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Tailored Genes
Let Them Eat Quinoa
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  • Andrew Allison

    More junk science. If you investigate the gluten scare as carefully as you have GMOs, you’ll find scant evidence that gluten is harmful to a species which prospered when it discovered how to cultivate grain.

    • Proud Skeptic

      There are, however, actual people who are allergic to gluten. My daughter cannot even eat French fries that were cooked in oil used to fry breaded food.

      • Andrew Allison

        I didn’t mean to imply that there were not actual people who are allergic to gluten, simply that their number is very small, as is that for any number of other allergens.

        • Proud Skeptic

          No problem. But thanks to all those people who are gluten free by choice, restaurants carry all kinds of gluten free options and my daughter has a lot more to choose from.

          • Andrew Allison

            Thanks, but might I suggest with the very greatest respect that if we continue to make such options widely available, nobody will be able to afford to eat out. I really do sympathize with your daughter’s needs but don’t such needs need to be balanced against the socioeconomic impact, e.g. how much money has been wasted on gluten-free, GMO-free (of which there is none), “organic” (if it’s not organic, it’s not food) food, etc?

          • Proud Skeptic

            Actually, gluten free options don’t cost always more. We eat at a local Indian restaurant where almost everything is gluten free…because the dishes prepared there don’t involve the addition of wheat. Besides, where the gluten free options cost more, the person ordering it usually pays for it directly in the price of the meal.

  • Kevin

    Interesting that the research was done in Saudi Arabia, a place not heretore known for being on the cutting edge of scientific advances.

  • Disappeared4x

    Buckwheat and oatmeal are both more nutritious than quinoa. Not sure how quinoa is going to reduce global food insecurity.
    Must be something about sandy soil.

  • PCB

    It’s odd the “Greens” would engage in a Quinoa Quarrel over GMO, while the potential for GMH (genetically modified humans) is seemingly so widely embraced by their broader progressive community. Telling.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The Left really needs to concentrate on better “causes” than being against GMOs. We have already experienced more benefits from these than actual harms and the future is going to be full of them. We would be better served, for instance, by concentrating on who will own the patents than on whether we should be tinkering with genes.

    As for food, we might all be better off if a great number of us were more satisfied with simple stuff. Consider our dogs, most of which eat engineered dog food for a lifetime, thrive on it and tend not to complain about it.

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