line for cultural evolution; the difference being the difference between exposure and immersion.

  • Foobarista

    I first read this as “Ah-Q” sympathizers. Somehow seems appropriate to Al Qaeda if you’ve ever read the story, as it’s about a guy who always loses but convinces himself he’s winning:

  • Maid Abusing Socialist

    US air support over Libya: ~$600 million/week;

    Bombs dropped on loyalist forces: ~$25 million;

    Democracy promotion, post-Gaddafi Libya: ~$8 million;

    Gadaffi’s public death, begging for mercy with a jagged pipe rammed up his a**: Priceless.

  • John Burke

    My only thought is, where is the French army?

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