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Palm Sunday Bombings
Barbaric Bombings in Egypt Targets Copts, Sisi
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    There is only one way to stop the Musloid scourge.
    Unfortunately the (mostly left leaning) elites, and academia, have brainwashed the groups in humanity who could most quickly end the problem (US, Europe, etc.), into believing they can end it peacefully through negotiation…wrong.
    Until the Musloids are beaten into submission to the point where they are no longer a viable force, it will never end…especially because of our explosive and other technologies, and borders that are opened around the world….

  • D4x

    The author forgot to mention Russia helping al-Sisi out with the oil fields of eastern Libya. Egyptians can go back to work in the oil fields; maybe Egypt annexes Cyrenaica and becomes an oil power; and Russia’s wheat surplus helps feeds Egypt.

    President al-Sisi will last a lot longer than progressive’s obsession with human rights violations in Egypt, and/or infatuation with Morsi and his brotherhood.

  • Beauceron


    I think Iraq and Syria showed us that Western elites couldn’t care less about Christians being killed. The professional virtue signalers remained silent while Christians were murdered and displaced, but when IS got to the Yazidis, they erupted.

    Let’s not pretend it’s otherwise.

    • Jon Robbins

      I agree. Thats how the neoconservatives think: “Oh, let’s bring democracy to the Middle East. Wait, the Muslims are reacting negatively to our coercive imposition of “democracy” and targeting the Christians as scapegoats and emblems of Western hegemonic aggression. And, gee, we couldn’t really care less about what happens to the Christians or the fact that Saddam and Assad protected them much more effectively than the freedom-loving jihadis that we are empowering everywhere.”


      • I know a Syrian man whose family still lives in Syria. He is actually very supportive of Assad, most Arab Christians seem to be. That is one reason I still view him as being preferable to any other alternative.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Some will say Sisi does too little and some will say he does too much. We may have to realize that he is probably as good as it gets in Eqypt. This bombing is a reminder that both security and governance are no in any ways “easy” in these places.

  • Christianity is dying in its ancient region of origin, and most Americans these days seem hardly willing to bat an eye.

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