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Will Moynihan Train Hall Benefit People Who Take Trains?
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  • Ofer Imanuel

    As someone who commutes from NJ to NYC through Penn Station, I am in complete agreement with the author. A fancy waiting area will be unused. What would be useful is an additional tunnel, and better maintenance of the existing tracks.

    • WigWag

      Offer, you are exactly right. I take New Jersey Transit into and out of the city quite often. Because there is only one dilipidated tunnel shared by Amtrak and New Jersey Transit, the number of trains that can get into Penn Station is very limited. This inconveniences tens of thousands of commuters.

      Last year, because it’s so old and in terrible condition, the tunnel had to close numerous times. Perhaps you remember what a commuting nightmare it caused.

      All of this can be laid at the feet of the monstrous Chris Christie. At the beginning of his first term Christie killed the idea of a new tunnel. These seems to be something about causing commuting nightmares that the incumbent New Jersey Governor can’t get enough of.

      Now that there’s increasing evidence that he knew about the shenanigans of his closest aides while they were causing havoc at the George Washington Bridge, I hope the New Jersey legislature impeaches the SOB. Even better he should be lured to Trenton, blindfolded and placed before a firing squad. There would be plenty of commuters who were stuck in the mess he created (as I was) who would gladly volunteer to pull the trigger.

      Via Meadia does need to get over its allergy to commuter infrastructure. Just because telecommuting might turn out to be the wave of the future, it doesn’t mean that actual commuters should be treated like cattle. Penn Station is dramatically overcrowded. It handles three times as many passengers as it was originally intended to.

      There are many times that the waiting areas are so overcrowded that there is no place to sit, in the New Jersey Transit area there are times where there’s not even any room to stand. Too often it becomes downright dangerous.

      This post, like so many Via Meadia posts, dumbs down the argument. It’s not just about the waiting areas in the terminal above ground. The staircases leading down to the train platforms are so old, so outdated and so few in number, that more often than not you have a thousand or so passengers going down the stairwells trying to board the train at just the same moment that you have a thousand or so passengers disembarking and trying to get up the very same staircases. It’s dangerous and New York commuters are entitled to better.

      It’s all well and good that Via Meadia authors can write their posts from the comfort of their own homes and get them to the AI offices in D.C. merely by hitting the send buttons on their computers. Millions of New Yorkers don’t have that luxury.

      Perhaps Harry Zieve Cohen or Walter Russell Mead don’t care because they consider these exhausted commuters to be little more than “dispicables.”

      I think these folks need a break. They shouldn’t be treated like garbage. Why does Via Meadia begrudge them a safe and efficient train station?

      • vepxistqaosani

        I’m a frequent commuter myself, and have been for decades. So I’m naturally sympathetic to the idea that taxpayers’ money should be used to make my life easier.

        But, alas, my moral sense recoils at the notion that the pittances of those whose earnings are a fraction of mine should see them used in such a fashion.

  • Andrew Allison

    Will Moynihan Train Hall Benefit People Who Take Trains? No, it will benefit the developers (who, no doubt, paid well for the privilege) at the expense of the taxpayer. A $1.6 billion waiting room? GMAB.

  • vepxistqaosani

    Hey, a $1.6B homeless shelter! Why are you complaining? Do you hate the homeless?

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