Norms and the Law
Common Sense and Sensibility

Or, why attire matters.

Published on: January 9, 2018
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  • Tom Scharf

    This is the lowest of lows for this site. Pure Trump Derangement.

    When people say they want to burn Washington down, the type of classism on display here is one of the root causes. Clearly we can’t have a government full of people who don’t know how to tie their ties to the (undocumented) Ford standard! This is partisan dribble of the very worst sort. Ford doesn’t want “shared norms”, he wants to dictate norms to the unwashed. One of the greatest parts of democracy is the ability to give Ford and his ilk their walking papers.

    This site can do better, this article adds nothing of value to an immense ocean of repetitive Trump hysteria available elsewhere.

  • QET

    Jesus Christ.

    All of this, with no mention of how the same sort of sartorial criticisms, the pointing out of the same contempt for vestimentary norms, directed at recent black male vestimentary habits, are received by the Left and, one assumes (though one does not know), by Ford himself.

    I don’t know what is more appalling: Ford’s sartorial effeteness, or his misunderstanding of ressentiment, or his readiness to impose on all of us, in the name of some collective ethic he believes himself to represent, his ideas of “gratuitously offensive provocations of negligible intellectual content,” or his decision to see provocation from the right as “baiting” while no doubt (again, one assumes) deciding that provocation from the left is “raising awareness.”

    EDIT: of course, it is possible that Ford’s piece is an instance of Poe’s Law, and that we have been trolled. If so, then I say, Well done!

  • Micah718

    oh goodie, another Leftwinger showing off his TDS. Fan-fukkin-tastic!!! Nowhere else on the web can we find this sort of sh!t.

  • Fat_Man

    And Obama did not put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. And that is a law! 4 U.S.C. ยง9. I’ll wager the author did not take Obama to task for that breach of decorum.

  • Lee Dryden

    Neckties aside, the belief that norms of political and civic behavior are important in our life together is an important contribution. Not everything that may legally be said or done is productive of democratic culture. Can anyone deny that norms of political and civic life are routinely defied by this president? Think of comparisons of the size and functionality of nuclear buttons, support of neo-nazis and child molesters in domestic politics, and constant animosity toward and harassment of the undocumented and immigrants.

    • QET

      I would love to see your source for the proposition that comparisons of nuclear button size “defy the norms of political and civic life.” Trump is crude where you would prefer him to be refined, so if he called his political detractors “deplorables” or “bitter clingers to guns and religion,” I assume you would also register your disapproval of those “norm violations.” As for “undocumented,” not only does that sound vaguely Soviet, but it demands that we now begin calling burglars “untitled,” if we are to preserve norms of civic and political life, that is.

      I continue to be astounded by the sheer volume of writers and commenters who likely never gave a moment’s consideration to “norms of political and civic life” prior to 2016 who now profess to be authorities on the subject!

      • Lee Dryden

        My source? I object to presidential behavior that translates the most momentous decision a US President can make, whether to make nuclear war, into a contest of egos. I object to a US President who refuses to unequivocally condemn racist neo Nazis. I object to a US President who demonizes the most powerless among us for political gain. I guess my source is an internalized sense of how a person in a position to represent our nation to the world ought to behave.

        • Micah718

          Those poor powerless MS-13 gangbangers…. Tears well up in my eyes as I think of them.

        • Joe Eagar

          And when Obama attacked the most vulnerable, or Hillary. . .? You do realize that, right now, the most vulnerable group in America (and the most unpopular) are poor white people?

    • Joe Eagar

      Whataboutism exists because of this crap. We all remember Obama’s first term. Trump has been about as bad, difference is he does the race baiting himself instead of letting his media allies do it for him

      • Tom

        The difference is that Obama’s contempt was more genteelly expressed, which meant it flew right over people’s heads. Trump is arguably more honest about it.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Time for FriendlyGoat to “go conservative” (on a small subject). Any men’s fashion trend (maybe affected by the president) which pulls men’s “dress up” back from too-tight, too-short suits, intentionally mis-coordinated fabric patterns and goofy socks is a welcome trend for the sake of “common sense”. I admit that such fashion error was a thing mostly created by “libs” and was in need of repair. Trump may help it go away. (I also like Trump’s story about alcohol and his brother, Fred. Those are my only two Trump positives, okay, but I did admit them voluntarily.)

  • Gary Hemminger

    This is right inline with the emotionalism exhibited in this country. I don’t care about the color of ones skin, nor what they wear, within reason. I care about outcomes. This article is ridiculous. the only question I have for this author is what do you suggest? Impeachment because of his ties? This article goes a long way to explaining what is wrong with the psyche of this country.

    • Jim__L

      I think it was appropriate to criticize Bill Clinton for his “sans-culottes” tendencies…

  • Joe Eagar

    And I’m sick of the gaslighting. The Democrat’s appeals to race made my life a living hell; I couldn’t get work for four or five years because of it. Was it necessary to declare a war on white men in the middle of the deepest recession in thirty years? Was it? I’d like Mr. Ford to answer that.

  • Joe6pack

    Good grief!

  • Angel Martin

    If this author is to truly be bipartisan, he must call out Obama for always improperly wearing derbys rather than balmorals with a suit !

    Obama’s legacy as President cannot properly be assessed until he is held to account for his fashion crimes and misdemeanors!

  • WalrusandtheCarpenter

    This isn’t Thompson’s best work.

  • Boritz

    Agree with QET. J.C. —– on a bicycle.

  • CapitalistRoader

    The author is pining for the days when neocons were titillated by the crease in Obama’s pants, and Obama couldn’t get enough of reading GQ when his face was on the cover.

    Shut up, snowflake. We have an actual man for POTUS now instead of that effete dilettante we were stuck with for eight years.

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