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How do you solve a problem like Korea?
Why Beijing Pussyfoots Around Pyongyang
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  • Anthony

    China (Beijing) has both longstanding ties and interests to North Korea. She may assist U.S. purposes but her Regional and Domestic interests are paramount – another succinct summary.

  • QET

    I think the US sees the regime as unstable because it threatens to nuke the US on a weekly basis, and that began well before the Trump administration. Does NK threaten China with nuclear annihilation, regularly test missiles in China’s direction? No, because the Chinese wouldn’t stand for it.

    But the North Koreans’ primary concern is security, which can only be offered by the US.”

    So now US hegemony is a good thing!

  • M Snow

    I don’t see the regime as unstable because it isn’t democratic. I see it as unstable because it routinely subjects its population to starvation or near-starvation.

  • ——————————

    The warning from the Chinese academic is meaningless BS. He is only looking out for Chinese interests, so of course he isn’t going to say it would be simple for the US to go into NK and have at it with them.

    I hope Trump doesn’t pay too much attention to the Chinese view of NK’s military or mental capabilities….

    • Suzy Dixon

      Well monied interest and nepotism beneficiary Jared Kushner loves the Chinese Communist Party, reluctantly backed out of the $400 million Anbang deal, and Will use his position to build bridges worth a Chinese fortune after Trump leaves the White House.
      Trumps trademarks miraculously improved after nine years six weeks and it was presidency, and ivankas now approved as well. Just sickening.

      • D4x

        Even NBC reports that Ivanka is so popular in China that counterfeiting is a serious problem, hence the trademark approvals:

        Anbang bought the Waldorf-Astoria, some of which is now being converted into condos. Why should Anbang not be looking for other Manhattan real estate?

        • Suzy Dixon

          Have you ever been to china? I have. Are you seriously expecting me to believe the regime cares about counterfeiting and poor ivanka? LOL. And there’s no problem with Jared being involved in $400 or $500 mil out of a multi-billion deal…you just can’t work in the WH and he shouldn’t be anyway.

          • D4x

            Yes, I have been to China, and worked with Chinese at my last job. What difference does that make?
            Suzy, I do not expect you to ever believe anything positive about Jared and Ivanka Kushner, even when it is NBC news reporting something positive. However, it is beyond deplorable what most American media is doing to delegitimize the Trump family.

            Some of us here at TAI, outside the Echo Chamber can step back, and see how the nepotism law was an over-reaction to JFK making brother Bobby the AG, and certainly not applicable to POTUS’ unpaid advisors he can unconditionally trust.

          • Suzy Dixon

            Let me spell it out for you, friend, including my professional experience there. Somehow I doubt you’ve been there, for if you had been there you would know just how absurd it is to say what you did. Didn’t matter if I was in a so called first tier city, like Shenzhen or Shanghai, or a so-called second tier city, like Chongqing. I saw innumerable examples of counterfeiting everywhere. Counterfeit apparel. Counterfeit electronics. Counterfeit chain restaurants, including KFC and Starbucks (called Bucks Star) cute eh?

            It gets worse. I was first there representing John Deere at a critical time in early 2002. Remember, mainland China was allowed to join the WTO at the end of 2001, mostly due to Clinton’s hard work throughout the late 90s convincing Europeans to let them.

            I had a partner working with me and we had a Chinese staff. Everything was supposed to go smooth as apple pie. They were supposed to open right up, especially for things like farm implements. Then the nonsense starts. The games. Even coercion. They tell you that you have to start a joint venture with a Chinese company just to get set up. They tell you you have to handover technology and patent rights to your new “partner” AFTER sinking millions into the venture. All against the WTOs stipulations.
            Funny enough, the German ambassador they’re very recently complained of the same things. Still going on.

            You might want to peruse some of the so-called alt-right YouTube channels, as well as reddit and 4chan. The online army that helped trump win the race is not happy about the nepotism, or the clear conflicting interests of Kushner. And if Kushner succeeds sidelining Bannon and Navarro he will suffer for it.
            Those people are not hard-core supporters, they are soft supporters and they expect him to do what he promised in terms of foreign-policy in particular. He can absorb some domestic shortcomings or even failures because he’s subject to Congress appropriating the money or the courts, etc. etc.

