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Israel and the Grey Lady
The NYT’s Misleading Settlements Coverage
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  • Observe&Report

    The technical term for the sort of “news” that the NYT peddles includes an “f” word.

  • WigWag

    It’s not just the New York Times, it’s the entire left-leaning branch of the clerisy that’s lost touch with reality when it comes to Jews and Israel. As usual, the faculty of Columbia University’s Middle East Studies Department leads the pack when it comes to disgust with Jews and Israel. Rashid Khalidi recently gave a radio interview to WBEZ in Chicago where he worried out loud about Israel-supporting Jews “infesting” the Trump Administration. Apparently Khalidi considers these Jews akin to vermin.


    Why do you suppose Columbia doesn’t consider Khalidi’s comments to be hate speech? Apparently likening Jews to vermin doesn’t even rise to the level of a “micro-aggression” at Columbia.

    • Disappeared4x

      Perhaps the American Jews who affiliate with the Democratic Party agree that Zionist American Jews ARE “vermin”? I am still stunned by this rationale for a Jewish-American Identity Group, written by a self-described Zionist:

      “…For American Jews it is both easier and safer to rally around victimization than victory. It spares us the negative side-effects of dual-loyalty accusations and plays into what politically correct culture values above all else: the persecuted minority. The
      Holocaust has managed to do what no one person or event has ever been able to accomplish: Allow Jews to fit into the larger American culture while retaining their unique identity as Jews.

      This makes Trump’s failure to specifically call out the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust especially troublesome. Not only did he fail to condemn his neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic alt-right supporters during the election; now, he fails to acknowledge the event that both epitomizes Jewish suffering and grants uniqueness to American Jews. …”

      “What Deleting the Jews from the
      Holocaust Really Means”

      By Susan L.M. Goldberg January 30,2017

      • Curious Mayhem

        I think it’s simpler than that. Like Obama, Trump is a pathological narcissist who is obsessed with “winners” (like celebrities) and paranoid about being associated with “losers.” Israelis have mostly been winners or are perceived as such. The victims of the Holocaust, both those who perished and those who survived, were “losers.” The Palestinian Arabs have been losers as well, but losers with the power to free themselves from that status — at least if certain governments in the region stopped using them as human weapons.

        American Jews of the Boomer generation have a convoluted ambivalence with being winners and are sometimes obsessed with dissociating themselves from being perceived as winners. (That doesn’t mean that don’t actually want to be winners — they very much do. They just don’t want to perceive themselves or have others perceive them that way.) Their parents and grandparents had far less ambivalence about winning, as opposed to losing: it was a matter of life and death, not an exercise in tender-conscience navel-gazing and posturing.

        In any case, here’s a serious article about the settlements, a very recent one by Yossi Klein Halevi, published in the WSJ weekend edition, 2/4-5/17:

        Anyone who reads the Times on this and many other subjects will get what they deserve: a rotting brain filled with junk food and poison. I’m sure one of Halevi’s motives in writing this article was to counter the junk that the Times publishes and that then propagates through the rest of America’s lazy and increasingly half-literate media culture.

        BTW, the security “wall” or “fence” has nothing to do with the settlements. It was proposed and started by the Barak (Labour) government during the rise of suicide bombings in the late 90s. In fact, the “fence” aimed a clear political message to supporters of settlements located outside of the Jerusalem area: To the west, is real Israel — to the east, is not-Israel. The “fence” is a not a “pro-settlement” thing at all.

        • Disappeared4x

          Whatever. I am the last person online who needs info on Israel, or American Boomer Jews, too many assimilated into a toxic view of life. TAI is a safe space online: no death threats for being a Zionist.

          Tough enough explaining WH Holocaust statement (elsewhere online) with my friends who vote Naftali Bennett’s list.

      • Curious Mayhem

        Quick note: I read in a biography of Trump that, after the war, his parents hid the fact that they were of German extraction — they “passed” as Scandinavians. (Trump’s grandfather immigrated from Germany.) Being perceived as German in New York City in the late 1940s was its own kind of burden, I guess.

        I wonder if Trump’s attitude here has something to do with that. He was a kid then.

        • Disappeared4x

          DJT’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was a legal immigrant from Scotland in 1930. Her birthplace was part of The Kingdom of the Isles, colonized and ruled by Vikings from Norway between 9th and 13th centuries.

          I am fairly certain his position on immigration has a lot more to do with seeing how NYC changed past 20 years. Entire neighborhoods where no one speaks English.

          No mas.

          • Curious Mayhem

            No doubt, although I’m skeptical of how much direct experience Trump has with such neighborhoods.

  • Andrew Allison

    Fake news from the NYT? What a surprise!

  • DiogenesDespairs

    At some point in the 1990s, The New York Times seems to have decided advancing the “Progressive” agenda was a more important value than objective, dispassionate and honest news reporting. This course is a slow poison for a publication like the NYT. I’m sorry to see its decline happening, but the groundwork for it was laid long ago, and sadly, its commitment to manipulating rather than informing the public makes its downfall increasingly unavoidable.

    • Curious Mayhem

      It started when the younger Sulzburger took over in the mid-1990s. The Times always had a liberal-leaning editorial slant, although they published William Safire too, as an opinion columnist. However, they were rivaled by only few media outlets in the world in terms of factual accuracy and editorial standards. In the last generation, the rise of the owner and editors with agendas or “narratives” (stupid word) to push has slowly but relentlessly corrupted the Times.

      The really unfortunate thing is that, apart from the Journal and a few other places, the rest of the American media has abandoned most serious reporting, especially from outside the US. Budgets have been slashed, and expensively but poorly educated Millennials have been hired. These other parts of America’s media system increasingly repeat or just reprint whatever the Times says. It’s a quasi-monopoly of the blinkered, credentialed, but not educated, bicoastal elite; their mistaken world view then seeps elsewhere.

  • RedWell

    NYT is so awful, we read it every day and lack alternatives!

    • Fat_Man

      If you stop banging you head against the wall, it feel a lot better in just a few days.

      • RedWell

        It’s true, I’ve definitely run into some bricks around here.

        • Curious Mayhem

          Doesn’t it feel better when you stop the banging, though?

  • Disappeared4x

    The NYT does not know how to read their own maps of Jerusalem. The only thing East about East Jerusalem is that it is East of the 1949 Armistice Line. They never show maps with undeveloped land, or land bought by Jews from the Ottoman Empire.

    This is the NYT map from 02 2012, but I first saw it in 2009, when I still read the NYT, when then SecState HRC ranted by phone for 45 minutes to PM Netanyahu, over the announcement to build apartments in Ramat Shlomo, a neighborhood in North Jerusalem built after 1967 on a rocky hillside used for goat grazing.

    How will the NYT ‘report’ when the Trump Administration stops using the word “settlements”, a word from the EuropeanWhiteColonizationofPalestine version of history that has been taught in western elite academia since the 1980’s?

  • Tom_Tildrum

    “near the 1967 lines that have long been expected to be part of land swaps”

    Near them on which side of the lines?

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