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The Honeymoon is Over
Merkel’s Tough Message to Macron
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  • Fat_Man

    “Dressed up as the kind of “Grand Compromise” between France and Germany that in the past propelled much of the EU’s progress, such a deal just might offer the EU the chance for a fresh start.”

    Nah. This one is in the ditch. They are not getting it out.

  • Proud Skeptic

    I smile at the thought that 70 years ago we went to war over the idea that Germans would be dictating to the rest of Europe.

    • Angel Martin

      germany lost two world wars and yet they still run the show…

      • Boritz

        The Democrats have lost umpteen state legislative seats and governorships and national legislative seats and the White House and they still call the shots. I’m not sure which is more impressive.

        • Jim__L

          The Democrats have a stranglehold on the academy, so anyone who actually sits down at a computer to write a law is steeped in their philosophy. I don’t think these bureaucrats could write a Conservative law if you held a gun to their heads.

      • Jim__L

        Germany has a large population with cultural practices that lead to prosperity and general effectiveness.

        Unless that changes, they’re always going to run the show, no matter how many wars Europe has.

  • Andrew Allison

    Relaxing the eurozone spending rules for France would require doing the same for Italy. Given that the major problem with the euro is that the rules haven’t been enforced in the past, doing so now would simply make things worse. The longer the necessary reforms are put off, the worse the inevitable train wreck is going to be.

  • Suzy Dixon

    This is one of the reasons I made my comment yesterday on France being irrevocably changed already. I think many of those who gave it a like thought I was only talking about the number of Muslims in France today. I was not. I was also talking about the fact that these countries can’t make monetary decisions. I’m not the only one to mention this on these threads. If a country can’t spend [and has] its own currency then it’s not really a country, and anyone saying otherwise is a liar.

  • QET

    Well, Le Pen did say that a woman would lead France regardless of the election outcome.

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