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Reshuffle in Beijing
As Xi Ousts Finance Minister, China Still Trapped
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  • JR

    To quote somebody else on this board, Xi is going full Chairman Mao. NEVER go full Chairman Mao.
    I do wonder what our favorite Chinese troll Dhako has to say on the matter.

    • f1b0nacc1

      I rather doubt you will have long to wait….

    • Kevin

      Mao died peacefully in his bed … (of a heart attack due to heavy smoking at age 82)

      • ImperiumVita

        Because smoking causes heart attacks

  • Kevin

    I suspect this analysis is too focused on economics and social stability, and not enough on intra-elite politics. I suspect Xi’s primary threat comes from other members of the elite, not unhappy masses or the long run international security implications of low growth. In the longer run he is counting on neutering elite opposition and, if necessary, buying off popular economic frustrations with a jingoistic foreign policy. As long as the elite is united behind him this is very unlikely to fail to keep him in power. Any analysis of his political moves should start by asking how this improves his standing among the elites who could threaten him. One possibility is that the system needs a certain amount of graft to keep these elites happy and onside and that Lou’s reforms might have threatened this gravy train.

    (Another way to look at Japan’s experience is to look at the LDP’s attempts at reform, which show how difficult these reforms can be when an export oriented state directed economy needs to switch gears as the possibilities for extensive growth come to an end.)

  • Anthony

    The concluding paragraph’s 1st dependent clause informs: “”while nobody can predict the future of the Chinese economy, or accurately forecast the consequences for world politics….” Anything other from afar appears to be conjecture – careful consideration of Xi Jinping leadership (from inception) reveals announced challenges combined with flux and some uncertainty. “Contemporary Chinese leaders (Xi Jinping) are influenced by their knowledge of China’s history but are not captured by it.”

  • Angel Martin

    If a company CFO unexpectedly leaves you sell the stock…

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