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A Brewing Storm
Thousands of Turks Seek Asylum in Germany
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  • D4x

    The transformation of political culture from secularism to theocracy requires re-education, and, teachers. Erdogan is reverse engineering Turkey’s parliamentary democracy into neoOttoman caliphate. No one now knows what to do to stop this heinous crime posing as normal because, Turkey had an election…

    Nothing absurd about what Erdogan has been doing, and certainly not fun times for anyone.

  • Andrew Allison

    Is there any evidence that the attempted coup was, in fact, organized by Gulenists? The Turkish military has a long history of taking action to preserve the Ataturk legacy and Erdogan claims could simply be opportunistic.

    • Observe&Report

      Direct evidence? Not really. But there is an awful lot of circumstantial and anecdotal evidence to support it. Previous military coups have been expertly coordinated and executed (hence their success), but this one failed in large part because it was so rushed and haphazard. It also seemed to be principly carried out by elements of the air force and national police, which is important to note since these two organisations have long been alleged to have been infiltrated by the Gulenist movement.

    • Many people dislike and mistrust Erdogan, understandably so…but to be honest, Gulen is far from a saint either. He, too, is an extremist in his own way.

    • D4x

      The process of accession to the EU gave Erdogan ample opportunity to ‘reform’ the military long before this latest referendum and subsequent purge. (The EU would not accept military coups).

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