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Crude Economics
Oil Faces a Looming Supply Problem
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  • ljgude

    Gotta love the Argies. I think that means Dead Cow Formation. And I’m not sure that US shale can’t do it alone. As is regularly pointed out here the US frackers have gotten really nimble bringing wells online when the price of crude rises. I would expect those same producers to be at least as good at anticipating longer term swings in the oil market as academic prognosticators. Catchy final line, but it is hanging in mid air with no visible means of support.

  • Dale Fayda

    Yet another example of the commentariat’s compulsive need to “think up sh#t to worry about”.

  • Kevin

    Oil has been through numerous boom and bust cycles before, I’m pretty sure we’re in the trough of another one.

    • The Oatmeal Savage

      I’ve seen about three generations of the old Alberta bumper sticker: “Lord please send another oil boom, I promise I won’t piss it away this time.”

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