Higher Ed Moving Online
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  • Anthony

    “There are many people who would love to augment their education by having access to M.I.T. content….” Distance Learning provided by what content to whom for what certification are essential components to embed as we endeavor to use online credentials in lieu of traditional degrees. And “while access to the software will be free, there will most likely be an affordable charge….” – capitalism and its irrepressible dynamic (as well as branding) appear to be moving the periphery.

  • John Barker

    This is what I read in the FAQ’s on the MIT website:

    “MIT will share the expected positive net income with faculty members who develop courses for the platform. Net income from the initiative after revenue sharing will benefit MIT and its mission.”

    This program will make revenues from research seem like chump change and reward people who can create effective courses. This is how higher ed gets back to an emphasis on teaching.

  • BillH

    “State governments might want to get involved….” Please, please, please don’t ruin it by letting any level of government get involved. MIT etc. can set up a donor network to pay credential fees for the needy.

  • Hubbub

    And may I suggest that at the outset we first establish a United States Department of On-line Education to better facilitate this growing phenomenon?

    Just look at the great advances in education the country has made since the creation of the Department of Education under the Carter administration. Can we not do the same here?

    I ask you, can we not?

  • Kris

    To other universities we offer the Biblical advice: Go thou and do likewise. A new educational system is being born; get with the program or end up as road kill.

    As a holy man once said, “You better start swimmin’ / Or you’ll sink like a stone.”

    Hubbub, heh.

  • MJB

    At home in South Carolina, you must have a four year degree and pass the CPA exam to be licensed. Why not just pass the exam? Likewise, to be a Dental Hygienist (clean teeth) a two year degree is required; and just to show that the buss is traveling backwards in South Carolina, we had an enlightened program that allowed two year licensed engineering technical graduates to design simple engineering projects; they closed that opportunity last year in favor of the four year licensed professional. So to answer BillH’s concerns, governments need to move to clean the slate of what is essentially restraint-of-trade legislation.

  • This is capitalism destroying jobs, and mostly government jobs.

    K-22 education is massive jobs program, and if you follow this trend to it’s logical conclusion, the number of public and academic sector jobs is going to be decimated.

    This is a good thing, as America has wasted trillions in subsidizing make-work jobs in education. Just know that the people with their fangs on the taxpayer’s necks will not go quietly.

    If we want this to happen, we will have to defeat them politically.

  • BillH

    MJB- I’ll go along with government getting itself out of the way. But please, no more help.

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