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Infrastructure for the Information Age
How to Improve Infrastructure Without Taxpayer Money
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  • LarryD

    The problem with government “investment” comes down to incentives. Politicians and bureaucrats control government behavior, and their incentives do not encourage efficiency, but cronyism and corruption. This guts all the arguments about “wise” government investing. This is why American conservatives want government to be small, to focus on doing only a few things that government is necessary for, and so the rest of us can keep a close eye on government and effectively monitor its behavior.

    The real problem is those “goods” with a free rider problem, where no one can collect fees from all users, yet every user adds to the expense of the good.

    • Jim__L

      There is the transaction cost problem, coupled with basic Freedom of Movement principles.

      Toll roads are not your friend.

  • seattleoutcast

    We could end the Davis-Bacon Act.

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