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No Mr. President, We Should Not Execute Terrorists With Pigs Blood Bullets
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  • Dale Fayda

    Ahhhh, the commentariat has got their panties in a bunch over a Trump tweet again. It’s a tweet, not a historical monograph; get over it. What I feel really upsets people like Andrew Bernard is that we now have a President who has a pair and is not shy about being combative, unlike the previous “measured and detached” nancy boy in the White House.

    • ErikKC2

      And, it’s also a lie.

      • CosmotKat

        Only to someone like you who just might harbor a contempt for the truth.

        • ErikKC2

          Ah, yours being the “alternative” truth.

          • CosmotKat

            Ah, only someone with a contempt for the truth and the American people would call it alternative.

  • Matt_Thullen

    Here’s the problem that lots of us have with our current counterinsurgency approach–does it seem to be working? Has it worked in Afghanistan? Iraq?

    Trump’s approach may be idiotic (or not), but I’m not seeing a ton of success using the current strategy. Our current approach depends upon locals believing that U.S. forces will stick around for the long haul, and I’m afraid that’s not going to happen much in the future. Even in Afghanistan, where we’ve been fighting for almost 16 years, the Taliban is holding their own. How many years do we need to be there to completely eliminate them?

    • JamesDrouin

      Eight years of malfeasance ain’t gonna be fixed in six months.

    • Fat_Man

      We cannot eliminate the Taliban by fighting in Afghanistan.

      The Taliban is an army of Pashtun tribal irregulars that is sponsored and trained by Pakistan. If we want to defeat them we must attack Pakistan.

      However, that is a war that is not worth fighting, because it is not worth winning. if we won we would be stuck with a failed state full of ignorant and hostile people who cannot be civilized.

      The best alternative is to withdraw all American and NATO forces from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and to kick Pakistan in the ankles by bombing its military installations. We should then drop Prime Minister Modi a line saying that Pakistan is his and we don’t care what he does with it.

  • KremlinKryptonite

    Kurdish women are generally part of the fighting force, and ISIL members have fled in fear for dying at the hand of a woman is most dishonorable, especially in battle. No martyrdom for those shot in the back or killed by women. However, the missing point is that Muhammad owned slaves! So, we need a C-130 to gather up the protesters interested in tearing down statues of old, and send them to fight the guys worshiping a slave owner.

    • SeaAyeA

      Yes and remember similar things were used elsewhere. For example, in Vietnam the ARVN spread message across the Ho Chi Minh trail for the NVA playing on ancient cultural practices surrounding death. They told them in the messages that if they die alone, far from home, nameless, and quite possibly faceless then they will never be at peace, and with the remains never being returned home to their village they will haunt people around the site of their death forever.

      The effectiveness of such things is not necessarily appreciated at the time, but we know now that it played a large role in getting 20,000 NVA to abandon their siege of Khe Sanh. The napalm surely didn’t do it. They were there for weeks despite the constant shelling and napalm.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Trump is a master at trolling the Leftists. When the Leftists become Hysterical, they’ve already lost the argument. Muslim Terrorists are terrified of “Bacon”, and terrorizing the Terrorists with pork products seems appropriate.

  • rheddles

    Pershing, to the extent that he is remembered at all,

    He is remembered well by those who love their country and are not ignorant.

    • CaliforniaStark

      That comment discredited the article.

      • Tom

        Unfortunately, he’s not wrong on that point. World War I is a forgotten war, and Pershing is a forgotten hero.
        Both of which are crying shames.

        • D4x

          Pershing’s career was about a lot more than WW 1.

          • Tom

            Also true. But given the parlous state of history education, who remembers that he was one of the few commanders of black troops who didn’t treat the assignment like a disgrace, that he was one of the better COIN commanders in the Philippines, and lead the Punitive Expedition into Mexico?
            Answer: fewer people than remember his service in WWI.

