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Converting the Sultan
The Pope of Rome Meets the Pope of Alexandria
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  • D4x

    The Pope of Rome has not been listened to by Egyptians since the schism of 451 CE. Is Pope Francis2017 perceived, by Egyptians, Copts or not, as yet another European busybody?

    Another slow news day…

    • Kevin

      Maybe. Whether the Vatican moves from a policy of largely ignoring Islamic violence against Christians in th hope of not stirring up further trouble seems like an important issue. I have serious doubts Francis will do so, however.

      • D4x

        Pope Francis in Cairo is no doubt at al-Sisi’s invitation, possibly a suggestion from SecMattis, part of the war against ISIS. Still, schisms in Christianity is one reason why Rome has been mostly silent about Middle East Christians.

        Russia’s Orthodox Church continues to be the ‘other’ to Rome, but not to the ME. The Patriarch Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’, would have made more sense in Cairo, maybe…

      • D4x

        Afterthought. Pope Francis in Egypt is good, for many reasons. My cynicism needs a time-out.

  • Francis may be well-meaning in his visit to Egypt, but most Muslims in the Arab world probably think of the Crusades whenever they think of the Catholic Church…

  • FriendlyGoat

    Sisi might well not be president of Egypt without the Christians and I suspect he knows that.

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