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Russia Scandal Looks Different Outside of Washington
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  • Gary Hemminger

    As much as I hate Trump, why would Trump be impeached if his son had a meeting with inappropriate Russian folks?

    • J K Brown

      How can you ask that? Cause…

      Actually, the whole DC impeachment crowd are showing their ignorance. They can’t impeach Trump until they convince a plurality those who voted for him that maybe he might need to leave office before the 2020. The Republicans were this ignorant with Clinton. They didn’t do the ground work for a real impeachment. What transpired was a DC distraction. Works okay for those whose sole accomplishment is getting elected. Not so much for people like Trump, who are used to getting things done while the politicals nip at their ankles.

      If you want someone to blame for Trump being made stronger by the attacks, blame the NYC city counsel, the NY state legislature, all the little activists in Manhattan. They all permitted Trump to build up his immunity to petty graspers over the years and as the names on the buildings show, he got things done.

  • Angel Martin

    If collusion with the Russian gov’t is wrong, where does that leave the FBI and the “Pee Dossier” ?


    There is no scandal at all. All lies. All made up. No evidence. Not from Trump. Not from WMD CIA liars. Not from Putin. Not from Hill and Bill dogs. Nobody. At all.

  • rheddles

    Price of fainting couches must be skyrocketing in DC.

    • D4x

      “Smelling Salts” is more likely the brand name of a new cannabis strain.

      • Isaiah6020

        DC and weed are a bad combo. They are like that one dude that gets paranoid and starts harshing everybody’s buzz?
        DC needs a new drug. Maybe opium smoking? It would at least shut them up for a while.

        • D4x

          Opium smoking would make Congress want to make Afghanistan the 51st (or 58th) state. Smoking tobacco worked so well – always thought quitting tobacco cigarettes was Obama’s biggest mistake. It is how America won WW2.

    • Andrew Allison

      Unfortunately, it’s megaphones which are in high demand.

  • Beauceron

    “And yet despite this unmistakable, watershed shift, Republican voters appear to be (mostly) unmoved”

    And how could they not be?

    You want Russian collusion? We have evidence in the public shpere right now of collusion with high ranking government officials.

    We KNOW for a verifiable fact that the Fusion GPS “Trump Dossier” which was actually released and actually did damage to one of the candidates, was largely sourced from current Russian government officials. We know that because the report tells us that explicitly:

    “How good were these sources? Consider what Steele would write in the memos he filed with Simpson: Source A—to use the careful nomenclature of his dossier—was “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure.” Source B was “a former top level intelligence officer still active in the Kremlin.” ”

    That’s not collusion with Russian government officials? That is EXACTLY what Democrats and the press have been searching for for over a year. If they found that info on Trump it would be all over the media.

    And on top of that we know that the Clinton campaign worked with the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on Trump:

    “Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They
    also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.”

    So we know, for a fact, that the Clinton campaign and Democratic supporters colluded with foreign governments to smear their opponent.

    Isn’t what we already know the Clinton campaign did exactly what they have been trying to prove Trump did for over a year now?

    Where is the FBI? Where is the special prosecutor?

    No where.

    And just yesterday you were writing about how faith in our public institutions remained strong.

    Speak for yourself.

    • TempoNick

      +10000000 –

      I just love how these loser Republicans always want to play by “gentlemen’s rules”. Gentlemen’s rules are great when both sides play by them, but when only one side plays by those rules, they’re going to win and you’re going to LOSE. And despite all the seats they have in government, they continue to lose. Trump is embarrassing them because he’s showing them how to win.

  • Gary Hemminger

    If taking a meeting with a Russian attached to the government is treason then how do you meet with Russian officials? And if taking a meeting with someone who claims he has dirt on your opponent and is foreign is a crime, there are going to be a lot of folks in jail. I didn’t vote for Trump, and seems very thin skinned and weird to me, but my lifelong party, the Democrats have been completely Corbynized as Joel Kotkin likes to say. they are off the deep end. Remember Obama telling Medveded to tell Putin that he had more flexibility after the election? If Trump said that, the impeachment proceedings would already have been started. This is getting really weird. The Republicans cannot agree on anything, and the Democrats have become the party of:

    1) Gender fluidity and Identity Politics
    2) Global warming
    3) Open Borders and sanctuary cities
    4) Western civilization is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, bigots
    5) Political correctness and anti-free speech

    I don’t think you can win national elections with these ideologies. Nowhere is there any discussion of growth, some kind of basic border control, nor any semblance of pride in the accomplishments of their society. Everything is an evil to be undone. There is no goodness in anyone. And any policy decision by the opposition is death to us all.