          • Unelected Leader

            Very insightful, Suzy. Super interesting! Im part of that 4chan and YouTube army and we aren’t happy about it. I’m always telling people the same thing. Just like the attempted thefts of GMO seeds from my home state of Iowa. They can’t compete so they just unfairly use state money to buy companies like Syngenta (and the US green lights it!) Not smart. They don’t allow such initiatives in china

          • D4x

            Whatever. I am rather enjoying this iteration of the Great Game. Back to the 19th century for me, when Persia always lost, Turkey was coddled, China disrespected, and the Brits totally paranoid about India, because…Russia!

        • ——————————

          It’s a disgrace for our media that a communist media has the view of the Trumps that our own media should, but doesn’t, have….

          • D4x

            It is beyond deplorable. Not just China’s media. European English language media respects the office of the President, and treats his family with respect. Deutsche Welle is leftist, yet, Ivanka’s trip to the W20 is covered as NORMAL!

            That all caps is because Vanity Fair’s new bash-all-the-Trumps issue was at the grocery check-out line. I suppose it fitting that Vanity Fair replaced the National Enquirer this week.

  • Angel Martin

    NKorea is like “Wez” in the Road Warrior. China keeps it chained up unless it wants to temporarily unleash an out of control maniac to frighten its enemies.

  • Unelected Leader

    The Russian-installed, CCP-backed Kim regime will exist for as long as the CCP wants it to. They are it’s export market, source of critical fuel, illegal weapons material, and one of the major sources of food aid. Period. Full stop.

    • Isaiah601

      But from China’s point of view, isn’t it time to have a vassal state that has a leader that is not completely insane? Nobody is disputing North Korea’s purpose as China’s mining colony. Just get the crazy fat guy away from the button.

      • Suzy Dixon

        Apparently not. They own him. They own ‘lil Kim, owned his daddy, and his daddy’s daddy. Serves as a useful distraction from the SCS, and gets ignorant US presidents to give them goodies for perceived help dealing with their Kim patsies.

        • Isaiah601

          They would own the other guy as well. Nobody is disputing China’s ownership. I would just think that it is time to get a less crazy puppet. You may very well disagree.

          • Suzy Dixon

            If I want to distract you from what I’m doing and extract some concessions do I threaten to throw some sand in your eye, or do I threaten to set your house on fire?

          • Unelected Leader

            Well, Suzy, I think a slightly better analogy would be do I pay a guy to threaten throwing sand in your eyes, or do I pay him to sit in front of your house, slowly assembling a Vietnam-era flamethrower, and periodically yelling “i’m going to burn your house down” just so there’s no confusion.

      • f1b0nacc1

        I have little doubt that the Chinese would prefer almost anyone to Kim, but unfortunately for them, he was a bit too quick on his feet when he took over, and managed to clear out (most of) the Chinese agents and operatives, including the catspaws that were likely to be able to replace Kim’s people after his ‘removal’ by a Chinese-sponsored coup. This left the Chinese without any realistic way to get rid of Kim without simultaneously precipitating major chaos on their border. Since the Chinese do NOT want to risk that, they are forced to deal with Kim while they rebuild their network of influence with the (likely) long term plan of ‘dealing’ with Kim.

        Getting rid of Kim once they have someone in place to take over is simplicity itself, since the Chinese control the vital input of food, fuel, and other necessities that keep the Nork economy staggering along.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Saddam was eventually found living in a hole in the ground like a rodent. I’m just saying!

    • Angel Martin

      It was a drained septic tank, actually.

      A fitting end for that scumbag.

  • Larry

    Merely more Chinese double-speak blather. China is a communist country. They are lying, two-faced manipulative slobs…always have been, and always will be. Ultimately, the “West” has listened to the lies and blather of N. Korea for far long enough. Blow them to Pluto and be done with them. They are more worthless communists and will never change. If China or Russia doesn’t like it, they too can just cram it all where the Sun doesn’t shine.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Since TAI offered a cutesy reference to Maria from Broadway musical “The Sound of Music” in its pre-title (How do you solve a problem like Korea?), I’ll suggest that maybe we need to saturate that whole country with the literal sound of literal music.

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