          • D4x

            VP Pence gave a fine 2,873 word speech, including some real history, in Panama, same time as POTUS Pershing Tweet:


            His remarks on Venezuela do not (yet) reinstate the Monroe Doctrine/Roosevelt Corollary that was murdered by Obama and Kerry in 2013. Media picked up Pence’s comparison of Trump to TR, but, adding TR = Racist.

            Our National Park Service deserves credit for trying to keep our history alive: “Views and Vistas: The views that one enjoys from Pershing Park remain tied to important episodes in American history and are views that General Pershing himself once beheld from this very spot.”

            Pershing’s wiki entry covers his career quite well, I learned a lot about General of the Armies John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing 🙂

        • f1b0nacc1

          You might want to visit the WWI memorial here in KC before you decide that the war is forgotten…

          • Tom

            Compared to WWII or the Civil War, though?

          • f1b0nacc1

            There is a huge difference between being one of the ‘greatest hits’ of wars and being forgotten. Given that WWI was a century ago, , that it didn’t have the ‘crusade’ aspect of WWII and the Civil War, it is certainly less remembered, but it is hardly forgotten. And as I said to another friend here….visit the museum, you will be glad that you did.

        • CosmotKat

          I disagree. Ever since the 100 year anniversary in 2014 the interest in the WWI spiked a bit and reprints of books by Barbra Tuchman, Margaret MacMillon and others were flying off the book shelves. I had been a WWII buff (I inherited this from my Dad a WWII vet), but knew just the usual history taught in most schools never going any deeper until recently. The history of WWI is fascinating for how it shaped the world as we know it today and for the brutality of the war. German conduct in that war only foreshadowed their brutality in WWII even if one was to ignore the holocaust. What they did to the Belgian people should never be forgotten either.

    • Andrew Allison

      Would that it were ignorance. Unhappily, it appears to be propaganda.

  • Taipei101

    Here are 2 little tricks to see through the media lies and propaganda…

    1) Google ‘Pershing Pig’, restrict the dates to prior to 2013… and presto… you see nothing but articles citing this piece of history… with source documentation.

    2) You can also google ‘Moro Rebellion’ and look at the references section. It states 2 additional sources that documented Pershing’s policy of using Pigs against the Muslim Terrorists in the Philippines.

    The story of the pigs is found in Jim Lacey’s biography, “Pershing”…on page 66. Lacey wrote that Pershing himself told the story in his unpublished autobiography.
    Pershing wrote…These juramentado were materially reduced in number by a practice the army had already adopted, one that the Mohammedans held in abhorrence.
    The bodies were publicly buried in the same grave with a dead pig. It was not pleasant to take such measures but the prospect of going to hell instead of heaven sometimes deterred the would-be assassins.[118]
    Jim Lacey (10 June 2008). Pershing (Great Generals). PalgraveMacmillan. p. 66. ISBN 978-0-230-60383-7.
    PS Google is abetting this mass scale deception of American Citizens… by burying true sources and bringing provable falsehoods to the first dozen pages. The only way around this… is to use the date trick or find other search terms that they did not bury yet.

    No matter your point of view… we should all be intolerant of our media knowingly deceiving us all so they can support their agenda. The efforts to attack anyone who opposes their agenda has risen to the level of ‘The Big Lie.’ They are using the same tactics as that horrible nazi propagandist… Joseph Goebbels.

    Once today’s corporate owned media decides a factual piece of history does not fit their narrative… they create countless articles citing bogus ‘fact checkers’ who claim the story a ‘tall tale’… or ‘debunked’.

    We Americans are so tired for our media. Enough with changing and erasing history just because it does not fit your horrible globalist agenda.

    • Angel Martin

      Google: deceiving America since 1998.

      Switch to DuckDuckgo… or anything else.

      • CosmotKat

        It says load with Chrome. Isn’t chrome the google site. How does this work, Angel?

        • Angel Martin

          I use a Mac (for now). DuckDuckgo is my default browser in Safari.

