Trump the Authentic

Welcome to the new normal in American politics.

Published on: January 14, 2018
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  • Marathon-Youth

    Trump’s blunt frankness of sh*t holes across the world should be met with equal blunt frankness that a good deal of them were created by America. Some of the main causes for 3rd world catastrophes can be linked to this list which I compiled and is not complete, but will do:
    -Export of Cultural Marxism
    -Export of the culture of processed food to genetically engineered seeds.
    -The death of tradition across the planet
    -The killing power of Multinational corporations
    -Washington DC’s support of corrupt regimes at the cost of billions of lives.
    -The evil nexus of the UN, World Bank, and the IMF
    -Hollywood values
    The above cover broad categories where each require at least a paragraph to explain. In doing so I risk my comment being removed. I ask others to question so I can explain in my replies.

    • CosmotKat

      “should be met with equal blunt frankness that a good deal of them were created by America.”

      What you are implying here is really not America, but rather the America the left has created with their policies and values.

      • Marathon-Youth

        Depends which time in American history.
        Multinational corporations, mega banks, Power of DC to overthrow governments, Hollywood, the toxic processed food products additives, cultural patterns of drug abuse, death of diversity here in America and now spreading across the globe the cement jungles, the impersonal world, all of that is 20th century America. I mentioned genetically engineered seeds is because American companies control these patents and if farmers around the world do not buy them they get nothing.
        There was an African country where the crops failed. America offered them modified corn, they turned it down. we replied that they starve or accept the modified corn.

        • CosmotKat

          Does it? What you just described is the world that is fully supported and enabled by Democrat social justice policies. If you were educated by non-ideological teachers you would recognize how absurd your accusations are.

  • QET

    It is highly enlightening to see the one-uppers of the Western Left seek refuge in bourgeois values when venting their spleens on Trump. One wonders if this return of bourgeois values is the tragic recurrence or the farcical.

    • Laura

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  • Angel Martin

    “apparently attracted to fantasies of transgressive behavior ”

    I think we are past “fantasies” of transgressive behavior and into actual transgressive behavior against the DC Swamp, failed Western elites, and globalist progressive crapola.

    Go Trump !

    • Patricia

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  • FriendlyGoat

    Nothing is going on in the “new normal” except that religion in America has deteriorated to new lows far below what was once expected of it, measurable by the number of its adherents cheering for tactlessness and meanness in high places.

    • Fred

      FG, I know your idees fixes are emotional, not rational, so this is probably an exercise in futility, but you are so far off the mark on this that I feel obligated to at least attempt to get you to see the truth. Yes, it is true that the majority of Evangelicals voted for Trump in the general election. But it is also true that the majority of Evangelicals voted against him in the primaries. What I think that shows is that there was no attraction to the man himself. Most Evangelicals would have preferred someone else as the Republican candidate for president, someone more morally upright and sincerely religious. Once he was the nominee, however, the die was cast. It was him or Clinton. And Clinton was the candidate of the party that booed God at their convention, that attempted to coerce the owners of Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor (a group of nuns for God’s sake) to violate their religious conscience, that coerced localities into allowing men to frequent women’s rooms and forced high schools to allow boys to use girl’s showers. She was the candidate whose campaign director emailed colleagues about a plan to interfere in the internal affairs of the Catholic Church. For all his flaws, and they are legion, Trump was considerably less hostile to religion and religious values than was Clinton, and Evangelicals perceived him (accurately in my view) as less of a threat to religious freedom. They were not duped. They hadn’t suddenly become “mean.” They did not act stupidly. Given the circumstances, they acted perfectly rationally in voting for a man they didn’t particularly like but whose indifference to them and their interests was at least better than the Democrats’ hostility toward them and their interests. I know you tend to be excessively hostile to and dismissive of those who don’t share your views, but try to put yourself in the Evangelicals’ position. Try as hard as you can to imagine you are an Evangelical with their particular world view. What would you have done given the choice I’ve outlined?

      • Micah718

        Once again, responses to Comrade FG are by far more intelligent and thoughtful than Comrade FG himself. Maybe that is his purpose: To inspire us to articulate something better. Even FG has a purpose in God’s plan.
        But yeah, while you are 100% correct in terms of religious folks views and why they voted for Trump. Comrade FG likes to thrown in my face that more than 70% of American Jews vote for Democrats and are therefore as anti-Semitic as he is. But just like with Evangelicals, majority of Jews that go to synagogue regularly voted for Trump. For the exact reasons you outlined above.
        I leave you with this thought. Should we not be thankful that Comrade FG is just a harmless crank with a keyboard, and not in a position of power?

