Beyond Killing ISIS
Israel Hits Syrian Chemical Weapons Plant
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  • Dan Kearns

    The gap in these commentaries between what the author wishes and what is actually possible with the American public is getting much wider. Articles that don’t reflect on this fact are mental exercises without much meaning to the real world of international affairs and how democracies operate.

    • Isaiah6020


      • D4x

        Filling in the citations so brilliantly symbolized by your comment. Brought to you by “Six Degrees of Separation Connect the Dots News Service”, by d4x:

        BERNARD CITES WASHINGTON EXAMINER: “Trump: US has ‘little to do with Syria other than killing ISIS’ by Steven Nelson | Sep 7, 2017, 4:02 PM President Trump downplayed the U.S. interest in Syria’s nearly seven-year civil war Thursday, saying at a press conference with Kuwait’s leader that “we have very little to do with Syria other than killing ISIS.” Trump campaigned for president criticizing the Obama administration’s pursuit of regime change in Syria and in July said on Twitter he ended “massive, dangerous, and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels.” That effort reportedly cost the U.S. $1 billion. …”

        COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT, TRUMP’S “KILLING ISIS” WAS ANSWER TO Nadia Bilbassy with Al Arabiya Television QUESTION ABOUT NEW UN REPORT ON CHEMICAL WEAPONS : September 07, 2017 Remarks by President Trump and Emir Sabah al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah of Kuwait in Joint Press Conference East Room 2:21 P.M. EDT

        UN REPORT & ASSAD:“Assad Complains to UN After Reported Israeli Airstrike Targeting Chemical Weapons Facility By Patrick Goodenough | September 8, 2017 | 4:22 AM EDT”

        SECSTATE TILLERSON IS TALKING ABOUT IRAN IN SYRIA, NOT ISIS, NOT REGIME CHANGE: “While Trump Takes the Shots, Tillerson Runs the Offense By David Ignatius September 08, 2017 …Even with the relationship in the dumps, Tillerson believes he’s making some quiet progress on Ukraine and Syria. …On Syria, Tillerson has warned Putin that the real danger to Russian interests is increasing Iranian power there, especially as Bashar Assad’s regime regains control of Deir el-Zour in eastern Syria. To counter the Iranians, Tillerson supports a quick move by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces to capture the Lower Euphrates Valley.”

        ACTUAL SUBJECT OF BERNARD’S POST TITLE: “Israel targeted Hezbollah in Syria airstrikes By Tom Wheeldon Issued on 08-09-2017 • Modified 08-09-2017 to 10:38A.M.”

        POSSIBLE RELATED NEWS: “ “Vulture flies into Syria from Israel, returned by rebel fighters. One of the few remaining vultures in the Golan Heights flies over border before being returned to Israel following intervention from animal activists as expression of gratitude for Israel’s humanitarian efforts on border. Amir Ben-David|Published: 08.09.17 , 09:30 A.M.
        … It appears this vulture was also suspected of being an Israeli spy, and was captured by rebel forces when it crossed the border. News of its capture reached animal activists, who went into action and mediated between the IDF and the rebel organization on the bird’s behalf. …”,7340,L-5013816,00.html

        CONFIRMING VULTURE ATTACK: “Sep 8 2017, 9:40 am ET Israeli Griffon Vulture Is Rescued by Syrian Rebel Commander by Paul Goldman and Yuliya Talmazan “…Earlier this week, humanitarian aid organization Israeli Flying Aid contacted the reserve to say that a head of a Syrian rebel militia group has found a bird and sent photos of it. ““They had to check that the vulture was not booby-trapped””

        BERNARD’S TOPIC WAS ABOUT ISRAEL & HEZBOLLAH: “Israel has launched its largest military exercise in almost 20 years By Rhys Dubin, (c) 2017, Foreign Policy (c) 2017, Foreign Policy September 8, 2017, 1:10 PM The Israeli military is in the midst of its largest military exercise in nearly two decades, focusing on a potential war with Hezbollah. Held in the north of the country, the roughly two-week drill – dubbed “The Light of Grain” – comes amid rising tension along the Lebanese-Israeli border, where Hezbollah, the Lebanese political party and militia, has maintained a presence for decades.”

        • leoj

          Of course the vulture is an agent of the Mossad, what with the large pointed nose and stooped back. You can’t get anything past these guys!