          • CosmotKat

            Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate the information. I had a Macbook air, but gave it to my grandson so, I am back to a Dell for now.

    • ErikKC2

      No. General Pershing did not execute Muslim prisoners with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.

      Now, about those tax returns.

      • Ofer Imanuel

        Not in pig blood – in pig fat. Then buried them in pig skins. It ended the rebellion.
        BTW, Israel destroys the family house of terrorists. It also helps (on the other side, PA pays them and their families a salary).
        I think the bigger problem would be with the supreme court.

  • Beauceron

    My problem with this is just how utterly unnecessary it all is.

    There was just no reason to Tweet that.

    He really does have more than enough controversy on his plate at the moment. I want him to do well. I defend him often. But it would be nice to have one quiet week. Why feed them the ammo?

    Yes, of course the media will do what the media do. We live in a strange time, a time so strange it’s the Left who says they are the oppressed side in 1984. Sales of Orwell’s book hit #1 in the DC area after Trump was elected. (see I found that little tidbit astounding. They actually possess that little self-awareness.

    But just one quiet week.

    • Beauceron

      I would only add this. On the commute home, I was thinking how upsetting it is that I don’t find attacks like this that upsetting anymore.

      • D4x

        The second Tweet was about studying history. Pershing connects to monuments, and his statue in Pershing Park can see the Robert E. Lee Memorial in Arlington. I just posted above.
        Trump is trying to stop the removal, destruction of monuments – or at least get the media to discuss THAT.
        Let’s see if the media and the left now attack Pershing as colonialist oppressor Islamophobe; or murderer of Sioux.
        History is complicated.
        Yes, I would like one quiet week where the news actually covers news, instead of translating NewSpeak..

        • Eurydice

          Yes, history is complicated – which is why limiting it to tweets isn’t helpful.

          • D4x

            I disagree – this tweet stimulated my curiosity: “Study what General Pershing of the United States did”

            Bernard only studied what Trump had said, and what Pershing did in the Philipines 1909-1913. I was wondering what Pershing had done during President TRoosevelt’s time, since the only reason Pershing was in the Philippines was because of the our Spanish-American War. And I knew that protestors were demanding removal of TR’s monument in front of the Musuem of Natural History. A previous TrumpTweet had focused on monument removal, where does it end? TJ, Washington. I had not expected next would be TR.

            After absorbing Pershing’s wiki-bio, I wondered if Pershing monument’s would be at risk, since the Philippines were an American colony.

            The National Park Service post on Pershing Park was a real history lesson:
            “Views and Vistas: The views that one enjoys from Pershing Park remain tied to important episodes in American history and are views that General Pershing himself once beheld from this very spot.”

            At the time of the Study Pershing Tweet, VP Mike Pence was speaking at the Panama Canal:
            Panama City, Panama 2:48 P.M. UTC

            A history lesson, an excellent speech, and this: “…And just as President Roosevelt exhorted his fellow Americans to “dare to be great,” President Donald Trump has dared our nation to make America great again, and we’ll do it with all of our friends in the world. …” more history, pivot to today, trade, jobs, “…And following my visit to Argentina this week, just moments ago, President Trump announced that after 25 years of barriers, American pork will once again be able to be exported to Argentina, and American farmers and ranchers will reap the reward. …”

            No matter what this administration does, or accomplishes, the media only dissects his Tweets, and only covers violence 24/7. Endless ‘analysis’, like this post, to prove Trump is wrong, and stupid, and crazy, and whatever it takes to get this boorish lout from Queens out of the Oval Office.

            I have no idea what would be helpful to get America to pay attention to real issues, real news, reality, but respect POTUS Trump for trying, every day under assault for all the wrong reasons..It does not matter to the media/resistance/pundits/etc/ what he Tweets or says, and that is the real tragedy of America.
            No one in the media seems to read the primary source statements and speeches at Today’s coverage of Pence’s speech in Panama??? in a 161-word news report: “…While Pence invoked some of the admirable presidential qualities Roosevelt was known for, Roosevelt also called whites “the forward race” and minorities “the backward race.””

