Genius Analysis from the Times
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  • Rick Owen

    I a big fan of Via Meadia, but this piece has won my undying support by itself! Indeed, only the Times can tell for sure.

  • Luke Lea

    My wife said they were brainwashed. I said no, that is the face of terror.

    Still I wonder why North Koreans are so docile. At least Eastern Europeans had the decency to look sullen under Soviet domination. Were Romanians under Ceaușescu as craven as this? Maybe. I don’t know.

  • JH

    Sad to say, but consider this an improvement. When Walter Duranty wrote for The Times, he portrayed Stalin’s show trials as fair.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The Times is a leftist rag, and one story isn’t enough to regain the trust lost by decades of bias. The Drudge Report is my first hit of the day, and the only time I read anything from the Times, is because it was linked by some website I trust is seeking the Truth. Like Via Meadia

  • keophus

    Dare we hope they investigate OWS?

  • Jim.

    Oh, no, Kim Jong-Il was merely “picturesque”, like Tammany Hall crony George Plunkitt…

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