          Issacharoff echoes Tillerson’s point about the greater threat to Russia – Why Russia may not respond to the alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria

          • D4x

            TY – Issacharoff always has fine insight, ability to see beyond one point of view. I actually believe Putin is intent on extending the Russian Church protection to Eastern Orthodox Christians. Syria is their last bastion in the former Byzantine Empire.

            ToI also had a report on S-98, but as an eagle. “The eagle has landed: Syrian rebel chief returns lost eagle back to Israel. Commander captures ‘S-98’ in IS-held territory, takes care of bird for weeks, coordinates its safe delivery through Israeli NGO By TOI staff September 8, 2017, 5:52 am”

            Hmm, not with that beak, certainly not with that neck, a neck definitely not stiff enough for Mossad. After a pleasant excursion, armchair birdwatching!, through every raptor indigenous to Syria:
            I decided S-98 IS a Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus),


            not a Rüppell’s griffon vulture (Gyps rueppelli), but learning they “fly for 6–7 hours every day and will fly as far as 150 kilometres (93 mi) from a nest site to find food. Rüppell’s vultures commonly fly at altitudes as high as
            6,000 metres (20,000 ft).” got me wondering if S-98 might be a living , armed drone, with a 7.5–9.2 feet wingspan, males weigh 14 to 23 lb. He was found 180 miles from Ramla, surrounded by ISIS, which is close enough to the missile and chemical weapons factories bombed at Masyaf base in Hama province. So, I visited Ramla – and now really regret I did not try harder to make my move to the Golan in 2009. Have you been there? I did not know that part of history – and, so beautiful. Also saw the variable use of Eagle and Vulture in Ramla, and tourism sites.- I guess Eagle is better for tourism 🙂

            But, why would S-98 fly so far from home? Surely the Israelis have enough goats to keep the Griffon Vultures close to Ramla Nature Reserve. Anyway, I did a search for “small guided missile”, and first hit was

            42 inches 5.5 inch diameter 45 pounds … Three Griffins can be carried in place of one Hellfire. The Griffin
            missile and launch assembly is also lighter than the Hellfire, allowing more to be mounted on the Predator. … In tests, the Sea Griffin’s new imaging infrared (IIR) seeker has streamed video back to
            operators through the data-link to provide verification before the missile strikes the target …”

            Interesting how raptor descriptors are used for all sorts of munitions. Still, a 45 pound missile is probably asking too much of S-98, so I went “very small missiles”, and, from 2015: “Raytheon Unveils New Mini Missile
            for Special Forces, Infantry …while the Pike will have less stopping power than the Javelin, it will feature a blast-fragmentation warhead sufficient for taking out two people behind a wall, he added. …”

            Two Syrians were reported killed during the bombing of Masyaf base.

            It actually makes sense to suspect a vulture or eagle could be mistaken for a spy, perhaps one locked and loaded with an eight-round clip of Pikes?! Terrific plausible deniability using a flock of armed Gyps fulvus, flanked at high altitude by a team of Gyps rueppelli.

            Seriously, it does look like a co-ordinated campaign against Iran/Hezbollah in Syria & Lebanon. Amb. Haley was powerful at AEI on Wednesday – the rare moment when I channel-flipped to C-Span at the right time. Haley was compelling – listing all the attacks on US troops since 1980.

            And this:

            Sept. 6, 2017:
            Israel has learned how to conduct pre-emptive public diplomacy. Yes, helps to have a co-operative team, which includes Macron, and, Argentina’s Macri. I do wonder if he was discussing Hezbollah in Latin America with Merkel on July 7 at the G-20 dinner. I only saw photos of Merkel in Paris on July 13, at Macron’s bilateral with Trump when I caught up with Melania slideshows at Paris Match. Now I am following POTUS news there. No paywall, always compelling photos.

          • leoj

            Thanks for the links! Algemeiner & Tower were on my rss feed which i’ve recently removed because it was consuming too much of my time so I missed these.

            Not sure about griffins and other birds serving as some sort of covert spying operation. What use would birds serve that drones aren’t able to do more reliably? But they are beautiful creatures!