            Anyway, looks like American pigs will get eaten in Argentina, not buried with Radical Islamic Terrorists, without reinstating the Monroe Doctrine/Roosevelt Corollary that was murdered by Obama and Kerry in 2013.

          • Eurydice

            Well, you’re a thinking person – I’m sure you run into bits and bobs all the time that stimulate your curiosity. But for most people, including most of the media, anything more than 140 characters is tl;dr. By the time a few thinking people have done their research and analysis, time has marched on and they’ve been drowned in the cacophony. Twitter is not about education and if Trump is using it that way he’s wrong. But I don’t think he’s using it this way

          • D4x

            A year ago, it was the Khizr Khan Gold Star family Tweets that led me to start to understand what Trump was doing with his Tweets, a counter-punch to every false attack, label, media bias, moral equivalency, etcetra that were used to delegitimize his candidacy, and continue to delegitimize his Presidency .

            I do not follow his Tweets, only sometimes react when they are used to perpetuate the false caricature that continues to infect the media, and punditry, what you correctly call “cacophony”.

            While not claiming expertise on effective communication skills, I did read an analysis, also a year ago, of candidate Trump’s public speech pattern as being at a 3rd-grade level. That reminded me of times, when, in order to speak with anyone at work, I had to simultaneously translate my post-grad level of articulateness into 5th-grade level.

            A few months ago, I realized that DJT learned how to do the same with his construction workers, and two wives, Ivana and Melania, for whom English is a fifth, sixth language.

            As you wrote, most people tl;dr, and I assume DJT saw Twitter as a way to communicate, by-passing the media filters.

            The vandalism of American history has more than a few thinking people paying attention:

            “•A strong majority (62 percent) of Americans favor leaving
            the Confederate statues standing as historical markers

            •Overwhelming numbers of Republicans (86 percent) favor this, as do 61 percent of Independents

            •The only group with a majority favoring removal (57 percent) are “Strong Democrats” — as opposed to “Soft Democrats,” who slightly
            favor keeping them (52 percent)”

            “Trump Is More In Touch Than You Think” By Rod Dreher
            • August 17, 2017, 1:36 PM

            Dreher links to the pdf file, for the actual data:
            NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll of 1,125 National Adults
            This survey of 1,125 adults was conducted August 14th and August 15th, 2017 by The Marist Poll sponsored in collaboration with NPR and PBS NewsHour.

            Perhaps only a few people like me saw the “Study Pershing” Tweet as being about studying history, but it does seem to be part of a communications strategy, timed simultaneous with VP Pence’s 2,873 word speech in Panama, trying to change the ‘national conversation’ to:

            “…The Charlottesville tragedy didn’t start with the Nazis or the Alt-Left. It started with the decision to tear down the statue of General Robert E. Lee. …”

            [The analytic essay we long for, title notwithstanding]

            “Why I Wouldn’t Change a Word of Trump’s Statement”
            By Esther Goldberg| August 17, 2017


          • Eurydice

            I had to smile at idea that “Study Pershing” would be controversial – it’s the centennial of WWI and there have been commemorations all over the country, so why not study him?

          • D4x

            You are not alone with the daily pain. I self-isolated 2012-2016, but started believing America could return to Normalcy last October. History is my distraction from the pain.
            “We need to have a serious conversation” is a code phrase from the Obama years. When I heard Gov. Rauner of Illinois say it recently, I knew it was code for “let’s talk, and do nothing except maybe pass more laws or write more regulation to not solve the problem but get people to shut up”
            That phrase isis what triggered my search since Charlottesvilel that led to Orwell’s NewSpeak, from “1984”, to understand the campaign to make Robert E. Lee disappear, make him an UnPerson, in NewSpeak.
            In closing, I am aware that Bannon is back at Breitbart. What I find most interesting is that Scaramucci knew Lizza would disclose their conversation, and Bannon had to know Kuttner would do same. Since I am not a scholar of the classics like Bannon, Mattis, and McMaster, I can only see both events as some sort of ‘falling on their swords’ to unmask key voices of the echo chambers that fuel the ‘resistance’, or something like that.
            fwiw, I also saw Trump as more like TR than Jackson. Pence’s speech in Panama is most interesting.

