Bo Xilai’s Son Speaks Out, Puts Foot in Mouth
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  • Anthony

    “…he symbolizes the sense that the game is rigged, that privilege matters more than merit….” Reads like common human feature despite governing arrangements of nations – human life, it is true, is less an affair of institutions and systems than of people and the interplay of motivations and abilities; a low profile is recommnded

  • Anthony

    Correction: a low profile is recommendable.

  • “the manicured lawns of Harvard” ?

    Last time I looked they had all been paved over.

  • Speaking of Chinese on campus:


    (Remember, with China numbers trump everything; we’re talking about the biggest country in the world — a totalitarian dictatorship.)

  • Hey, get this. The 5th most powerful man in “the people’s republic” of China is head of something called The Central Guidance Commission for Building Spiritual Civilization

    What in the world are we doing with these guys? Reminds me of American businessmen doing business with Hitler’s Germany in the 1930’s except that there are a lot more of them today and they are making a lot more money.

  • From the LA Times:

    “Married women are still required to get permission from the government before they give birth, are pressured to have gynecological tests to check for pregnancy, and are forced to abort when they have reached their birth quotas”

    What’s totalitarian about that?

  • More from LA Times:

    “State media reported in February that the government wants to drop slogans such as, “We would rather scrape your womb than allow you to have a second child,” preferring gentler reminders of the policy.”

    So they are softening their approach, eh?

  • From Epoch Times:

    “In the history of the CCP, there have been more than a dozen movements that are “life and death” struggles. In reality, all of these struggles have coincided with the transfer of power following changes of basic Party principles.

    Every change in principles has come from an inevitable crisis faced by the CCP, threatening its legitimacy and survival. Whether it be collaborating with the Kuomintang Party, a pro-U.S. foreign policy, economic reform and market expansion, or promoting nationalism—each of these decisions occurred at a moment of crisis, and all had to do with gaining or solidifying power.”

    Promoting nationalism? Uh-oh. Where are we now?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “that top officials are looting the country’s treasure”

    Well, DUH! I’m reminded that Vladimir Putin despite never working for anything but the government is 51% owner of the 5th largest oil company in Russia. I’m sure many of the businesses in China are owned by government officials as well, and that they all have foreign bank accounts in places like Switzerland.

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