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America’s 2016 Nobel Prize Winners in Sciences All Immigrants
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  • Kevin


    • LarryD

      The fundamental objection is to immigration that is both uncontrolled and illegal. But the ongoing flood of illegal immigration from the 1980s till now has given us a serious set of social problems, deriving from the lack of assimilation of these newcomers. Since we can’t get illegal immigration under control, the likely result is indeed a public reaction that closes all entry for a time, as in the 1924 example. Aggravated by the suspicion that the Chamber of Commerce types are mainly interested in importing cheap labor (H1B), and the Progressives want to overwhelm the existing population with newcomers more amenable to socialism.

    • ljgude

      Well said Kevin. I was thinking along those exact lines as I read this overly happy post.

  • Beauceron

    “America’s 2016 Nobel Prize Winners in Sciences All Immigrants”

    Hey, that must mean ALL immigrants are amazing!

    I am often shocked at just how stupid our punditry believe the masses are.

  • Jim__L

    “One way to break out of our current immigration stalemate is to
    redefine what we’re all arguing about: trade reductions in mass
    unskilled immigration (which would protect Americans most vulnerable to
    the shifts in our economy) for the reforms our modern economy needs much
    more (greater flow and more efficiency at the top).”

    A very useful compromise. =)

    I’ve heard this from the GOP side (the establishment, even!), but never from the Democrats.

    Democrats simply want captive voters, and they will betray US citizens to do it. It’s sick, and I’m not surprised it feeds hostility.

  • QET

    Congratulations to the winners, but . . . . . .in just what respect do their achievements redound to the benefit of the US? How are their achievements evidence of anything one way or the other except their achievements? What, does the US get bragging rights somehow? Are those valuable? How? To whom? Is it that American students get to attend (at great cost) the universities where these luminaries conduct their research and maybe, once in a while, teach grad students?

    And just what exactly is this entity known as “the economy” that is said to benefit from immigrant entrepreneurship?

    Look, I am not trying to disparage the scientists and entrepreneurs who find this country most conducive to the maximizing of their potentials, but the near giddiness with which TAI and others derive from these individual achievements an entire sequence of grand nationwide social reforms, strains credulity. Universities recruit talented foreigners for their own institutional fortunes, not for the flag. It is what America can offer to these immigrants that we ought to be recognizing at least as much as, if not more than, what they offer the US nation on some utilitarian calculation. And what it is that we can offer immigrants is at great risk nowadays of being done away with in the name of political correctness. Just something to keep in mind.

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