Junior's Russia Meetings
All The Dots, Connected

A look at the networks connecting the various Russians attending Donald Trump, Jr.’s notorious meeting shows us just what the Russian state is—and what it wants.

Published on: July 25, 2017
Damir Marusic is Executive Editor of The American Interest. Karina Orlova is Washington correspondent for Echo of Moscow radio, and a Contributing Writer at TAI.
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  • Curious Mayhem

    I think it did clarify lines of connection. I would like to see how that diagram relates to the oligarchs who donated to the Clinton Foundation. I’m pretty sure I see a few familiar names.

    There’s some affinity on Trump’s part. The practical side is the Russian money has moved into New York real estate. Why wouldn’t Trump, his family, and his associates have encountered the people with that money?

    What this demonstrates is the persistence of Putin and his minions. It hasn’t gone as far here as it has in Europe, where Russian money has corrupted the London City and bankrolls political parties. It’s more narrow and limited — for now. But it will continue to grow unless active measures are taken to stop it.

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