        • Everett Brunson

          I am thankful Micah. Too, from prior posts I got the impression FG was/is an atheist. Funny how atheists are so quick to tell believers how and what to believe, and how we are to behave.

          • Micah718

            He will tell you that he is a Christian. Only those who think the State should be the ultimate authority is not a true Christian. There you have Comrade FG. That and casual anti-Semitism.

          • D4x

            The re-tooled American Interest, like the new Democratic Party, does not care about, or see, anti-Semitism. FG is not the worst that is tolerated here.
            Now decompressing from reading today’s comments by FG, arrogant Anthony, and feisty CosmoKat.

          • Jim__L

            FG claims to be a Christian, but not to the point that Christianity can shake his absolute devotion to the Democrats’ party platform.

      • FriendlyGoat

        I am an evangelical, Fred, just not one following pastors and ministries around like a puppy dog. That’s why I have this sense of both sadness and outrage that the love of Jesus is being dragged through the mud by “crazy church” like never before in my lifetime.
        A large percentage of church now thinks its role is to promote guns, bash gays and tell endless (endless) lies on every political subject. It delights in every pugnacious word from Trump, delights in his fib-a-day style, delights that they think they have something like a Biblical king of old who will kick all asses on their behalf. This is the only reason Donald Trump was elected president of the United States through BOTH the primaries and the general election.

        Now that church has its guy and a bare majority in Congress, it is delighting in the take-everything partisan results we are seeing—-aligned completely with real racists and every financial sharpie who ever walked in this country. A lot of people are going to have their lunch eaten by this, from civil rights to voting rights to wealth divide to all environmental matters to health care—–maybe unnecessary wars. It may be generations before the damage (physical and spiritual) stops.

        So, please take your justifications of Trump to those already convinced. I know better than to celebrate this kind of “religion” in action and I have known better since I was ten years old.

        • JBay

          “In our post-Christian world, where tolerance has superseded all
          virtues—unless of course it’s tolerance towards traditional religion—we
          are being called to kowtow to the demands of liberalism in deference to
          what Pope Benedict XVI termed the
          “dictatorship of relativism.” This dictatorship has become all the more
          dangerous because it has disguised itself using the language of the
          religious truths it seeks to suppress. ”

          “On almost a daily basis, adherents of orthodox Christianity are told
          to heed the words of Jesus when he cautioned the condemning crowd to
          only cast a stone if they were sinless. Jesus did not judge, Christians
          are told, so neither should they. Of course, many of these would-be
          instructors conveniently forget the other three years of Jesus’s
          ministry in which he denounced adultery, or indeed the verse after his
          dismissal of the angry crowd when he tells the pardoned woman to go and
          sin no more. In their myopia, “judge not” is the only part they have
          latched onto, which they use as ammunition to demonize those who will
          not bow before their altars of tolerance.

          In this way, the politically charged forces of secularism have
          created their own quasi-religious culture made up of appropriated terms
          and imagery, designed to compete with orthodox religion. Mary Eberstadt
          has termed this “the zealous faith of secularism,” which she claims
          began with the sexual revolution.”


          • FriendlyGoat

            So, did millions of illegal votes deny Donald Trump the popular vote win or not? Is AGW taking place or not? Is deporting all the DACA kids a proper idea or not? Will selling insurance across state lines get everyone adequately taken care of for their health risks or not? Does the Children’s Health Insurance program deserve public funding or not? Are unlimited guns a blessing for society or not? Is public education a good idea for America or not? Do people deserve a right to collective bargaining or not? Should the Internet be regulated as a public utility or not? Are gay people better off in gay marriage than unattached or not? Is the earth about 6,000 years old or not?

            The aggregated answers to those will reveal to me whether you are offering any religious truths or not.

          • CosmotKat

            “The aggregated answers to those will reveal to me whether you are offering any religious truths or not.
            First this is a mendacious two-faced political argument and secondly what truths are on offer in your posts? Thirdly, What you pretend to be truths are your opinions.

