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The Cuban Revolution Is Over
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  • D4x

    “have a shot” might be better tweaked as “have a chance”, always aspiring to the peaceful transfer of power in Cuba. “normalized relations with the United States” awaits resolution of American assets seized by Castro, which does require different leadership in Cuba.

  • Anonyme

    I visited Havana for a week last month. It is quite poor, perhaps one building in ten is restored, the rest are dilapidated at best, collapsed roofs and interiors at worst. There is no rush hour, as there are hardly any cars. Definitely there are signs of improvement, there are more and more private restaurants and people renting rooms to tourists. There are networks of family-owned businesses, with one relative renting rooms, another with a restaurant, another giving tours. They work very hard, often with a state-company job in addition to their private sector work. There is an organization that oversees restoration of Old Havana, and it is making slow, but steady, and at times spectacular, progress. Plaza Vieja’s renewal is quite an accomplishment. The country lacks the money, and I suspect even the infrastructure of construction equipment, creating building materials, and so on, to do anything really fast. Or at least, fast and well. I hope these businesses continue to grow, developing a capitalist economy and something resembling a middle class. It would be tragic if they end up with a system of oligarchs, as in Russia. People were friendly, not many speak English outside hotels, so it helps to know Spanish. I felt quite safe, safer than in other cities in the US and overseas I have visited.

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