    • JamesDrouin

      “There was just no reason to Tweet that.”

      Sure there was. And it was the exact same reason President Trump told the fat NoKo kid and his generals they were fixing to be cooked to a cinder … it focussed their attention.

  • JamesDrouin

    “He worked to gain the respect of local councils, cooperated with them when possible, and demanded responsibility for any transgressions.”

    Ah yes, the eternal liberal whine … ‘if we just keep talking, they’ll be our friends’.

    • Tom

      You know, it’s usually considered best to hold a stick AND a carrot, instead of just one or the other. Just a thought.

      • JamesDrouin

        If you had a “thought”, then it would have occured to you that the West in general, and the US in particular, has been offering nothing but ‘carrots’.

        Any other stupid ‘thoughts’ you want to post???

        • Tom

          Yes, because drone strikes are definitely something you’d want the government to give to you.
          Also, you shouldn’t talk to other people and yourself in the same post. It gets confusing.

          • JamesDrouin

            Well, you’re “confused” because of all the Roossian salad dressing you’e been guzzling (though it might be that your guzzling of all that Roossian salad dressing is a sympton and not a cause)!!!

            Oh, and FYI, the drone strikes come AFTER mass-murder events, not before. And, in the good old days, the entire area would have been reduced to gravel, men, women, and children, with NO regard to ‘collateral damage’.

          • Tom

            Your failure to comprehend subtle humor is typical of your kind.

          • JamesDrouin

            Suuuuure, you run with that. But don’t forget that ‘Roossian salad dressing’ for your covfefe!!!

  • D4x

    What is remarkable is that pundits still do not know that Hope Hicks has been reviewing every @realDonaldTrump Tweet, before the Tweet goes out, since his inauguration as POTUS, if not before. Hicks is the new WH Director of Communications.

    That said, it is a bit curious that the reference to General Pershing seems to be related to the Barcelona attack, but the emphasis is on studying history, from the TR era, ‘America’s Imperialism and Colonialism’ in NoHistorySpeak.

    This Tweet has less to do with Radical Islamic Terror than to get the ‘Charlottesville conversation’ shifted to history, the study of history, war memorials, and monuments. Also a good way to trigger the left into labeling Pershing as an Islamophobe/war criminal, murderer of Sioux and Mexicans…

    A brilliant Tweet: Make History Normal Again, instead of trying to erase it.

    Learn from our monuments, the monuments in our National Parks, study and learn from military history,

    stream of consciousness comment here

    “Dedicated in October 1983, the eight-foot tall bronze portrait statue
    [of General John J. Pershing] stands atop a Dakota mahogany granite pedestal near the center of the plaza.

    The views that one enjoys from Pershing Park remain tied to important episodes in American history
    and are views that General Pershing himself once beheld from this very spot.

    Pershing Park: Views and Vistas

    As with most areas preserved by National Mall and Memorial Parks, Pershing Park
    offers its share of great views, iconic vistas and historical connections.
    General Pershing’s statue stands oriented westward toward his native Missouri, where in November 1921 he helped lay the cornerstone for Kansas City’s Liberty Memorial honoring the American and Allied victors of World War I.

    The statue also looks upon the western portion of Pershing Park where Congress has directed the construction of a National World War I Memorial. Directly across 15th Street is the memorial honoring General William T. Sherman, a man whom Pershing deeply admired and from whom Pershing received his diploma upon his 1886 graduation by the United States Military Academy.

