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Market Failure
California May Have World’s Worst Carbon Market
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  • JR

    This article makes no mention of the feelz. What about the feelz carbon markets give to Leftwingers? Isn’t that what’s REALLY important here?

    • Dale Fayda

      That, a “legacy” for Governor Dementia and a huge payday for several Democrat party constituent groups and donors.

      • JR

        If only California hiked the taxes on the rich just a tiny bit more, earthly paradise with a fast speed train station on every corner would surely be achieved.

        • Dale Fayda

          A tiny bit? Surely, you jest! A lot more! Think of it – lots and lots of “feelz” AND an earthly paradise with a high-speed train station on every corner!

  • LarryD

    Well, the whole idea of a “carbon market”, as I recall, was thought up by a private sector corporation to be able to “rent collect”. No surprise government appropriated it. The European version has been a disaster, with rampant fraud.

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