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Asia's Game of Thrones
South Korea Reacts to Trump’s North Korea Moves
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  • Proud Skeptic

    We have been living through an uneasy “peace” with North Korea for some time now. They don’t last. Appeasement only goes so far. Eventually you have to stand your ground and let folks know you have cooperated as much as you are going to.

    • Andrew Allison

      Might I propose a different formulation: if there’s no actual quid pro quo, forget about appeasement. To paraphrase Santayana, those who cannot remember Munich are condemned to war.

  • Isaiah601

    So you are telling me that acting like a little b!tch as Obama did for 8 years is not something people want to see. Shocking!!!

  • D4x

    China responded to their Feb 26 ban on further imports of NorK coal, on April 7: “…To curb coal traffic between the two countries, China’s customs department issued an official order on April 7 telling trading companies to return their North Korean coal cargoes, …North Korea is a significant supplier of coal to China, especially of the type used for steel making, known as coking coal. To make up for the shortfall from North Korea, China has ramped up imports from the United States in an unexpected boon for U.S. President Donald Trump, who has declared he wants to revive his country’s struggling coal sector. …”

    On Saturday April 8, 2017, POTUS Trump called King Salman of KSA, and then Acting President Hwang Kyo-Ahn of South Korea. Both got a “remain in close contact” note.

    • Isaiah601

      Wait… You are telling me that Trump may actually bring back coal jobs? That would be hilarious. You are increasing employment for a small but very visible group of people, decreasing trade deficit, and screwing over Norks. I’m starting to think that despite what every single Leftwing commentator seems to accept on faith, Trump is not stupid and is indeed making deals. Let’s hope he succeeds!

      • Andrew Allison

        You are likely to be crucified for your apostasy. [/grin]

      • D4x

        If a tree falls in the forest…You would think the legacy media, usually clamoring for more sanctions, might notice Reuters reporting China actually enforcing sanctions by rejecting two million tons of coal from North Korea. Nope, but, so far, West Virginia NPR found analysts who downplay any boost to USA coal production/exports.

        • Mike Morgan

          If it can make Trump or any GOP person look good (or any Democrat look bad), they ignore it.

  • KremlinKryptonite

    You wouldn’t believe the profanity that you hear about the Chinese Communist Party and, sadly, about the Chinese themselves, walking around Seoul. The economic warfare being waged against SK by the Chinese Communist Party is doing more than ruffling feathers now.
    The SKs are also quite skeptical of Trump’s reported success with Xi Jinping regarding NK. They’ll believe it when they see, and they don’t seem too hopeful.

  • Dhako

    The seductive fiction the folks at the TAI entertained themselves with seems to know no bounds, indeed. In other words, when the leading figure who is likely to win (more than probable) the May election in South-Korea, have effectively, told the Americans and Mr Trump in particular, that, his country will not be a casualty of Trump’s silly agenda, I see the folks in this parish, are desperate to “spin” that, as if it’s nothing but a electioneering slogans on the part of Mr Moon. And, to boot, these folks in TAI, are also, trying sell themselves the lullaby that say, the Chinese are coming around to some kind of concession they are making to Mr Trump on the account of his empty bluster, since, everyone knows, that, hell will freeze cold before the South Korea’s elites allow their country becomes a “staging post” for Trump’s unilateral attack on North Korea, without first being attacked by North Korea.

    No, chaps, the only thing, Mr Trump, have done was to open a “strategical breach” between South Korea and US, with his empty bluster against North Korea. And that is what Chinese are filling it right now. And it will be clear, once the May election is out of the way, and Mr Moon gets to be elected. Which will be, when in full authority as a president of his nation, he be will be telling Mr Trump, that, if he is (as US president) is minded to “resolve” (as he put it) the North Korean’s problems without South-Korean being given the “final consent” as to whether the US attacks the North Koreans, then, that means, Mr Moon will say, then, perhaps, the final strategical parting-of-the-ways between South Koreans and the Yanks, are finally at hand.