    • Andrew Allison
    • Curious Mayhem

      The Democrats and their lapdog media have come completely unhinged. It’s bizarre to watch them and the inside-the-Beltway Republicans become hypnotized by these items, disturbing as they are. Did not the Obama State Department and Justice Department enable and encourage these meetings? Where’s that in the so-called “news”?

      Notice how the corruption — well-documented over many years — of the Clintons has gotten no mention of late. It was concerning to the Times, back in 2009 … and then it disappeared.

  • Isaiah6020

    People see good economic numbers, low unemployment, all time highs in the stock market and they simply do not see the Apocalyptic waste land most Democrats describe America as.
    It also helps that Democrats are really going all in on a “you’re a stupid moron who only voted the way we didn’t want you to vote because Putin”. This may be less of a winning strategy than they and their media lackeys think.

    • Curious Mayhem

      I’m still looking for that magic elixir that Putin put in the water in Appalachia to make all those once-reliable Democrats vote for Trump.

      The entire thing simply screams, “entitlement,” on the part of Hillary Clinton and her flunkeys.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Rasmussen’s Presidential Approval poll of Likely Voters has been steady as a rock at 45% for 3 months. And his “Western Civilization” speech in Poland, was a clear slap in the Face to Russia, not the act of a Russian tool.
    I found the following Quotes from Kurt Schlichter

    “The liberals are losing and they’re going to keep losing. They’re going to lose in 2018, despite the Republicans’ best efforts to fail. And in 2020 we’ll get four more years of Donald Trump and I’m going to laugh during every minute of it. Let all those latter-day converts to McCarthyism working as associate sociology professors at Gumbo State and who drive old Corollas with fading bumperstickers that read “Nuclear Freeze Now” keep tweeting “TREASON” in all caps. You go, girls.”

    “Let’s assume every single thing the liberals postulate is absolutely true. Let’s say Donald Trump, Jr., knew that the Russian government was using a crew of goofuses to try to feed him negative information on Felonia von Pantsuit and he went to get it and found out they didn’t have any, which is a miracle because if there is one thing in the world there’s a lot of, it’s negative information about Hillary Clinton.”

    “So what?”

    “This was never some sort of rule acquiring you be fussy about where you dig up your dirt, and to the extent Clinton didn’t already break this fake rule, she would’ve in a heartbeat if she had been presented the opportunity. I don’t think I’m going to give up my freedom to honor your bogus principle du jour.”

    “It won’t work. Nobody’s getting arrested, nobody’s getting impeached. You liberals suck and you’re going to lose. Again.”

  • D4x

    The 07/13/2017 Macron – Trump presser was a primary source that revealed quite a few interesting bits of news, or potential future news, e.g., Macron gave a good answer as to whether he should be talking to Putin. I watched it live on Fox from Paris, because C-Span was not covering it. Switched to CNN, to see their commentary. It was bizarre to watch a visibly angry (or surly) Jake Tapper forced to note that Syria and counter-terrorism were the main subjects of the the bilateral, instead of climate change and JaredRussia! At that point, they just talked about JaredRussia!. Switched back to Fox, and they were analyzing about how much time CNN, and other news networks were talking about JaredRussia! .

    Jason: the Breitbart ‘base’ believes Jared and Ivanka are ‘liberal globalists’, which the ‘staff’ panders to. Perhaps JaredRussia! is a real bipartisan ‘issue’.

    I keep thinking something will shake the media, including the partisan Blog/journals/whatever into at least going back to more time on issues. After reading Vogue’s July 14 coverage of Paris, I give up. Vogue is agog over Brigitte Macron.

