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Episode 18: Francis Fukuyama on the 25th Anniversary of the "End of History?" Essay

Good evening, TAI podcast listeners! We have a real treat for you this week, as we invite noted political scientist, Stanford University senior fellow, and TAI Chairman Francis Fukuyama on the show.

Episode 17: Britain's "Tea Party Moment" and an Insider's View of Ukraine's Elections

Good evening, TAI podcast listeners! We have an excellent episode for you today, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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Episode 16: Nigeria's Missing Girls and Ukraine's Chocolate King

Good evening, TAI podcast listeners! Please accept our apologies for posting this week’s episode on a Tuesday; yesterday’s Memorial Day holiday has us running a day behind. That said, we’ve got a real treat for you this week:

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Episode 15: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Good evening, podcast listeners! This week, host Richard Aldous speaks with Michael Cecire about his new essay on the TAI feed.

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Episode 14: Europe's Gas Problem

Good afternoon, podcast listeners! You’ve got a fantastic opportunity set before you, as this week host Richard Aldous speaks with energy expert Michael Levi from the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Episode 13: Humanitarian Interventions and the Right's Struggle with Inequality

Good evening, listeners! This week, Richard Aldous speaks with Professor Alan J. Kuperman about the difficult question of when to intervene abroad, and Walter Russell Mead examines the way the right approaches inequality.

Episode 12: American Oligarchy and Inequality

This week, host Richard Aldous discusses a new study that finds that American politics is more akin to an oligarchy than a democracy with the paper’s lead author, Princeton professor Martin Gilens. Then, Walter Russell Mead stops by to talk about the current state of the inequality debate, and the issue’s historical roots.

Episode 11: Michael Mandelbaum on Globalization, New TAI Issue Out

On today’s program, Richard Aldous sits down with Michael Mandelbaum, author of the new book, The Road to Global Prosperity, for a far-reaching discussion about the prospects for lasting peace in our time, the trouble the BRICs have been having lately, and whether NATO expansion into Eastern Europe was such a good idea.

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Episode 10: Russia Looms over Ukraine While the West Dithers

Good afternoon, listeners!

Events in Ukraine—and their far-reaching geopolitical implications—are enough to make one’s head spin. But fret not, dear listener, for we’ve got the cure for what ails you, in a easily-digested 23 minute .mp3.

Episode 9: The End of the Middle East Peace Process?

Has John Kerry hit an irresolvable impasse in the Middle East? And what does the rise of the far right in Europe mean? Aaron David Miller and Walter Russell Mead discuss these issues and more with host Richard Aldous in this week’s episode.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
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An analysis of their trade flows suggests so.


We are greatly saddened here at The American Interest to hear about the death of our friend, colleague, and mentor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

China's Big Money Diplomacy

China wants to help Egypt construct a new capital—but can they follow through?

social norms

The President’s assault on P.C. was at least partly successful. That is both good and bad.

Alliances and Allies

It’s time our allies, and our foreign policy establishment, engage with our President’s worldview on its own terms.

Minya Attack

28 Copts killed in point-blank attack on pilgrims.

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