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The Refugee Crisis
Berlin Prepares to Admit Defeat on Refugees?

Germany is trying to walk back its open door promises on refugees and migrants even further, with the Interior Ministry reportedly looking to Australia as a model. The EU Observer explains that the proposed system would seek to intercept migrants at sea and send them back to North Africa:

The ministry, headed by Thomas de Maiziere, wants to offload the application process to states like Egypt or Tunisia in a move that resembles Australia’s controversial asylum policy.

The Australian government sends all applicants caught at sea to one of two offshore processing centres on Pacific island nations. Rights group say the conditions in the camps often resemble prisons.

Intercepting people in the Mediterranean Sea and making them apply for EU asylum in Tunisia or elsewhere would mark a major policy shift and likely restrict an asylum seeker’s access to basic rights like legal representation and the right to appeal.

The plight of refugees is perhaps the greatest moral dilemma of our time, and the past few years have been blighted by short-sighted and counter-productive thinking about the issue. Naive policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic have allowed these awful refugee crises to persist and grow. Meanwhile, the inability to slow the flow of refugees has created a nightmare on the continent, enabling and ennobling far-right politicians and pulling at the fragile bonds which hold together the European political community. Unwillingness to attack the problem at its source in Syria and North Africa is the original sin, but it’s hardly the only sin.

If Germany gets tougher on migrants, the usual suspects will repeat the usual platitudes about human rights and values. In just the past two weeks, for example, the Australian model has been repeatedly attacked by the editorial board of The New York Times. Moral preening, coupled with a studied inability to recognize real political and social limits of a controversial policy, has amplified an already-grim situation. Hopefully Berlin is finally beginning to sober up.

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  • Beauceron

    Too late.

    It’s so strange. As a culture and as a society Germany survived the terribly destructive decisions of the Kaiser and the virulent madness of Hitler. But it will not survive quiet little Mama Merkel. She is the slayer of Germany as a culture and society. Wild to think of that!

    How fragile culture and society is.

    Just think of the ruin the Left and our elites have caused: in 50 years there will be no more France or Germany or UK– not at least as cultures as they have existed for 2,000 years anyway. As societies they are the walking dead, doomed to be ghosts. Before anyone gets mad, the US is ahead of Europe in its rush towards cultural oblivion. In the future Russia and a few satellites will be all we know of “Europeaness.” I hope they preserve Shakespeare. He was pretty remarkable.

    How the mighty have been brought low, eh? Well done, I guess, Leftists.

    • Blackbeard

      I agree with you that it is too late for Europe but I am puzzled as to why you think the U.S. is in even worse shape. I don’t deny that the Left has done, and is doing, terrible damage, but compared to Europe we still have a relatively robust military and strong economy. I’m not optimistic but we may still wake up and perhaps the negative example of Europe will be the thing that does it.

      • Beauceron

        I suppose it depends upon what you mean.
        As a European culture and society we are over. They are not. ZThey have a slim chance to pull themselves back from the brink. We passed the brink. Whites were 88% of the US in 1970. In a mere 45 years we have dropped a staggering 25%. By 2050 we’ll be about 40%. That’s close to a 50% decline in a well under a century. That is unprecedented in history outside of invasion. So in that sense we are far worse of than France or Germany or the UK.
        That said, I am grateful that the new majority will be Latino. They like beer and women and parties and music and art. They have great food. It will be easier for whites here than in Europe (assuming we are treated somewhat fairly). But I quite liked our Euro-American culture– I do not think it perfect. It was laden with faults. I do not think it better– I am no supremacist, far from it. But I liked it and think it was unique and I am sad that it will disappear from the earth. One thing I have noticed amidst all the talk of the virtues of diversity– it is only ever a virtue for European peoples. It is they who must be diverse and no one else. It is their culture and societies that are disappearing. Latin America has not opened itself to mass immigration from Asia and Africa. Asia has not. No one has. Just us.
        So their cultures and societies will remain. A Mexican shouting on college about diversity and rights can rest easy that the rich Mexican culture is preserved. Only ours disappears. Everyone tells me what a great and wonderful thing that is. For my part I am saddened by it– angered at times. No one asked us. This was decided by our elites– and not done for the benefit of our cultures or societies or countries, but for profit, either political (the Dems) or monetary (the Reps).

        • Blackbeard

          There are lots of things that worry me about he future of the U.S. but immigration is not on the top of my list. The Irish, the Italians and the Jews were all supposedly subhuman at one time and now all are valued citizens and American culture, not to mention cuisine, is the better.

          • Steve

            A lot was lost, even with those cultural changes

          • Beauceron

            The thing is that, as I say above, this change is unprecedented. I shouldn’t need to say this, but a million muslims are not a million Irish when talking about fitting people into a Western polity. This is not the mass migrations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is, I think, distinctly different. We like to pretend it is just the same, and the cognitive map laid out for us by our media and education complexes insist that it isn’t any different at all– and that any divergence in thought or deed from that narrative can only be founded on racism and bigotry. But common sense and simple observation scream to me that it is vastly different and deeply damaging. I wish they did not, but they do. I would love to be wrong and I leave myself space to be wrong, but I fear I am not.

          • Tom

            The percentages are on our side here. Absolute numbers are high, but the percentages are lower. As long as we don’t panic, we can pull this off.

          • Jim__L

            But after we let a huge number of them in, we closed the borders and let everyone assimilate. That could happen come January, and it could be a very good thing.

        • JR

          I think the soft and the weak will die. But the strong will remain and fight back. Quiet successfully too. Look at our prison system. Whites are overwhelming minority, yet white prison gangs are the most feared of all. Conquistadores were able to conquer Mexico while facing overwhelming numerical disadvantage. Don’t underestimate what a bunch of dedicated, driven white boys can accomplish.