    “…Vauthier also believes that Macron is the embodiment of feminine French style. “Her name rings throughout the world as a reference of style and confidence,” he says. “Her energy, allure, determination, and sensibility make her a superior female leader. We all supported the ultra-intelligent campaign of Emmanuel Macron, but we all know that behind every brilliant man there is an even more exceptional woman!” …”

    “…The American First Lady has often leaned on an A-line silhouette, …” (they were hoping she had finally switched to pantsuits

    On July 13: “…Her latest ensemble is far closer to the classic pantsuit championed by prominent women in the world of politics before her. …”

    Well, it beats JaredRussia!, a more relaxing assessment of the insanity that afflicts America media. No longer ‘whatnot’, but ‘whatever’, as in Whatever, totally clueless.

    I really miss real news reporting in America.
    Which is why I am now reading Morris’ biography, “Theodore Rex”, taking a break from following the ceasefire in southern Syria negotiated by USA-Russia-Jordan in Amman since May, without Iran or Turkey or Assad.

    • D4x

      Here is exactly what Pres. Macron said about Russia at the presser: “PARIS, July 13. /TASS/. France’s President Emmanuel Macron attaches huge importance to his country’s joint steps with Russia in the international arena, Macron said on Thursday after his talks with US President Donald Trump.

      “Russian President Vladimir Putin and I had a lengthy conversation in Versailles. It was an important meeting,” Macron said. “We do not share the same views on many issues, but we need to do joint work, share information and look for solutions.”

      “It is especially crucial amid the current situation that our countries cooperate on the issues related to the Middle East,” he said. “We need to share information, simultaneously discussing the differences in our positions and seeking to find solutions to
      existing problems.”

      “That is my stance on Russia. It is worth pointing out that our relations with Russia are similar to those with the United States. Nevertheless, they are long-standing relations. Talks with Russia should be continued,” Macron added.”

  • Fat_Man

    Am I the only person in the country who thinks that this particular incident is more like falling for a Nigerian Scam e-mail, than a serious issue. DJTJr. comes off more as a dummy than as a felon. If the plot had been written by a good Hollywood writer, the Russians would have left town with a suitcase full of Benjamins and DJTJr. would have been left holding a bag of old dry cleaning recipts.

    • TempoNick

      DJTJr. did what anybody in business does, which is talk to them to see what they have. They talked. End of story. Only the cucks would get their panties in a wad over something like this. Life is not a courtroom; People don’t conduct their affairs under courtroom rules. These people need to get a life.

      • adk

        1. Is hoping to get dirt on your domestic political opponent from a representative of a hostile foreign power really business as usual? If so, why deny it for some six months, then offer various false explanations and finally come clean only knowing that the NYT was going to publish the story anyway?

        2. Why do you believe Trump & Co that talking to the Russians and coming away empty-handed was all they did? Why would you believe them now after they were caught lying multiple times on this particular issue? Did you also believe, e.g., that the thousands of emails that Hillary deleted from her home-brew server were all about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding or that none of the emails she received on that server was classified?

        3. Or is it OK simply because the Trump camp did it?

        • TempoNick

          • adk

            To use Spicer as a truth teller is beyond pathetic, but that’s probably the best you have.

          • TempoNick

            The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

          • adk

            How clever.

            Took all of your IQ to come up with, I suppose.

          • TempoNick

            Project much?

          • adk

            No need, just reading your “answers” to my questions and other posts here.

    • 1Gandydancer

      Trump Jr invested a half hour of his time in a Russian who came to Trump Tower, vouched for by the son of high Russian official who might plausibly have had Russian government dirt on Clinton.. Who turned out to be a flake, but that doesn’t make Trump Jr a dummy. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, even part way.

    • Curious Mayhem

      Maybe it shows some poor judgment on DJTJr’s part, but that’s about it. The really disturbing thing is the multi-year effort that Putin et al. have put into penetrating American democracy.

  • FriendlyGoat

    This piece strikes me as TAI’s own note of astonishment that just as heavier-weight conservatives become more concerned with the Russia story’s gravity, the typical Trump-supporting voter by 2 to 1 not only sees no fire but thinks a little more arson would have been in order anyway. Well, congrats. Not only are the Rachel Maddows of the world screaming “Can you believe THIS?”, but finally some thoughtful conservatives are too at this point. To little avail as yet, unfortunately. Y’all just didn’t know how thorough the brainwashing in flyover Trump land has become. Now you do. Thanks for tipping us to that realization in the land of right-side commentary.

