Terror Isn’t Dead
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  • Walter Grumpius

    WRM writes: “The worst news from London isn’t that fanatical religious nutjobs still want to kill; it is that the guilty parties were British citizens. The vast, overwhelming majority of Muslims in Britain and the US are law abiding, respectable citizens who contribute to the health and well being of the greater society.”

    This is, I’m afraid to say, the exact wrong way of thinking about the problem. Granted it’s difficult to speak about this whole issue clearly, given the political atmosphere, but, I reckon, speak of it we must.

    Look at it like this: yes, as you say, the majority of Muslims in UK and US are law-abiding and productive… but then again, so what? What on earth do Muslims contribute to Anglosphere society/civilization, that we couldn’t already get on our own, or (worst case but not really true) get otherwise, from other groups?

    From the point of view of a strict cost-benefit analysis, what, exactly, do Muslims give us, except for additional costs?

    Some gifted doctors and some diligent cabdrivers? Sure, of course… but we could get them elsewhere. What do Muslims uniquely contribute to our society, that we don’t get from non-Muslims?

    Answer: Terror threats, and endless demands for Muslim special treatment, which undermine the coherence of our society. In other words, it’s all cost, and no benefit. Zero benefit. None. Prove me wrong.

    I don’t want to wake up in the morning in Amherst, Massachusetts or in Nashville TN, or in Portland, OR or in Waco, TX and hear an Islamic call to prayer blaring through a loudspeaker; that simply isn’t America, as we’ve historically known it and understood it. Much less do I want to put up with a million inconveniences, major and minor, all caused by the presence of Muslims and their never-ending terror threats, which I otherwise would not have encountered, solely for the sake of the occasional Muslim cardiologist or Lebanese restaurant. I could have had any number of Chinese or Italian cardiologists, and pleasant Peruvian places to eat, without the bother of aggressive Muslim threats and aggressive Muslim intrusion on my society (yes, _mine_, not theirs, and as a native-born citizen I have an a priori right to my homeland, which I am under no a priori obligation to share with hostile foreigners).

    Ramon Fernandez, tell me if you know, (that’s a little literary joke) what good does it do for the UK or for the US to import teeming hostile Muslims, or even polite, productive, law-abiding Muslims, who nevertheless nurture in their bosom a religion which categorically HATES the West and seeks its downfall (look up, oh, I dunno, maybe all 1,400 years of Muslim history)? What do we get in exchange? If we must have immigrants (and I don’t believe we must), well, there’s a never-ending supply of… oh, just everybody else on earth, right?

    I realize this comment is a bit, erm, plain-speaking, but I urge you not to pass over it. I had far rather debate the point than not see it appear.

    Cheers as always for an excellent and thoughtful blog.


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