          • Anthony

            FG, Hecate9 sums it up: “The American Interest is in the unusual predicament of having recently modified its editorial direction from right wing to centrist. Its ‘commenters’ however are mostly from the previous Neo-con and Trumpian dispensation. Because critical thinking is in relatively short supply (at the moment) on the right, the comments here are typically combative and refractory to reality-based arguments, and are mostly of the form” ‘this sounds like a Liberal argument therefore I must be against it.’ With time, such commenters will perhaps tire of this online magazine and hopefully wander off to Breitbart or the National Review where the ideologic fare is more canonically to their liking. Some will remain as trolls of course. And some few may re-acquire a yen for critical thinking that they perhaps once had and start actually reading the articles carefully and critically.”

            Hecate9 wrote the above about a month ago and pretty much capsulizes your initiated antipathy.

          • CosmotKat

            What a mendacious load of crap from an intellectual coward. The politics of your paranoid hatred is the crutch of a mental cripple where you protect the source of your dysfunction by projecting it onto phantom enemies. If your commentary wasn’t so sad it would be incredibly humorous.

          • Anthony

            Go back under your hole – disappear!

          • CosmotKat

            Can’t tolerate the truth about your intolerance and hate, Anthony?

          • Anthony

            As you consistently traverse the internet both harassing and stalking, you incline to both project and misrepresent – hatred and intolerance are nouns conveniently trotted out by the consumed: look (if possible) in the mirror. As Pait says, if the troll needs the last word you have at it (and then disappear).

          • CosmotKat

            Somewhere in all your smears and demonization of those you disagree with and hate might be the vaunted critical thinking you accuse others of lacking, but I can’t seem to find it.

            WFB said, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other

            In your case that shock is offensive to your sense of self-righteousness and animates your hate. Sorry to have put your panties into a twist, Anthony.

          • Anthony

            Go away; you wafts with innuendo, misrepresentation, antagonism, grievance, and fundamental impotence – Go Away Stalker (waste time elsewhere as you persistently do at various internet sites). For the umpteenth time, Vanish.

          • FriendlyGoat

            The only way to get rid of Cosmo is to block him and tell him that you did. I’m up to probably a dozen here (many of whom have thankfully left anyway.)

          • Anthony

            No, he’s too insignificant to block (I also occasionally enjoy exposing his gibberish); but thanks for suggestion.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Okay, I respect your principle about not blocking. I finally decided to not fool with them, being sure to tell them so they would go away. Most of them did (although I just had to block JR again the other day when he re-surfaced with yet another new name).

          • Anthony

            They (not all) continue to tag you for what end who knows as you certainly don’t know they have. Still, I wanted to give a heads up because the gratuitous referencing has not ended with “Blocking” – such is the anonymous internet.

          • FriendlyGoat

            What I don’t see with those people, I don’t give a damn about. They can gossip around with each other until they calcify. See, that’s the thing. We choose here what to make relevant or irrelevant in real life. They are not in my real life anymore.

          • CosmotKat

            And you are a serial liar and a pompous as*. You smear those with whom you disagree and hate and do not have the intellectual courage to defend your hateful rhetoric.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Yes, that’s all true. Thanks. It’s interesting to me that TAI itself seems to now know that the center is the only place for real journalists to hang on.

          • Anthony

            Well, that’s where they started when Via Media collapsed into TAI. And, I replied to you because most of your antagonists are blocked (by you) and the pile on becomes (for me) excessive and gratuitous as well as unprovoked – you’re welcome, by the way.

          • Everett Brunson

            FG in the same order as your questions:
            1. yes
            2. no
            3. no
            4. yes–if accompanied by other measures and reforms
            5. yes–up for renewal if recalcitrant Dems and RINOs get on board
            6. yes
            7. yes
            8. yes in the private sector, no in the public sector
            9. no
            10. yes–they should enjoy the same benefits under the law.
            11. no–but then that was a stupid and leading question in the first place, but then you are a fake evangelical so who is surprised?

          • FriendlyGoat

            Didn’t ask you, but glad you find yourself needing an escape hatch from at least SOME of the lying required to be an orthodox conservative. You need a bit of work yet on the rest. As a result of your final sentence, I have blocked you in the same manner that I have blocked other offensive jerks here. I would not tolerate you in my face with that kind of talk on the street and I don’t do it here either.

          • Everett Brunson

            Tough words from the fake evangelical.