    Outside of this story, us Washington watchers on other matters are hoping that a Cruz Amendment is a GOP leap too far, resulting in Wile E. Coyote barely missing the last grab at the tree branch on the way down the cliff. We’ll soon see.

    • SDN

      Shorter Goat: Meeting a Russian is bad, but sending planeloads of cash (carefully “structured” to avoid a vote) to my Iranian terrorist boyfriends in Tehran is good.”

      • FriendlyGoat

        Goat writes what Goat writes. SDN writes what SDN writes. One is not the other.

        • SDN

          And Goat is a liar who’s only use is mock bait while the BBQ heats

          • FriendlyGoat

            I have learned to block people who come into discussions, OPENING with insults. So, poof, you’re gone from my view as of now. Just lettin’ ya know so you won’t be imagining yourself in my face when I refuse to allow it. Bye.

    • We see how thorough the brainwashing is … among Progressives.

      The reason Trump was elected, is because the Blue Social Model has failed enough of us to break through that brainwashing. It has reached the outskirts of “what can’t go on, won’t”. That is one reason that Trump/Russia is perceived outside the fever swamp of DC as a big nothingburger … the other reason being the multiple instances where Democrats have done the same or worse, with the media giving them a pass on their own lack of integrity.

      Both Progressives, and the alt-right populists who supported Trump in the hope that their protectionist version of the Blue Model would be imposed, refuse to realize that “what can’t go on, won’t”.

      And as for impeachment, Trump was vaccinated against that without even knowing it … by the precedent set when Democrats and feminists circled-the-wagons around perjurer Bill Clinton years ago.

      • FriendlyGoat

        When “what can’t go on, won’t” is fixed by Republicans, you will discover that rich people win and poor people lose big league. Nothing else is even remotely possible—-because of the dramatic difference in natural levels of power between those two groups, EXCEPT for certain effects of government. Maybe you are “okay” with this inevitable result from conservatives’ quest to destroy more and more of the mitigation provided by government. I’m not.

        A lot of frustrated people on The Right are being led to believe that their lives will be “Made Great Again” by Trumpism. If they are already well-to-do, they have a shot (but, hey, as well-to-do, they already had a shot anyway). If they are not, they are being sold a very large fib.

        • Your prediction will come true BECAUSE of the collateral effects of those “certain effects of government” in the Blue Social Model.

          Those “natural” differences in power would not exist, were it not for the collusion between wealth and government that the Blue Social Model fosters by demanding government do so much FOR us, corrupting our governance. Those with wealth – individual and/or corporate – have NO power to exploit or oppress us without that collusion.

          And they would not exist, were it not for the comfortable numbness among the less-than-rich that is also fostered by life in the Blue Social Model: that they have no need to emulate the initiative and responsibility that can legitimately better one’s lot in life, because those with “authority” are there to solve their problems FOR them.

          Funny thing is, those of us that didn’t buy into the Blue Model so much, and took the initiative to better our lot, will lose much less than those who will UNEXPECTEDLY! discover that they have been living in a Blue mirage when “what can’t go on, won’t”. And many of us were not born with silver spoons in our mouths … I came out of a blue-collar family with roots in Appalachia and the Ozarks, and was able through the responsible exercise of my own initiative to build upon those opportunities facilitated by Icky Trickle-Down and better my own lot.

          We have been living a lie, and it has been the centerpiece of Progressive ideology. Time to realize that … and just how vulnerable it has made millions of ordinary people.

          And realize the path forward: limit government to the tasks that DIRECTLY pertain to its legitimate mission: securing our unalienable rights … and leave the rest of the problem-solving to US, as individuals and neighbors outside of government and its monopoly on coercive force. Of course, that means that you Progressives won’t be able to jam your socio-economic morality down our throats as The One and Only True Way … but it will mean that you will actually do more to help people than we are now.

          • FriendlyGoat

            I never knock you or your comments for whatever personal initiative produced your present situation. And I don’t knock personal responsibility and get-up-and-go as concepts. In addition to some natural advantages provided to me (born white in the USA, family not bums, public school, free enterprise in a better time, etc.) I am retired today on those.

