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US Set to Greenlight Taiwan Arms Sale?

Defense News reports that a long-suspended arms deal with Taiwan is finally set to move forward:

The United States is set to approve the sale of Mk-48 heavyweight torpedoes for Taiwan after many years of delay, said a Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (MND) official.

The Advanced Capability torpedo will be outfitted on Taiwan’s two remaining combat attack submarines after they undergo a life extension program upgrade.

This is important for Taiwan, which badly needs to upgrade its military capabilities. The torpedoes won’t enter service for several years, and Taiwan’s military is a long way from being a serious player in the region, but the sale is a step in the right direction for Taiwan.

President Obama promised a world that would rely less on hard power, yet the entire Asia Pacific seems to be literally investing in tools of hard power. More evidence of a legacy that doesn’t seem to be turning out as hoped.

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  • LarryD

    Well, nobody can rely on the US being their shield, so they naturally are preparing to due it themselves.

    Pax Americana is over, there is no sheriff in town anymore, so the citizens are arming up. What else was expected?

  • Blackbeard

    The obvious way to pressure China over their aggression in the South China Sea, and over their failure to rein in North Korean nukes, is to sell weapons to their enemies. How about advanced jet fighters to Vietnam? Those folks have been resisting Chinese imperialism for a thousand years.

  • f1b0nacc1

    I wouldn’t get too excited about this. While the Mk48 ADCAP is quite capable, it is relatively short-ranged and is heavily dependent on the firing platform (the submarine it is fired from) to be useful. Sadly the two Taiwanese subs still in service (even after refitting) won’t be a very serious threat against the PLAN, and unless things change, Taiwan isn’t getting new subs anytime soon.
    This is certainly good news, but has only very, very limited impact.

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