    Hence, the more, Mr Trump, start shooting his mouth off about how he is going to “resolve” (unilaterally) the North Koreans, thew more the South-Koreans will have every “strategical incentive” to side with China against the Mr Trump’s careless actions that could ignite a serious tragedy for South-Korean. So, I am afraid, this fiction you keep telling yourself about what Trump have done, and how that had put the cats among the middle of Beijing’s ducklings, or how that Trump’s action have had stiffened the spines of South-Koreans, is all in your imaginations and has no relevant reality in the elites of South-Koreans, particularly the elites who will be coming to form the next government of that country once the upcoming election in May is out of the way. And, you will see all of this after the May election.

    And, in fact, far be it for Trump’s action being a needed strategical game-changer (as you are breathlessly insinuating in here) one could say, it has given the Chinese an opening that will undo all of the differences they have had with the South-Koreans government when Ms Park was in power. And, in to boot, the actions of Trump was such an alarming case, that, once, this new government comes to power in May, even the THAAD system will be up for “reconsideration” since by all account, that government has no “confidence” of any sober calculation that can be had on the part of Mr Trump.

    And the reason for that, was that, he seems to have decided to dispatch his recent armada to waters off the Koreans peninsula without even having a second thought of first informing (much less seeking the consent) of the leaders of South-Korea. Hence, you may think that, it was a brilliant move on the part of Trump, when he dispatch his little armada to waters off the Korean’s peninsula. But to the leadership of the incoming government, it spoke volumes of the recklessness on the part of Mr Trump is likely to be exhibiting when it comes to dealing with North Koreans. And they have no desire to become a “casualty” (or being collaterally damaged) by any action from the likes of Mr Trump, in which they weren’t consulted on it, much less being given a decisive “veto” over it, since, any action that could start a war on the Korean’s peninsula from any attack by Mr Trump towards North Korea, will, first and foremost, ensure that, they will be the tragic casualty of the situation long before any Americans have any reason to think that he was made a casualty of the action of his president.

    So, all in all, keep talking like this, and don’t be surprise, after May, when the new government comes to Washington with a “new reality” that, in effect, will say, that, if this “unilateral talks” on the part of Trump when it comes to dealing with NorTh Korea, is going to be the “position” of the US’s government going forward, then, perhaps, we in turn in South-Korea, are going to do out our strategical “tilt” away from the unreliable US. And we are therefore here to discuss how we are going to minimize our exposure of whatever the US thinks she is entitled to do, unilaterally, against North Koreans. And that means, we are much more incline to take up whatever strategical offer”: the Chinese are willing to offer to us, least of all, they are not unpredictable (like Mr Trump and his sending of naval armada to our shores without even bothering to give us, a heads-up, of the situation). And, secondly, the Chinese are not so recklessly going off handles as to be determined to make us a casualty of any situation they design for North Korea, which is not the case with what Mr Trump has so far indicated to us. All of this will be clear, after the May’s election in South-Korea. Fear not about any of this, chaps.

    • ——————————

      “Fear not”

      No one is afraid of a paper tiger, grasshopper….

      • Dhako

        cheap insults, is all you are capable of. No wonder you are another mouth-breathing cretin, who is to by the looks of it, another Trump’s supporter. In other words, contempt doesn’t do justice to bottom-feeders, like you!

        • ——————————

          I am capable of quite a lot, but i am not so bored that I have time to ramble on adnauseam on a blog. Your trying way too hard on TAI and it shows. No one is fooled either.

          Thanks for the reply. From you I consider it nothing less than a compliment!

        • Mike Morgan

          Ad hominem attacks indicate you already sense your arguments failing “bigly”…

    • Isaiah601

      I was wondering where you were, old pal. I obviously didn’t read what you wrote, but a bit of advice. When you find yourself on the same side as North Koreans, you may want to think again.

    • Tom

      So, when Moon does not become President, what will you do then?

  • Anthony

    Time will tell. “The presidency is, as Theodore Roosevelt said, a bully pulpit. Thd president can set a cultural tone and decide in lesser things. But changing U.S.-Chinese relations, transforming the U.S.’ Middle East policy, or dealing with North Korea in a radically new way are not things that are easily done. All presidents discover the limits of their office. Many are surprised and embittered, and many are crushed. Some flourish. Those who flourish understand that history makes the president, not the other way around.”

  • douglas gray

    Imagine if we had someone we were still technically at war with, and the head-of-state is a paranoid madman, and they had thousands of artillery pieces pointed at San Diego from Tijuana. Might cause a few jitters if you live in San Diego. The Seoul Metro area has over 20 million people.

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