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The Battle of the Billionaires
On Immigration, Silicon Valley is Not Moving FWD(.us)
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  • QET

    I am not a medical doctor but I think it is pretty much standard procedure to stop the bleeding before surgically repairing the damage. Stopping the bleeding is not high-level governance. It is left to nurses and interns and residents, if not to EMTs. Only when that pedestrian task has been accomplished and the bleeding stopped do the high-IQ, highly trained governing specialists descend from their Olympian intellectual governing solution offices to examine the patient and advise whether a heart must be bypassed, a spleen removed or a liver transplanted. In other words, “the governing solution.”

    TAI is right to mention 1986 and really there ought to be no article anywhere on the subject today that does not begin with a recitation of that “governing solution” (for so it was accounted at the time). 1986 transplanted the liver without first stopping the bleeding, and now another transplant is needed. This time, let’s first stop the bleeding, like good doctors. Build the wall. Then go about your “governing solution.” I know that wall-building doesn’t look like much in print; it doesn’t help fill the column-inches of a publication dedicated to declamation, peroration and elocution. But the empirical evidence of 1980 – 2016 conclusively demonstrates its necessity.

    • LarryD

      The conclusion of many of us, from the 1986 results, is that the “immigration reformers” are liars. If they get what they want, there will be no enforcement of the immigration laws this time either. Not buying it. What they really want are open borders and the replacement of the native population with a populace more accustomed to living under patrons, and working for cheap.

  • Beauceron

    “shifted it from an organization that aimed at bipartisanship to one increasingly in the Democratic camp”

    No one is buying that nonsense. They were to the Left. Now they are further Left.

    Like everyone on the Left, they have no interest at all in immigration employment issues or what’s good for the country. Immigrants work for less– if they can staff their companies with immigrants, they all become even richer. That’s what this is about. Period.Keep wages low so that profits remain high.

    They veil it in the usual social justice, one-world, globalization pablum because it’s a way for them to virtue signal while they’re screwing over the country and its citizens.

  • seattleoutcast

    Not surprising that the Wall Street cartel is proposing ideas that reduce employment opportunities for Americans. Of course, to say that, one becomes a bitter clinger and a hater.

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