            I was near Ramot in the Golan. We camped on a beach near Ein Gev with the lights of Tiberius across the lake. Unfortunately there was a ‘trance’ party going on so we were subjected to 8 hours of mind numbing bass. One of my stranger experiences in Israel. We swam in the lake by night and the following day we hiked to some ruins (can’t remember the name, but very minor) and through some of the box canyons there. There are still some large kibbutzim active in the area.

            I enjoyed the photos from Paris Match from some of your earlier posts 🙂

          • D4x

            My head spins from sorting opinion disguised as news, and not finding any site that does not skew analysis on
            Israel/Syria/Iran/Hezbollah/USA/Russia towards the writer’s point of view.
            Figuring out why Bernard seized on:

            “…In a press conference today with the Emir of Kuwait, President Trump said “As far as Syria
            is concerned, we have very little to do with Syria other than killing ISIS.”
            Leaving aside how short-sighted that is on the face of it, that approach is
            plainly insufficient for Israel’s security needs. …”

            was good exercise for my brain, but also reminded me of the current tragedy for such a fine commentariat here at TAI, to be here, with nowhere else, yet, to go. I do have hope for AmGreatness and perhaps AmSpectator.

            Only J.E. Dyer at Liberty Unyielding is covering Iran/Hezbollah, AND the USA/Kurds vs ISIS in Syria.

            She used to post at Commentary. Yet, even she does not see what is being said by Sec. Tillerson and
            Amb Haley on Hezbollah as terrorists as ‘official US strategy, or policy’, or POTUS strategy on display in Riyadh, including his speech on May 21, or his presser with Lebanon’s PM Hariri, where Hezbollah was noted.
            My two fellow commenters at LU have their own points of view, so I just use JE’s posts to keep track of new news.

            I saw your recommendation of Domenech’s “Trump’s Potential Triangulation”. TY! I had read Egger
            on Lilla, but the commentariat at The Federalist is so discouraging, just a different iteration of BB.

            My initial joke about S-98 turned into a more serious joke when I saw his wingspan, and
            realized how easy it would be for an Arab to think drone when seeing that profile in the sky at 500 feet, getting confused by Griffon Vulture, and small guided Griffin missiles. Anyway, Israel has NOT claimed they
            destroyed the facility at Maysaf. What if they deployed an array of real drones, with small wingspans, and armed with either Griffin missiles, or the even smaller Pikes?, NOT F-16s. They do call their UAVs ‘Herons’.

            Oct. 16, 2013: “Hezbollah: We have captured an Israeli ‘spy eagle’ in Lebanon”

            Eagle-521 sure looks like S-98:

            Another Griffon Vulture was detained by Saudi Arabia in 2011. The BBC photo caption from Jan. 5, 2011? “Griffon Vultures can soar at up to 11,000 metres (36,100 ft) above sea level. A perfect vantage point?” That’s a Rüppell’s griffon vulture
            (Gyps rueppelli), even the BBC gets confused,because their photo looks like
            Once upon a time, I thought I might do wiki editing…

            Like PJM, LU has a habit of reacting to the far left outrages, instead of digging for the real story: most of those ‘outrages’ are deliberate tactics in the Obstruction-as-Delegitimization of POTUS.

            Commenters tend to supply the ‘proof’ that Trump supporters are fill-in-the-blank deplorables.

            Almost every right-of-center site thought the Texas Stiletto Battle against FL Melania was silly.

            Many focused on the Vogue editor, Lynne Yeager, as being too bizarre-looking to have any credibility,

            not realizing she was a foot soldier, deliberately deployed to prove the bigotry.

            Meanwhile, every single mainstream magazine/blog on Style/Culture/Fashion

            in the English language was finally intimidated into ending any mention of FL Fashion after Sept. 2,

            just in time for Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed list on Sept. 6, and the National Cathedral’s removal of stained
            glass windows dedicated to Robert E. Lee and Thomas

            Jonathan ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, also on Sept. 6, provoking two
            more knee-jerk reactions of outrage on the right.

