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Episode 32: Scotland the Independent?

While Thursday’s referendum on Scottish independence looks too close to call, Queen’s University Belfast professor Crawford Gribben and Walter Russell Mead discuss the underpinnings and implications of the historic vote.

Episode 31: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Can an overbalance of power be a good thing for world stability? History teaches us that it very well might be.

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Episode 30: What to Make of an Out of Control World

Good afternoon, listeners! This week Walter Russell Mead joins us to discuss the world in meltdown.

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Episode 29: Dirty Wars and Deflating Pop's Bubble

Good evening, podcast listeners! This week we broaden our focus to include both a reflection on America’s tendency to engage in irregular warfare with Davidson College professor Russell Crandall, and an examination of the history and future of pop music with the Daily Caller’s J. Arthur Bloom.

Episode 28: The Collapse of Higher Ed and a Canadian Solution to What Ails America

Good evening, listeners! This week’s episode features two insightful guests from the recent edition of the magazine: Diane Francis, who looks at how Canada might save the U.S. from governmental gridlock and brinksmanship, and Stuart Butler, who discusses his recent piece on seismic shifts in higher education.

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Episode 27: Hungary Snubs the West While the Middle East Burns

Good evening, listeners! This week, Walter Russell Mead rejoins us to discuss the shambolic situation in the Middle East, and Johns Hopkins professor Charles Gati comes on the show to talk about the Hungarian prime minister’s recent renunciation of Western-style liberal democracy.

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Episode 26: "Armed Anarchy" in Ukraine and a Finlandization Redux

Good afternoon, podcast listeners! On the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the first world war, we invite former British Ambassador to Russia Andrew Wood and Foreign Policy Initiative fellow James Kirchick on the show to discuss the current situation of “armed anarchy” in Ukraine.

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Episode 25: Crisis in Gaza and a Court Case over Flight MH17

Good evening, podcast listeners! On this week’s episode, we discuss two of the biggest flashpoints in the world right now: TAI Editor Adam Garfinkle lends his expertise to a discussion about the war in Gaza, and Johns Hopkins University law professor Ruth Wedgwood speaks on the legal implications of the downing of flight MH17.

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Episode 24: The West's Small Steps Against Russia and Musical Chairs in London

Good evening, podcast listeners! We have an excellent episode for you this week, as we invite Andrew A. Michta on to discuss the West’s tepid response to Moscow’s aggression, and talk to John Bew about David Cameron’s recent cabinet reshuffle.

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Episode 23: What's Next For Ukraine?

Good evening, podcast listeners! This week, for the first time, Richard Aldous hosts two guests simultaneously. This episode focuses on the crisis in Ukraine, and both its future implications and historical roots.

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Hugging the News Cycle

With the Iraqi government’s move to retake Kirkuk, it’s time for the U.S. to start planning for just how bad things could get.

Counting Carbon

The EIA projects US energy-related greenhouse gas emissions will continue to fall this year.

European Disunion

In forcing Catalonia to clarify its intentions on independence, Madrid is chipping away at the separatists’ facade of unity.

Development and Its Discontents

A new data dive offers mixed evidence, confirming some prevailing narratives and confounding others.

Echo Chamber Redux

Americans deserve in-depth commentary and analysis about the merits and faults of the Iran nuclear deal. They are not getting it.

Spy Games

Another disturbing chapter in the Obama-era spy wars.

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