            But I do not substitute what “anybody” can do into a sentence about what “everybody” can do. For instance, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he can develop real estate, fascinate viewers with the great narrow-down on who to fire on The Apprentice and brand his name. Not everyone CAN do those kinds of things and most are not going to. Most need stable employment with a modicum of rights and benefits at work. When you get done killing the Blue Model, be sure to tell the tens of millions left behind what they are supposed to do next. They sure won’t know and you sure don’t either. Driving for Uber as the fallback is looking more dicey all the time.

          • The Blue Social Model is self-destructing before our eyes, because it was built upon a contradiction: that the knowledge of a few could be reliably applied to give the rest of us a pass on taking care of ourselves.

            Millions of us bought into that … looking to government, to employers, to unions, to academia to make life better FOR us, ignoring how giving such an elite few the power to do that could prove counterproductive to that aim … instead of responsibly exercising our initiative and maintaining our ability to work AROUND the failings of our leaders (which is harder to do when they take so many resources to “help” us).

            I recommend telling them the truth NOW, before the collapse is complete and they can actually take steps to protect themselves. They already have the rights they need to do so- life and liberty, including the liberty to pursue happiness. Granting more “rights” beyond those will prove counterproductive to the effort.

            They won’t know … at first … what to do. But they can learn … something they won’t do, as long as we keep up the efforts you support to “protect” them from life’s shocks and keep them comfortably numb to the peril of blind trust in “experts” and “leaders”.

            And we can help them, to the degree needed (for each individual) that they can thrive without holding them back from their potential by coddling them … but we need to keep those efforts outside of government and the toxic combination of politics, personal agendas, and the coercive force of law that can only be harnessed for our benefit by focusing it on one mission: securing life and liberty.

          • FriendlyGoat

            The “truth now” is that tens of millions of people need to be told to stop buying mind-altering drugs, liquor, tobacco, casino gambling, lottery tickets, junk food, tabloids, tattoos and most video games. They need to be told to stop killing their bodies and brains with sugar, salt, fat, needless carbs, gossip, social media addiction and porn. Is that the message the business community is hawking today to save America? Will they? Can they?

            Meanwhile, lacking our capacity to tell ourselves “truth now”, some have decided to tell people they do not need public education, environmentalism, human rights, voting rights, civil rights, workplace rights, socialized medicine or financial security in old age. I’m not “with” this latter group and I’m not going to be even though you “talk to me” about it, okay?

          • When tens of millions are told that government will protect and take care of them, they see less downside to the behaviors you list. By diminishing the consequences in the name of “caring for the little guy”, you enable all that behavior (except for listening to dissenters from the Progressive line like Limbaugh).

            And not just that behavior … for instance, setting the expectation that all they have to do is punch in, do what they’re told, and punch out each day … expecting to work the same job in the same way in the same place for a lifetime, seeing no need to do it better or making ready to move to a better job, because they believe that government and union will assure they will get what they think they deserve in perpetuity – even if someone else comes up with something better and out-competes them, or if government “protects” their job to the point that people can’t afford to buy what they’re selling at the price that will support their “protected” wages.

            Or setting the expectation that they should buy a home they couldn’t afford without “creative” financing, because everyone from Dodd and Frank to Dubya told them that it was their “right” … with Fannie and Freddie enabling the “banksters” to make that happen.

            Tell me, why should businesses be responsible when the government encourages their customers – and those businesses themselves – to be so irresponsible?

            And you are willing to not be associated with those some who promote stepping away from the aspects of Progressive governance you list … even when the Blue Model is producing failure after failure in the areas you list?

            Or to put it another way, you wish to keep people mired in systems that can’t, and don’t properly address their INDIVIDUAL needs … because you deem them incapable of solving their problems by themselves or with their neighbors outside of government intervention … that ONLY government can reliably assure all the things you list, and get it right for EACH and EVERY individual, for nothing less is trampling upon their liberty?

            The central flaw of the Blue Model, is that it encourages, to the point of demanding , the “outsourcing” of individual initiative and personal responsibility to a ruling elite that – even with the best of intentions – is structurally incapable of reliably resolving the problems of an individual.

