Myanmar Running Blind; In China The Blind Run
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  • Mrs. Davis

    Don’t for get this. The ChiComs won’t.

  • “Myanmar’s debts – $393 billion to the World Bank and about $500 billion to the ADB. . .”

    Sounds like the E.U. Is the decimal point right?

  • [OT to the editors, in anticipation of this story be sure to go here for good background information]

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    They owe $893 Billion! How is that possible? Almost a Trillion Dollars! Their entire GDP is only $82.7 Billion, and they owe more than 10 times that? Who would loan them that kind of money? These numbers must be wrong, as they could never repay that amount of debt.

  • john haskell

    “Billion” and “million” sound alike but are different. You overstated Burma’s debt to the ADB and World Bank by a factor of 1000.

  • Bob

    Oh what a difference a presidency makes. This is all Obama and the prior failures were all due to the right wing blindness of what it takes to live in a world beyond your boardroom.

  • Kris

    I spent almost half this post in great confusion, wracking my memory trying to figure out what this “Myanmar” was. Thanks for finally helping me out. Now if you could only help me figure out where it is that Clinton is flying…


  • MNP

    Why not call it Burma?

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