      • D4x

        Even worse, FG’s obsession over the 71% of Evangelical voters makes him blind to the reality that it was a shift in Catholic voters in PA, MI, and WI to Trump that decided the election. In the third debate, Trump made his point about Clinton’s embrace of abortion through the ninth month. Actually, it’s not just Catholics who believe that is too extreme – but, those key states have more Catholics than Evangelical voters.

        • CosmotKat

          Great observation WRT to the Catholic voter. I did not know that.

          • D4x

            Trump got a big bump in the % Catholic vote after that third debate. He was very graphic in his description of partial-birth abortion, which is opposed by more than 60% of Americans.

          • CosmotKat

            D4, thanks for the information. I know this was a big factor in my wife’s decision. She grew up a Democrat, but left the party some time ago for a variety of reasons of which the stance on abortion was one of them.

            I disagree with framing the issue as pro-life vs. pro-choice. I believe we are all pro-choice i.e. some choose life and the others choose death. That’s a much more accurate way of framing the debate.

  • Everett Brunson

    Garfinkle–as a Never Trumper you never fail to disappoint. Yes, LBJ was crude in private. Why? Because he could depend on his remarks remaining private. This is no longer true in the get-Trump-at-any-cost world we live in now. The same could be said of JFKs womanizing or Bill’s for that matter. You tout historical references but ignore most history. You are more the liar than Trump.

    We Trump voters pretty much knew what we were voting for, therefore you won’t see the shock and surprise demanded by the media. For us this is nothing but a big yawn.

    As to decorum, who cares about decorum when the boat is sinking? Fix the fucking leak.

    Those that prefer form over function forget that form is the result of function. The function of Donald K. Trump is to reverse the disastrous course of our ship of state. That he must do so against the inertia of his own party and the absolute resistance of the opposition party demands the niceties be ignored. With 90% adverse coverage by the press the only means he has to connect with Americans is to set free the iconoclast that resides in him. It has already been shown he never said shitholes as was reported by the serial liar Dick Durbin is totally ignored by the Mainstream Media.

    The irony that seems to be lost on the media is that those countries really are shitholes. So if one can not stand hearing the unvarnished truth then I suggest noise canceling headphones. For the rest of us, turn up the volume please.

    • CosmotKat

      Well said, Mr. Brunson, Bravo!

      • Everett Brunson

        Thanks CosmoKat. I am getting more and more irritated at the profound anti Trump sentiment both at American Greatness and at The American Interest. I can understand the mindset of a loyal opposition–but somehow the “loyal” part got thrown in the dustbin.

        • CosmotKat

          I understand your feelings. I come to this site less frequently than in the past as the articles are becoming increasingly trite and banal. I read this quote a while back and she was spot on.

          “The many millions of Americans who are sick of being called racist, chauvinist, homophobic, privileged or extremist every time they breathe feel that in Trump they have found their voice.”
          -Caroline Glick/JWR


          • Everett Brunson

            I just read that Glick is moving over to Breitbart. Hopefully we will see more of her there.


          • CosmotKat

            Yes, I read that and I think she will add another very competent and capable writer to their site.

          • D4x

            The American Interest has descended to a toxic merger of neverTrump neocons dallying with closet Wilsonians pretending to be non-partisan centrists who intentionally post distractions, and, worse, have sold their souls and keyboards to the far left identitarian anti-semites. I can not forgive their new moderation policy that deleted all the anti-Semitic racism comments, but allowed blood libels and vicious harassment in the Dec. 19, 2017 “Meanwhile in Jerusalem” thread. It was that commenter who launched the virus that kept me offline for nineteen days. I no longer take the time to figure out what real news the TAI post is trying to distract from. I no longer read most of it – just check comments. Too bad – a few good features in January, which did not attract the commentariat. Newbies increasingly far left.

            American Greatness is a disappointment – my suspicion is Weichert does not know how close-minded he is, and is mostly providing a platform for old friends. Their new ’email subscribe’ pop-up that can not be closed makes it unpleasant to even browse.

            Glick news is interesting. Is Breitbart changing into less clickbait, and, moderating hate speech?