    South of Pershing Park is the Federal Triangle office complex that contains two significant ties to the American Expeditionary Forces. Inside the John A. Wilson District Building is a marble sculpture depicting a fallen American soldier beneath which is a list of District Government employees who lost their lives in the Great War.

    Beyond, within the Ronald Reagan Building, is a memorial to Pershing’s wartime commander-in-chief, Woodrow Wilson.
    To the north, stands the historic Willard Hotel where in 1922 Pershing met with several hundred officers (many of which were World War I combat veterans) to form the Reserve Officers Association.

    From the 14th Street side of Pershing Park, the grand vista of Pennsylvania Avenue stretches for more than a mile
    to the foot of Capitol Hill. It was along this route in September 1919 that General Pershing led the World War I Victory Parade
    from Capitol Hill toward the White House. …

    Interesting as well is the fact that Pershing Park stands in perfect alignment with the angle of Arlington Memorial Bridge,

    directly connecting this memorial park with Arlington National Cemetery

    two miles to the southwest and the final resting place of General Pershing.”

    [Which leads us back to Robert E. Lee]
    “Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial”

    “Arlington House (the Robert E. Lee Memorial) is a 16 acre site managed by the National Park Service.
    It is located within Arlington National Cemetery, a 600-plus acre cemetery managed by the United States Army
    and located in Arlington County, Virginia directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.

    The house is notable for being the first temple-form residence built in the United States,
    and was purposefully set in a prominent position overlooking the growing capital city of Washington, D.C.”
    –Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial: Cultural Landscapes Inventory, NPS, 2009

    The site, which is a memorial to Robert E. Lee, serves as a museum exhibiting decorative arts, archives, music, gardens,
    manuscript collections, Civil War memorabilia, 18th and 19th century furnishings, and relics of the Robert E. Lee and Custis families
    and the slaves who also lived on the property. These objects can be found throughout the site: on the grounds, in the house,
    in the potting shed/museum building, and in the slave quarters. …”

    [Arlington House is undergoing significant restoration: Target date for reopening the site is December of 2018.]

    • f1b0nacc1

      Trust me, nothing (in the US at least) beats the WWI Museum here in KC, and Pershing laid the cornerstone of the (somewhat phallic) memorial that stands above it….

      • D4x

        Saw the photos. Yes, the tower looks a bit tall, for the scale of the plaza, but it must be the best view in KC.

        Egyptian Revival and Assyrian sphinxes, succumbing to the King Tut craze. The 1920’s were glorious for Revival architecture.

        Coolidge had a .dry wit. “…The magnitude of this memorial, and the broad base of popular support on which it rests, can scarcely fail to excite national wonder and admiration.”

        I am still laughing, because, yesterday, was reading his dry wit on a different topic:

        “…Because the dog was so much a part of the family, the First
        Lady insisted on having Rob Roy pose with her for her official White House
        painting in 1924.

        When she debated wearing a red dress against a blue background, her husband, known for his dry wit, suggested she could also achieve a red-white-and-blue theme by wearing a white dress and dyeing Rob Roy

        • f1b0nacc1

          I had been rereading Amity Shales’ masterful biography of Coolidge during my recovery, and your references to Rob Roy (as well as Mrs. Coolidge, a dazzling woman!) put me to mind of that wonderful work.

          Thank you for the laughs…

      • Josephbleau

        The Cantigny First Division Museum in Wheaton IL due to Col. McCormick is a great WWI museum. (Chateau Thiery) And the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in DC has great dark barbed wire trenches indoors too. Go to the great outdoor mockups at Carlisle Barracks in PA and you will see how our Army fought in all our old wars. I think there is none better than the WWI memorial in downtown Indianapolis. If you are ever in Melbourne AUS go to the war memorial there.

