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Turks “Hate” and “Are Disgusted” by Syrian Refugees
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  • Kev

    Turkey bears a lot of responsibility for the destabilization of Syria. Erdogan backed Islamist rebels from the very beginning. And no, I don’t think US occupation of Syria would make things better.

  • Beauceron

    I guess that’s why they sent over a million of them to Germany.
    Poor Germany. They survived the mad Kaiser. They survived the mad Hitler. They were done in by the entirely reasonable Merkel.

  • QET

    Who knew that Muslims were such racist Islamophobes?

  • Andrew Allison

    The last paragraph says it all.

  • Disappeared4x

    Sometimes, it is NOT about U.S. policy. In Syria, it has often been about Turkey ‘s policy. Remember the siege of Kobani, when Turkish tanks sat on the border while Syrian Kurds fought ISIS? Was that not the time to think outside the box? It seems, in Turkey, all there is are boxes, usually filled with of the dead bodies of Erdogan’s critics.

  • Jeff77450

    After Operation Desert Storm, Saddam wanted to punish the Kurds. That didn’t happen and the Kurds did not leave northern Iraq. Why not? Because the U.S. established a safe-haven in place to include a no-fly-zone. Because the Kurds did not flee Iraq (and move to other countries) there was none of the “bump and grind friction” that has occurred with the Syrian refugees (and the many Syrian refugee imposters from other countries). (Mass-)rapes, (mass-)murder, sundry other crimes, squalid looking migrant camps, whining about schools serving pork and calling girls & women whores for wearing t-shirts…..these various displays of ingratitude tend to reinforce Benjamin Franklin’s observation that, “Fish and visitors begin to stink after three days.”

    As an aside I served in (northern) Iraq in ’91 with the 431st Civil Affairs Company as part of Operation Provide Comfort.

  • C_Before_E

    Your headline is inflammatory and misleading. Only a small percentage of Turks hate Syrians. The Turks have been very generous and fair to those unfortunate people.

  • Allyce Sarı

    What a load of shit. I’m married into a Turkish family, I’ve travelled all around Turkey, half of my friends here in Australia are from Turkey and I have at least a dozen extra friends who live in Turkey and I can easily say I’ve never heard any Turks express any dislike towards refugees (Syrian or otherwise). Their country has been rocked by multiple terrorist attacks since the Syrian war from both ISIS and the PKK. They know what it’s like to lose innocent civilians in surprise attacks, they understand what people are fleeing.
    Though, I don’t know what I expected when I clicked on a link by the American Interest. Ignorant rednecks.

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