            Wanted to advise of the nomination sent to the Senate 01 18 2018 Jackie Wolcott, of Virginia, to be Representative of the United States of America to the International Atomic Energy Agency, … to the Vienna Office of the United Nations, with the rank of Ambassador. Wolcott was on the transition team, for State, background is solid: http://www.uscirf.gov/about-uscirf/ambassador-jackie-wolcott-commissioner
            and, from the archives: https://2001-2009.state.gov/r/pa/ei/biog/27684.htm

            Heck of a story in Kurdish Syria this week. Al-Monitor is doing a fine job, and the real time posts at kurdsliveuamap.com are transfixing. Am now caught up with State, WH, and, the best of Lee Smith on both FusionGPS, and the Hezbollah investigation.

          • Everett Brunson

            I cannot say if Breitbart is monitoring hate speech–so far it appears the trolls troll as usual. But I am finding more attention being paid to hard news and less to conspiracy. I look forward to reading more of Glick’s work as I was an infrequent reader of the Jerusalem Post.

            Is there any hope for a Kurdish Homeland? They have been stalwart allies since 2003 and played a not-insignificant role back in 1991 during Gulf War I. Not offending Turkey and the hope for a successful Iraqi government is now a dead letter. What are your thoughts as you have followed them so closely?

          • D4x

            The Kurds have a homeland – they are indigenous to the watershed of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Kurdistan is another Tibet. The four nations their homeland overlaps are artificial creations. Even Iran is a Persian core encircled by the remnants of past imperialist conquest.
            There is hope for a Kurdish state, between the Tigris and Euphrates, where America has built military bases, interestingly sited just south of all the dams in Syria. We just have to wait for the Syria ‘process’ to unfold.

            As for Breitbart – they have a post on Afrin, by way of an exclusive with one of the FSA currently in DC, and, I felt compelled to comment that there is more than one FSA. I scanned the Jerusalem stories, and still do not see a site worth the visit, except for Glick.

  • Tom Scharf

    “He is well into the process of destroying the constructed social reality wherein the concept of the “unseemly” can possibly have any meaning.”

    Standing ovation.

    Guess what? The self elected elite have lost the mandate to dictate the so called “norms” of society. Why? Because they stopped trying to convince others of what these norms should be and started trying to dictate terms by fiat. These unsurprisingly ended up being self serving in nature, see immigration and a knowledge economy that works great for them.

    You can take your social “norms” and stuff them. If you want to talk about OUR social norms then that is a conversation we can have.

    In all the faux outrage about Haiti nobody in the media ever asked whether Haiti was indeed a sh**hole or whether it was a good idea to prioritize immigrants from these places over immigrants who have a better chance of improving our nation. This obsession on style and labeling over policy substance is out of control. Isn’t it the left who give headlines to any celebrity who uses foul language on late night TV?

  • Micah718

    Garfinkle doesn’t seem to understand a simple thing. What Obama was doing with his Imperial Presidency was unseemly. Calling Haiti a shithole is not unseemly. It’s the truth, so if you need smelling salts on your fainting couch, get them yourself.

  • Gary Hemminger

    The following can all be true, regardless of what Garfinkle writes or thinks:

    1) Trump is a lying buffoon
    2) Trump is good for the economy

    Since, as Clinton stated, “it’s the economy stupid,” I am good with number 2), but not with number 1). But if I have to prioritize, I pick #2 as the highest priority. If I thought a democrat would have any positive impact on the economy, I might vote for them. But instead all Democrats (and I mean ALL) believe that energy intensive industries should be shuttered and everyone should be paid a living wage. If I thought a Republican would be good for the economy, I might vote for them as well. But Republicans (like Garfinkle) are more interested in foreign intervention than the economy.

    So Garfinkle somehow thinks people like me are:

    -Trump’s base (I am not).
    -Rev’d up by his weird, lying, and seemingly racist statements (I am not)

    I choose my 401k, and the economy in general, as a higher priority that Trump’s wierdness. Somehow Garfinkle and other elites can’t somehow come to terms with this. To them if you pick Trump you are a racist, xenophobic, pig. Garfinkle needs to ask the question that others have asked and have never been answered. Why did those people who voted for Obama twice, vote for Trump? Racism cannot be the answer, because they voted for Obama twice. So answer the question Garfinkle!!!

    • Gary Hemminger

      If Garfinkle won’t ask or answer the question, I can answer it for him.