            Structurally incapable, because bureaucrats are human and not omniscient, and don’t even possess the proximate insight of that ordinary man or woman about their situation, let alone have to live with the outcomes of intervention … and because attributes of government, such as equal protection under the law, severely limit the flexibility of government to differentiate (“discriminate”) its response to match the needs of the individual.

            Believing in that – not greed, not hate – is why our nation is falling apart. You would have us continue in comfortable numbness to that … instead of informing people of their vulnerability to such governance, and having them take the necessary steps to diminish that vulnerability as well as their vulnerability to life’s shocks.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Not so many years ago, the reason for buying a home one couldn’t really afford (using leverage) was that you were missing out on appreciation if you didn’t. You could not possibly afford to wait while prices went up faster than most people could save cash. This went on for decades until KAPOOF, and it is now going on again in many markets. The only difference between whether a loose lender “made you” or “killed you” on such a venture was market timing.

            On the broader issue of Trumpism In Our Time, we elected this president with the not small contribution of voters with high school educations or less. They did not vote for him because he railed at them with the arguments of your second paragraph. They voted for him because he baited them into believing he could make their economic lives better (and because he baited some of them on religion.) The problem is that it is not going to happen via GOP policy because it cannot happen via GOP policy. Most of their jobs are going to continue flat-lining and their schools and safety nets will be under permanent assault.

            Now, it’s Sunday. I’m going to go spend more time with my wife and we can pick this all up again another day.

          • Those “less-educated” voters voted for him, because they saw that the highly-educated were not delivering on their promises … and looked upon them with the same arrogant condescension that feudal lords looked upon their serfs. That is, when the elites weren’t demanding self-flagellation on the basis of skin color and/or total submission to moral tenets, involving everything from bathrooms to cakes, that defied their common sense and sense of liberty.

            That is the difference they see, between the elites and Trump … that the former seeks to lord it over us, but Trump does not; he is far more respectful of liberty than his opposition.

            I do concede that many among them have the same expectations of Trump to solve their problems FOR them, that they had under Blue Model governance. Very, very few – including myself – have lived outside that Model, and we have so discouraged questioning our society at such a fundamental level that they can be expected to continue in their beliefs at this time.

            In fact, my biggest concern about the man I referred to as Trump the Expedient (ratings be unto him) during the primaries was that he too knew nothing outside life in the Blue Model and would go with the flow down that drain. So far, he’s been better than expected in that regard, though his views on health care and trade policy smack of the same affinity for top-down myopia as the Blue Model, and I hope he turns away from them.

            But that doesn’t change the fact: the Blue Social Model, and its dependence upon elitist top-down coercive control, cannot be relied upon to build the lives of free men upon.

            We are fooling ourselves to think otherwise, and we – as individuals and neighbors – must begin both to manage our lives, and build ways to help each other, in the light of that fact.

            Otherwise, we will find ourselves waking up one day in the ruins of Utopia.

            But not yet … enjoy your day. We can re-engage later.

  • WigWag

    Drain the swamp. The uniparty in DC and their loyal paparazzi in the press need to be disembowled and then carved up like the proverbial Christmas goose.

    • johngbarker

      From my perspective as a humble resident of fly-over land, the DC crowd appears to be playing the political equivalent of video games while America burns.

      • D4x

        Adding that DC crowd is Terminator T-1000, always regenerating from every counter-attack, in order to play “the political equivalent of video games

  • Andrew Allison

    Given the complete lack of any evidence of malfeasance, don’t you mean the alleged scandal? And if Presidents could be impeached for acts of their staffs, they’d all have been. Given that you appear to recognize that you are in an echo chamber, maybe some objectivity would be in order.

    • Curious Mayhem

      This is one of the openings into the echo chamber. I’m glad I don’t live there any more.

  • Boritz

    “Russia Scandal Looks Different”

    Quite right to focus on looks. The reality is that the ‘scandal’ was manufactured on election night or soon thereafter. Nobody in Washington believes their own made-up drivel and never did.

  • TempoNick

    When the going gets ever-so-slightly tough, the cuhcks (sic) start running. This is why we hate you effing bhastards. Nobody likes cowards and traitors and that’s why we hate you with a passion. You do not survive the eight years of Trump. You will never win people like me over again, and I’ve been voting Republican since 1982.