        I remember the stories of old Grandad, Sgt Co B 322 inf rgt. 81 inf div. Meuse Argonne.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Your reference to the Carlisle Barracks mockups is especially apt, I got a better understanding of what the trenches were all about there than a hundred war diaries and other texts. The Melbourne museum is amazing, and it gives the Aussies their well deserved recognition. Next time I am in Indianapolis, I will make a point of visiting the memorial…thank you for the suggestion!

          My grandfather (maternal) was on a merchant ship, and my paternal grandfather was a smuggler. They both had some fascinating stories that I think of often…I miss those two old reprobates….grin…

  • FriendlyGoat

    And to think, everything having to do with avoidance of pigs or pork is probably one of the least matters of actual consequence on earth. Everybody fortunate enough to have a chicken nugget at all could have a secret gram of ground pork mixed right in and get up—–nourished, and oblivious—–to have to pork argument again. There are a lot of criticisms of progressivism which float around, but one of its goals is surely to replace the “it’s all in our heads” things with more relevant and important material. Any implication of trying to scare Muslims with pig blood is really lame.

    • FriendlyGoat

      As comments pile up below which I cannot see—–because I have a bunch of critics blocked here—–I count this a moment when I am probably fortunate to not be seeing them. Yes, I debated myself before posting the thoughts above—-because it is not my goal to offend people, but I am for religion majoring in majors. Some of religion majors in minors. Someday, some time, some place in history, we have to acknowledge this in order for civilization to move forward.

      • D4x

        Our National Park Service deserves credit for trying to keep our history alive: “Views and Vistas: The views that one enjoys from Pershing Park remain tied to important episodes in American history and are views that General Pershing himself once beheld from this very spot.”

    • D4x

      “August 17, 2017 President Donald J. Trump Announces United States Strikes Deal to Export Pork to Argentina
      United States pork to enter Argentina for first time since 1992

      WASHINGTON – President Donald J. Trump today announced that the United States and Argentina have agreed to terms that will allow United States pork to enter the Argentine market for the first time since 1992. The agreement follows the August 15 meeting between Vice President Mike Pence and President Mauricio Macri of Argentina during the Vice President’s visit to Buenos Aires. President Trump first raised the issue with President Macri during their bilateral meeting at the White House on April 27.

      Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer were also fully engaged in completing the agreement.

      “Today’s announcement is a big win for American pork producers and proves that President Trump is getting real results for America’s farmers and ranchers,” said Vice President Pence. “After 25 years of discussions, America’s pork producers will soon be able to export their fine product to Argentina. This is one more example of the commitment of President Trump and his entire Administration to breaking down international trade barriers and making free and fair trade a win-win for American workers, farmers, and our trading partners.”

      The United States is the world’s top pork exporter, and this agreement opens up a potential $10-million-per-year market for America’s pork producers. Argentina has blocked imports of United States pork since 1992, citing animal health concerns. Under the terms of today’s agreement, all fresh, chilled, and frozen pork and pork products from United States animals will be eligible for export to Argentina.

      Argentine food safety officials will visit the United States to conduct on-site verification of the United States meat inspection system, after which United States pork exports will resume pending resolution of any outstanding technical issues.

      The United States remains focused on expanding trade of other agricultural products between the United States and Argentina, notably beef, poultry, and fruits.”

  • ErikKC2

    Further demonstrating this President’s casual relationship with truth.

    Now, about those tax returns?

    • Dale Fayda

      Now, how about those 30,000+ emails Hillary destroyed while under a Congressional subpoena? I hear that investigation is being re-opened. Aren’t you curious what’s on them? Collusion with Russia, perhaps? Or blackmail by them? We already know the DNC and the Clinton campaign colluded with the Ukrainians directly through their embassy and with the Russians through Fusion GPS.

      After all, there is nothing more important than the integrity of our election process, right? Right?

      • ErikKC2

        Tu quoque.

        You hear? Source? Citation?

        Tax returns?

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