      Why did people who voted for Obama twice in key midwestern states, vote for Trump:

      1) Tired of a terrible economy with almost no growth and Obama and democrats vilifying energy intensive industries as dangerous to the climate
      2) Tired of political correctness in all its forms
      3) Tired of Identity politics and white folks being completely ignored by the political elite
      4) Tired of open border, sanctuary city mentality by the elites

      Ask yourself if any of these is going to change under democratic leadership. Answer: NO

      • Everett Brunson

        Gary, I appreciate both posts. I didn’t vote for Trump in the Texas Primaries (and I didn’t vote for Cruz either–kinda narrows that field doesn’t it?) but I did vote for Trump in the national election. In regard to both his domestic and foreign policy I have found little to feel bad about. I certainly agree with the economic points you’ve made. I also feel that too many put too much credence in his tweets rather then the direction his administration has taken on the international front–I offer TPP and the Climate Accords as examples. I would also offer his stance vis a vis both India and Pakistan. India is a much more important ally in regards to China regardless of what might be lost in backing away from Pakistan. Too, the inroads made with Saudi Arabia (and the subsequent rapprochement with the Saudis and the Israelis) is a firm bonus. If I ever had to do business with a son of Islam I would choose a Sunni over a Sh’ia every day of the week.

        • Micah718

          Why Sunni over Sh’ia? Have no idea. Genuinely asking.

          • Everett Brunson

            The Sh’ias are mostly found in Iran and Iraq–though they can be found other places. A good link to the historical differences can be found here: https://www.thoughtco.com/difference-between-shia-and-sunni-muslims-2003755
            If you do go to the site be sure to read the section on “Differences in Religious Practice” and “Religious Leadership”–The Sh’ia see the Imams as being without sin or error. Sh’ia followers are therefore more likely to accept what the Imams say as being inviolate. The site makes comparisons between Protestantism and Catholicism in this regard.

            Though militants come from both wings by and large one can find a more moderate outlook on life on the Sunni side. Though the Saudis are Sunni, they are a particular branch–Wahhabi’s–that consider themselves to be the only “true” Muslims. Almost all of the 9/11 hijackers (including Bin Laden) were of the Wahhabi sect. The Saudi Royal family are not Wahhabi but kowtow to the sect to keep the peace within the country.

            A good example of conditions within a country when comparing the two is Jordan. Jordan is a Sunni nation and has had long held ties with the British government. Most of the elite in Jordan were educated in Britain. Throughout all of the Israeli/Muslim conflicts they, more than any other Islamic country have either strived to remain neutral and/or aided the Israelis through back door channels.

            I hope I didn’t go overboard–your’s wasn’t a question to answer glibly.

          • Micah718

            Appreciate the time. Very informative.

  • Curt A.

    What a bunch of BS! Is it not the Left that glorify the use of 4 letter words in normal conversation as well as political comversation. Was it not Kirsten Gillebrand who dropped “f” bombs into her speeches and was semi-lauded by the hypocrites of the MSM? Give us a break man! I am 73 and have been listening to the “best and the brightest” lead this country into $20 trillion in debt and a bunch of unwinnable wars. The Trump supporters need to galvanize and soon to offset the crap that is heading our way in 2018.

  • WigWag

    Adam, you should write about the Middle East more.

  • I think he should have spoken more professionally. One who sits in the White House’s seat of leadership is expected to be more careful and restrained than just any man spewing locker room banter over this and that.

    What is more, his comments will only enhance the perception around the world that many Americans are both uncultured and arrogant. No nation can stand alone, not even ours.

    • Everett Brunson

      It was a private meeting. Private meeting. Private meeting. Others were cussing too. Passions ran high. But leave it to the Libs and RINOs to break their necks getting in front of cameras to tell their tattle tales.

  • Trajan Fanzine

    “is that Donald Trump has, from the highest pinnacle in the land, erased
    utterly the distinction between private and public etiquette. He is well
    into the process of destroying the constructed social reality wherein
    the concept of the “unseemly” can possibly have any meaning.”

    LOL, and in just the previous paragraph you said;”A good deal of it, too, constitutes full-frontal orgy of hypocrisy”……..get thee to a nunnery….

  • ვეფხისტყაოსანი

    The notion of “seemliness” died in 1968 or thereabouts.

    There are a few survivals, such as my youngest daughter, who tried to explain the concept to some of her coevals. They had no idea what she was talking about.

    Outside conservative religious institutions — Orthodox Jews, American Anglican refugees from Episcopalianism, Mormons, and such — there is nothing in America that demonstrates, much less requires, any semblance of seemliness.

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