  • 1Gandydancer

    “Andrew McCarthy, the former prosecutor who had consistently and compellingly defended the Trump administration against Russia allegations, wrote a powerful piece in National Review raising the prospect of impeachment after it surfaced that high level Trump staff had met with a Russian lawyer and lied about it.”

    Nonsense. It wasn’t “powerful”, it was a resumption of stupidity from the guy who assured us that James “Law is for the Little People” Comes was his bestie and a stand-up guy. Examining what had gone on in detail it had dawned on McCarthy that Trump was perfectly justified in firing Comey, but with this latest nonsense it appears he has gone back to setting his hair on fire in solidarity with the NeverTrump cabal at National Review.

    Sample quotes: ” Trump fans… doubl[e] down on the absurd insistence that Trump-Russia is a big ol’ “nothingburger.” “Look at the U.S. penal code,” they scoff, defying outraged Americans to identify a single criminal-law violation that has been established. There is no crime, they maintain, in colluding with the Russian government to collect and broadcast damaging information about an opposition American candidate…We are a good distance from being able to assess whether President Trump should be impeached. It is specious, though, to suggest that this is not a question worthy of exploration, or that its answer hinges on whether collusion with Russia amounts to a criminal-law violation… If a president … has conducted himself in such a way as to raise the specter of blackmail by a foreign power, it is always appropriate to question his fitness for the nation’s highest office… The investigation of Trump’s relationship with Russia will continue. We need to get to the bottom of exactly what it was, exactly what was wrong about it, and how that impropriety affects his ability credibly to carry out his duties ”

    The first thing to note is that there’s no argument made for why the meeting was inappropriate. This article notes that few outside the Beltway see the meeting as inappropriate, but McCarthy has his head so deeply marinated in the swamp that he asserts that it is “absurd” to think the way most Republicans think and leaves it at that. (The author of this article does pretty much the same: “As disturbing as the latest revelations are..,.”, ignoring that by his own account a whole lot of us don’t agree with him, and not bothering to explain why we should.) Second, notice the lie/strawman: “There is no crime, they maintain, in colluding with the Russian government to collect and broadcast damaging information about an opposition American candidate.” But there’s not the slightest indication that Trump Jr contemplated ANY involvement in COLLECTING the information. If given it he would be glad to look at it, AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT!? Then there’s the bizarre suggestion that Trump, had he gotten proof of Clinton’s criminality from the Russians, would have laid himself open to blackmail. Again, this just ASSUMES that voters would look at proof of Clinton malfeasance and get upset at Trump, so he would have to hide it. What???

  • “Scandal” is media speak for “something that isn’t illegal, but we don’t like it anyway.”

    There’s no actual scandal here.

    • Terenc Blakely

      Well that’s the standard for Republican scandals…. the standard for Democrat scandals is an entirely different kettle of fish.

  • Dagnabbit_42

    Why does anyone think that anyone in this story (apart from the press) is guilty of “conduct unbecoming?”

    The article describes the “latest revelations” as “disturbing,” but I’m still looking in vain for any report of Trump’s team doing something offensive to my sensibilities.

    It would have offended me if they’d taken oppo from a dubious Russian source and then trusted it without vetting it. But they didn’t, ’cause the Russian lawyer, it turns out, had nothing to say on that topic. The meeting was, in the end all about her personal hobbyhorses. Total bait-and-switch. The whole thing stinks of an Obama setup, but, whatever.

    If there is ever an indication that Trump has the best interests of Russia prioritized above those of the country, I’ll be the first to jump on the Kathy Whatserface bandwagon shouting “off with his head!”

    But until then?

    Somebody please tell me what part of this a patriotic American is supposed to be concerned about. ‘Cos I genuinely don’t get it.

  • WhitewaterMkII

    “Right wing conspiracy” and “Russia, Russia, Russia” are right at the top of my BS list, and naturally, both generated by Clinton,Inc.

  • Pait

    The inevitable conclusion is that those who trusted the Republican party to stand for a strong, independent America, friendly with democratic allies and firm against oppressive dictators, were taken for a ride.

    It was all just posturing, ready to be discarded whenever that proved convenient electorally of financially. Oh well….

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