            No one covered what Melania wore to the National Cathedral
            for the National Day of Prayer on Sept. 3, except Paris Match, which never gets
            into the fashion details. The Hill ran the story, using a photo from their
            departure to Houston on Sept. 2.
            Footwear News went silent, and, their site search function stopped
            working as it is suddenly being integrated with sister publication Women’s Wear
            Daily, which went near-silent after March 8 on FL fashion. WWD’s online report on the March 8
            International Women’s Day luncheon in the WH State Dining Room was edited,
            eliminating the ‘scoop’ about Gov. Huntsman’s nomination as Ambassador to
            Russia. UK Daily Mail did run the story with the correct photo, but has since
            DELETED that story online. I bookmarked it, to see if they updated the fashion
            details as they used to, and, it was gone today. Vogue scrubbed their website
            of a feature on “A Rose in the Desert” from Feb 2011 on Asma
            al-Assad, after the civil war started.

            Erasing history is dangerous. (and so palestinian!) Disappearing current news even more so.
            I was following FLOTUS fashion because I knew that she is key to getting past the ‘resistance’, and
            legitimizing POTUS, especially in his job as Head of State. Also,, visually pleasant.
            This has been more Orwellian than the Monument War, and can impact how other Heads of State
            perceive the Trumps.
            Good news: Women’s Wear Daily reports major restructuring at Conde Nast, especially Vanity Fair.

            I do need the break, shorter comments, how to format in

          • leoj

            Here is the page for disqus tags:

            I like the staff writers for TAI, actually, in part because they don’t have a strong ideological bent (other than broadly pro-American) and are interested in giving a sympathetic account of the various interests at play in any given conflict. This is rarely achieved in a single post but is developed over the continuing coverage, so any individual post will be partial. Even the features are often just partial reporting, and it’s the features where I believe TAI needs to improve the most. Half of them are information campaigns for various interests that I would read only if I’m paid to do so and not the other way around. Since the daily feed is getting less content the features really need to be better for me to continue paying.

            Part of what’s happening in general with the news concerns the pacing of the news cycle. I never watch cable news but I’m familiar with its frenetic pace and its need for scandals and ‘-gates.’ Trump has benefitted from this just as he occasionally suffers from it, as well. As the news migrates increasingly to the internet, it will be necessary to find outlets that have the right pacing. What are the real stories? What is the best critical perspective on events? etc.

            If you look at a website like Mosaic, you can see that they are not trying to keep up with news cycle even as it relates to their narrow remit. A bunch of links dropped at midnight to other news and culture sites that produce the content and then a monthly roundtable that is generally of interest to me and always well done. This month’s is quite good:

            At AmSpec I like Neumayr, AmGreat I like Kimball and VDH, Fdrlst Domenech & Harsanyi, PJM Spengler, etc. No site really dominates my interest, but there are some I go to everyday like TAI. Perhaps that’s the best we can hope for. And I will always look to you first for FLOTUS fashion updates! I love your optimism and faith in a well designed blouse and beautifully tailored skirt!

          • D4x

            While your comment deserves a different reply, I do want to point out that First Lady fashion has always been a serious part of international diplomacy. It was very important for both men and women when the world had kings and emperors. My interest in FL Melania fashion started with her transcendent Inaugural gown, because of my design and art history frame. I also have been wanting a restoration of impeccable diplomatic protocol with WH State Dinners, missing since 1992. This ‘stuff’ matters.

            In March, following media coverage of FLOTUS fashion became my preferred a way to follow the ‘resistance’, which is unprecedented obstruction/delegitimization of POTUS, a coup in real time. That news, in America’s style, culture, fashion media started to infect foreign news media coverage.

            The UK Daily Mail, which has a Conservative/Tory readership, has extensive experience in the combination of including fashion news with the contextual news, with the British Royal Family, especially Queen Elizabeth II as well as Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Their coverage of the G-20 in Hamburg was exceptional, using a pop-up for their FemailFashionMinder feature, to keep the news as news, while including a wonderful fashion feature.

            July 7 was also the day that the SW Syria ceasefire with Russia, was announced, by Sec Tillerson.

            “Dinner diplomacy: Melania Trump sits beside Putin at G20 banquet”
            By Nikki Schwab, U.s. Political Reporter For and Iain Burns For Mailonline
            Published: 14:23 EDT, 7 July 2017 | Updated: 20:04 EDT, 7 July 2017

            After spending two and a half hours speaking to President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin had dinner seated beside the American leader’s wife, Melania.

            The Trumps both met Putin for the first time on Friday, as the world’s top leaders gathered in Hamburg, Germany at the G20.

