Game of Thrones: Middle East Edition
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  • Anthony

    “…but on the whole it serves rather than undercuts US interests. The regional alignment against Iran helps the US….”

    WRM, are we suggesting strategies for maintaining balance against adversaries in Middle East contretemps? There appears to be developing balancing coalitions and shifting blocs of regional rivals; are we engaging in offshore balancing?

  • Cunctator

    I do not think that Turkey, under ERdogan, can be referred to as being a member of an anti-Iran coalition, let alone a leader of such.

    Anakara has to be concerned about an Iranian nuke to be sure, but the country’s foreign policy is so greatly influenced (if not determined) by the Islamic outlook of its Foreign Minister and the PM that they would have a hard time seeing Tehran as an enemy Power.

    Turkey is certainly a leading member of the anti-Israel bloc in the MidEast. After the Palestinians, it might be the leading member. But Iran, no, Turkish policy is far more nuanced.

  • rkka

    “This coalition views Maliki as an Iranian tool in Baghdad and seems to be actively promoting rivals like Hashemi and Barzani as alternative leaders.”

    Hilarious. Dubya went to Baghdad, Mead cheering him on, to give democracy to Iraqis.

    4500 US lives and 3 terabucks later, turks and Saudis, with Mead’s seeming approval, fantasize that a Sunni and a Kurd can govern a country that’s 2/3 Shiite.

    Delusion can’t be cured, apparently.

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