Iran Shifting To Plan B?
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  • Toni

    “the surprising thing is that it waited so long and allowed the forces against it to coalesce so strongly before beginning serious diplomatic countermeasures. This may be due to overconfidence”

    Mightn’t it also be due to its leaders’ isolation? The mullahs have run their theocracy for 33 years now, as is Allah’s will (or so they believe). Buddies like Hugo Chavez aren’t likely to give Ahmadinejad clear guidance about how, and how effectively, the West would react.

    It’s been a decade since Pres. Bush included Iran in the Axis of Evil. Later that year, a dissident revealed its nuclear program. What ensued was…pretty much nothing. In 2008 the U.S. elected a naive president who thought making nice would bring the mullahs around. In 2009 Iran staged an evidently rigged election and then slaughtered protesters. The Obama Administration responded with praise for the vibrancy of pre-election debate. That’ll teach ’em to try to build atom bombs!

    Sorry. Sarcasm showing.

    The theocrats believe Allah granted them control of Iran in 1979 with a tenure of forever. As far as we know, they think Allah still approves. Meanwhile, the Great Satan turned out to be, toward Iran, a paper tiger (Paper Satan?), and European countries — including Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, UK, Turkey, Italy and France — have invested over $11 billion there.

    In short, the isolated, blinkered mullahs, busy with their own project, hadn’t much cause to think the West would not just show its claws, but use them.


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