            President Trump’s conversation with Putin signified the first time the Republican brought up Russia’s hacking of the 2016 presidential election, which Putin promptly denied.

            With the day’s business out of the way, the leaders enjoyed a concert and then a Friday night dinner, in which couples were split up and not seated with their spouses.

            That’s how Melania Trump ended up next to Putin, with President Trump seated down the way, closer to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

            The first lady, who grew up in Slovenia, then a part of Yugoslavia, knows several languages including German, which the Russian president also speaks.”

            PHOTOS. [Enough photos to tell several news, style, and fashion stories.]

            [FemailFashionFinder pop-up copy:]
            “Flirt with fringe like Melania in a Michael Kors Collection dress

            Had you asked us yesterday if fringe was work wear
            appropriate, we would have told you no. BUT that’s why we have the
            un-impeachably perfect Melania Trump to show us how to make fringe look
            polished, professional and sophisticated.

            She opted for this stunning flapper-inspired dress by Michael Kors to the G20 summit this afternoon looking like a vision in swan white.

            The demure cocktail dress featured a modest bardot neckline
            and fell just below her knees that she flawlessly paired with a set of tonal
            textured python pumps.

            The best part? You can flirt with fringe by clicking right
            to Neiman Marcus or steal the First Lady’s style with one of the more
            purse-friendly alternatives in the edit below!”


            Last week, a reporter asked Putin about Trump, at the BRICS conference in China.
            “…Asked by a reporter if he was disappointed with Trump, Putin said: “Whether I am disappointed or not, your question sounds very naive – he is not my bride and, likewise, I am neither his bride nor bridegroom.”

            “We are both statesmen. Every nation has interests of its own. In his activities, Trump is guided by the national interests of his country, and I by the interests of mine.”

            “I greatly hope that we will be able, just as the current U.S. president said, to find some compromises while resolving bilateral and international problems … taking into account our joint responsibility for international security.” DAILY SABAH WITH REUTERS Istanbul Published September 5, 2017

            Best link I can find today, but, the word ‘impeachment’ does come up, which is why Daily Mail’s “un-impeachably perfect Melania Trump” was interesting.

            Fashion diplomacy does matter, especially in Europe, and China:
            April 7, 2017:
            June 29, 2017:

            More another time: mow the lawn, again.

          • leoj

            Dalrymple is another great writer. You should have a more prominent space to write on it, especially with your interest and facility with the historical and political dimension of fashion. Have you ever considered trying to publish a piece or two on it, even if only modestly online?

          • D4x

            Will respond later. Excellent:”Israel’s ‘not routine’ strike on Syrian special weapons facility confirmed by imagery
            By J.E. Dyer September 10, 2017″

            Elliot Abrams’ take:
            Can not believe the two stories I have been closely following since May both got so hot last week.
            Good to know S-98 was not responsible, and safe in Ramla 🙂

          • leoj

            Wait, Ramla isn’t in the Golan. I’m confused…. Are the birds in the Golan or in Ramla? I would pass by Ramla whenever I took the sherut between Jeru and TA. Never spent any time there.

            Nice pieces. Dyer’s was very informative about weaponry, even if speculative. I believed that Israel could deal with Russian air-defense, but knew nothing as to why I should have such confidence. Now I know something.

          • D4x

            I just posted at LU the relevant part of Aug 11, 2006 UNSC Res 1701,

            and the Aug. 30, 2017 UNSC Res 2373
            Doubt even Russian lawyers would fight the language that would permit an air strike from Lebanese air space, especially adding in the new UN report on chemical weapons issue.

            Oy! Peril of sleep disruption to cognition since Aug. 12. Just corrected to Gamla Nature Reserve, which IS on the Golan, part of an archaeological site with possibly oldest synagogue, and fortress that was a second Masada, except the Romans killed everyone.

            S-98 is still in Ramat Gan Safari Veterinary Hospital.

          • leoj

            Yes, Gamla is what I thought. This is where we hiked. Very beautiful. The Vet hospital is connected to HU, I wonder. Well, I am pleased the bird is safe and sound, just wish it had a real name.

