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Growing Green
US Energy Emissions Keep Falling
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  • Well your commies are dumber than ours. Now, they say “bbbuuuttt fracking releases some methane.” Of course, the retort is “bbuutt rare earth minerals and lots of mining are needed for solar panels.”

    • KremlinKryptonite

      They are referred to as watermelons because they’re green on the outside only to hide their red on the inside.

  • D4x

    Bill McKibben is the person TAI needs to convince, and McKibben is not convincible. At least not until global atmospheric CO2 drops below 350 ppm.
    “This March [2017], global levels of CO2 passed 400 parts per million.

    Although short-term local measurements of 400 ppm have been recorded previously, this marks the first time since record keeping began that CO2 levels were above 400 ppm globally for a month.

    Already we’re seeing the deadly effects of climate change in the form of rising seas, monster storms, wildfires, and extreme weather of all kinds. Passing 400 ppm is an ominous sign of what might come next — and it sends a clear signal that the world must act ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris this December.

    The safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million. The only way to get there is to immediately transition the global economy away from fossil fuels and into into renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable farming practices.

    The last time CO2 levels were this high, humans did not exist. Our dependence on fossil fuels is fundamentally changing the nature of the planet — and it’s time to act.”

    • LarryD

      The blockquote tag is your friend.

      The increases in extreme weather referred to, aren’t happening. Sea level isn’t changing any faster than it has for centuries. The only question is whether or not McKibben knows he’s making false statements, i.e., is he a liar or a deluded fool.

      • D4x

        McKibben wrote the 2016DNC platform on climate change. He is committed to ‘deep ecology’. Though I stopped paying close attention 10 years ago, seems clever enough to zoom in on 350ppm to sustain the panic needed to feed the protests, which are so important to the DNC.
        If I knew how to find the blockquote feature, I would use it. Is it in Disqus?

  • Matt Book

    Has anyone calculated what the impact would be for a “full conversion” to natural gas? What is the level of CO2 emissions if all coal was switched to natural gas? If the only fossil fuel used was natural gas, at least in power generation?

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