          • Beauceron

            I would be saddened if it came to that, and I fear it might. And I think many Western conquests were due to their technology. That gap has shortened, if not evaporated.

          • JR

            A handful of Israelis show that it is possible to resist numerically superior enemies. The question is of will, not ability. Those without desire to live will die. It’s time to let them go. I’m with those who will fight.

        • Jim__L

          It’s an interesting thought, that referring to ourselves as “America” might start being accurate.

          On the other hand, I’m not convinced that anyone south of the Rio Grande actually wants to model the US on their own political culture. I think they expect that the US will continue as it has for centuries, and if we have more wine, women, and song, so much the better.

          I think that with a Trump presidency, we will get the chance to see what happens if we close the border and go full “Melting Pot” again. We will see Hispanics and Latinos follow the same paths as the Italians did decades before, and we’re going to be the better for it. Middle Class Values (see 50’s short-film series on the subject) and Respectability (possible contra Trump, rather than aligned with him) could become en vogue again, especially if Trump succeeds in reforming (eliminating PC from) our educational system.

          There are opportunities to be had at this time of change. The old order is losing power. If we’re ambitious and energetic, people with the right ideas could take their place.

      • LeePefley

        Economy my ass. Europe is still 80-90% white, while our country now resembles a sick taxonomic experiment conducted by transracialized clones.
        tito perdue

        • Tom

          Or, actually looks like what a society based on ideas should look like.

    • LeePefley

      This is a superb comment. If you’ve looked into Spengler recently, you’ll see it all amazingly predicted.

    • Jim__L

      They’re starting to turn the ship around.

      While there’s life, there’s hope.

  • Fat_Man

    ” In just the past two weeks, for example, the Australian model has been repeatedly attacked by the editorial board of The New York Times.”

    Sort of like being repeatedly attacked by gerbils, except the gerbils are more insightful and intelligent.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Wasn’t it Churchill who described being attacked in a speech by Stanley Baldwin as being similar to being ‘savaged by a sheep’?

      • Fat_Man

        Sounds familiar.

  • LeePefley

    I was hoping to see about 2 million Eritreans infringe German acreage from all directions. Then, just maybe, Europe would respond with the sort of vehemence so needed here.
    tito perdue
    Alt Right author

  • SGT Ted

    The “moral dilemma” is a smoke screen. Progressive political parties in Europe and America have been importing voters for the past 40 years in order to change the voting demographics to make sure they are always voted into power and citizens are fed up with it.

  • Bobcat

    Allow me to offer the best piece of the year: It’s long but oh so worthwhile. Bottom line, leftist governments are incapable of sustaining themselves and will gradually (best case) embrace “diversity” thereby allowing themselves to be overcome by opportunistic, non-assimilating invaders who know who they are and what they want.

    • Jim__L

      So many Darwinists here in Silicon Valley are childless. Don’t they realize that by their own ideology, that makes them total losers?

      • Bobcat

        Nothing says I really don’t acre about the future like NOT having children. But so like them to leave the job to illegal aliens and “refugees”.

  • RGonz

    I’m sick and tired of the assumption that these “refugees” are being driven to the West by war and persecution. That is nonsense! They are coming for the welfare benefits they KNOW they will receive. Sometimes I think we deserve what we are getting as a civilization for allowing ourselves to be held captive by the fear of being labeled racist by people that are truly racists and bigots towards us.

    • kwijino

      You are correct. They don’t like us, they just want free crap.

      Everyone tells us “Statue of Liberty!” No, the immigrants then really did want to become Americans. Now, with the Internet and local foreign language channels, assimilation is “selling out” and not being true to your heritage. Couple that with the constant drumbeats of how evil whites are, and we aren’t allowed to do anything without nods to diversity, and we are beaten into submission.

  • Cromulent

    Given the organized crime and rapes the migrants have brought, it’s not at all a moral dilemma.

  • ChandlerG

    Any politician in any country that opposes strong borders and strong scrutiny over who enters the country should be arrested, tried, and shot for treason. It is a fundamental responsibility and duty of any national leader to protect the nation from invasion from any type of foreigner. To not do so is a complete abdication of their oaths of office.

  • Gerard Van Kessel

    What NGOs and liberal governments refuse to admit about the Australian model is that it is fully compliant with the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. The principal point about this convention is non-refoulement which means not returning refuges to the country that has made them refugees. When a former High Commissioner of Refugees accused Australia of not complying with the Refugee Convention he had to apologize and admit he was wrong. Even if Nauru is not anyone’s preferred destination it ensures that refugees are not returned to their normal country of residence. Neither Australia nor Nauru can be accused of returning refugees or danger. In fact, by making risky sea passages not worth the risk they are saving lives, not endangering them. This means they are protected from the persecution that led them to flee in the first place. Whether they eventually go to another country is a separate matter. Critics of Australia want the choice of where to go to rest with the refugee. For countries of destination this is unacceptable in the long run because of the inability to determine who is a refugee and who just pretends to be one. NGOs in essence do not accept that there are persons included in refugee flows who are economic migrants seeking a better life. The reality is that the majority of persons claiming refugee status are not refugees but economic migrants, a distinction that governments have to apply when they process their applications. To apply the Australian model to the European situation will be very difficult but doing so would send a message that crossing the Mediterranean is not worth the risk. This is what happened in Australia.

  • Most of the refugees had safe havens in Muslim countries like Turkey, but the government checks are bigger in Germany. Oh, Saudi Arabia has accommodations for 4 million annual Mecca pilgrims, perhaps that could be repurposed until the crisis is over.

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