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Gray Lady Comes Clean on Obama’s Middle East Legacy
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  • Jim__L

    … And we need to support one of the primary clowns who orchestrated this mess — Hillary Clinton — why, again?

    • JR

      Because the great and the good have declared that it is Hillary’s turn. I predict that if the Fed starts to remove some of the monetary policy accommodations and Clinton continues Obama’s policy of suffocating the private sector, we will recall the 1.8% annual GDP growth as the “good old days”.

  • Kevin

    To be fair Mr Meade, the NYT weren’t the only ones who thought Obama would make a good President.

    How about a piece explaining why the Good and Great were so catastrophically wrong about his qualifications to be President and how we can avoid this again.

    Or are we going to see the same sort of articles in 4-8 years?

    • Tom

      Do you really need to ask that question?

    • wri

      The answer is that will happen when the country decides Big Government progressism is really not a good idea, when we have achieved sensible and stable racial relations in this country, and when academia is no longer dominated by liberal/progressive thought. A ballpark guess: somewhere between 50 years and never.

      • Jacksonian_Libertarian

        So, you’re saying we have to go through Venezuela style starvation, before we can return to the ideals of Western Culture? I don’t want to go so far backwards!

        • wri

          I really don’t know. So long as our present racial agenda continues, Obama will be immune from an objective evaluation. Plus our current politics and social norms are clearly taking us in the direction of increasing federal government control — of the economy, of our social standards, and (per the recent dictat from the Education Department) how a local school district must manage it shower rooms. I don’t know when, if ever, we will come to the end of this the-bigger-the-government-the-better process. Maybe we will manage to lock ourselves into a permanent “1984.” Maybe we will reach the point that most of the country will finally realize what we have done and where we are going, and there will be a change of direction — in time for us to be able to change the direction. Venezuela is a rather extreme case, but the good news is that it seems that, even in that country, they have a chance to right their ship once they get rid of their self-appointed dictator and his colleagues in the judiciary.

  • Beauceron

    With a month or two left in office, the NY Times decides to halfway do its job.
    The Gray Lady is dead to me. The NYT is a propaganda paper now, nothing more. It’s driving on the fumes of its previous glory days.

    • rpabate

      Spot on!

  • rpabate

    The NYT should add CAGW to the list of Obama disasters, but it can’t because it has bought the CAGW alarmism hype lock-stock-and barrel.

    • Angel Martin

      We will be in the middle of the next ice age before the CAGW gang give it up.

  • lurkingwithintent

    But at least the President is enjoying his celebrity on late night shows. Celebrity doesn’t require accomplishments after all.

  • Matt B

    The NYT says we’re “Desperate for American leadership”.

    This strikes me as a “Pivot to Hillary”, clearing the way for her to break from Obama. The transfer of power has begun.

  • azt24

    WRM didn’t even mention Obama’s obsession with Israel and his determination to make “some daylight” between the US and Israel to secure a “good deal” for the Palestinians, one of his favorite oppressed victim groups.

    Remember how Obama was going achieve Mideast peace just by showing up and “changing the tone” with all the flattering lies he told the Arab World in his Cairo Speech? Even then, we saw the first sign of Obama’s love affair with Islamists; he insisted the Muslim Brotherhood be in the room for the Cairo Speech, over Mubarak’s objections. And of course let’s not forget how Tayyip Erdogan was Obama’s BFF, Turkey the very model of Muslim democracy. Great judgement, huh?

  • Pat Michaels

    “Gray Lady Comes Clean on Obama’s Middle East Legacy”

    Seriously!? THIS is what counts to the author as “coming clean”?

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