          • D4x

            Today’s Israeli bird to watch is an El Al Boeing, perhaps the new Dreamliner. PM Netanyahu on the first direct air flight from Tel Aviv to Buenos Aires since 1960, on an Official Visit, arriving on 9/11/2017:

            “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu arrived in Argentina Monday, following a 20 hour flight from Ben Gurion airport.
   Netanyahu lands in Buenos Aires Avi Ohayon:GPO

            Netanyahu will begin his four day visit to Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico with a visit to the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, which was destroyed in a terrorist bombing in 1992. The Prime Minister will
            participate in a wreath-laying ceremony for the 29 victims of the attack.

            Netanyahu will then visit the AMIA Jewish community building, where 89 people were murdered in the deadliest terrorist attack in Argentina’s history in 1994. …”

            “…The landing of an El Al plane on Buenos Aires’s soil is the first time since 1960 when the Mossad paid a visit to the area to kidnap one of the chief architects of the Nazi final solution Adolf Eichmann.

            Netanyahu will be joined in his visit to Argentina, Colombia and Mexico by a delegation of Israeli businessmen from the fields of agriculture, water, communications and energy.

            Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes will travel to Buenos Aires to meet with the prime minister ….

            At the end of his visit to Latin America, the prime minister will fly to New York to attend the UN General Assembly, where he will deliver an address on its opening day. He is also due to meet with various world
            leaders, including President Donald Trump.”

            Itamar Eichner|Published: 11.09.17, 20:16

            The first airplane hit the WTC at 8:46 am on 09/11/2001.
            Buenos Aires time zone is one hour ahead of New York.
            It looks like the Netanyahus landed at exactly the same time as NYC.

            Interesting that Paraguay’s Cartes will meet with Netanyahu. Paraguay’s Triple Frontier is known to be a hotbed of Islamic terrorism, especially Hezbollah. Also very good for birdwatching, eco-tourism…

  • leoj

    “Killing ISIS” just isn’t going to cut it.

    True, but isn’t it better for all parties if Israel takes care of Israel’s own security needs? The immediate support we should be willing to give to the Israelis should be primarily diplomatic.

    • Isaiah6020

      Agreed. Israel was always more than happy to use its own military to achieve its goals. A US President that is not a piece of sh!t like Obama who doesn’t tie Israel’s hand is all we need.

    • D4x

      As for Bernard’s “Killing ISIS” fixation? please see my reply to Isaiah620 below. Photo S-98 included, from a fine example of Israeli/Syrian rebel diplomacy, without the Great Powers or UNSC: Sep 8 2017, 9:40 am ET Israeli Griffon Vulture Is Rescued by Syrian Rebel Commander by Paul Goldman and Yuliya Talmazan

      “…”I personally raised this vulture, so when I saw the pictures, I was very excited,” Eldad Eitan, a manager at Gamla Nature Reserve, told NBC News.

      He said the vulture was lucky to have fallen into the hands of a rebel commander who loved animals and had a particular interest in birds.

      Eitan immediately contacted insurgent to send instructions on how to properly take care of a griffon vulture.

      “Usually, vultures eat cow meat, goats and sheep, so that’s what I messaged him,” Eitan said. “He returned the message, saying that [his fighters] didn’t have any meat to eat for themselves, but that he could get chickens.”

      The militant said S-98 was fed two chickens a day while his fighters ate only bread.

      Image: Griffon vulture

      A Syrian rebel commander helped rescue and deliver this griffon vulture back home to Israel. Eventually, the two men hatched a plan to get the vulture back into Israel.

      The commander agreed to bring the vulture back to the Israeli-Syrian border, some 180 miles away from where it was held, in return for humanitarian aid.

      “This was a big task for him since he was surrounded by ISIS troops,” Eitan said.

      On Thursday, the vulture was handed over to Israeli troops.

      “They had to check that the vulture was not booby-trapped and that it was all right,” Eitan added.

      Eventually, the two men hatched a plan to get the vulture back into Israel

      S-98 is now back home and is being treated for a leg injury.
      The bird has been given painkillers and antibiotics, but is in good shape.

      After the successful handover, Eitan says he messaged the Syrian commander to personally thank him and express his hope that peace will prevail.

      “The Syrians answered me that they too hoped that the war will end soon and that they returned the bird as a ‘thank you’ gesture for Israel taking care of wounded Syrians,” he said.”

  • Jonathan Dembo

    Killing ISIS won’t bring peace to the world but it’s fun. And easy. And cheap. And nobody is angry at us for doing it. So why not?

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