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G-20 Wrapup
Much Ado About Nothing
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  • Andrew Allison

    Need I point out the enormous amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere for these utterly futile junkets?

  • Kevin

    Obama’s trade deals (Europe and Asia) are going nowhere because he was completely detached from them. He outsouced the negotiating strategy to his corporate donors, where they conspired in secrecy to game the system to their benefit rather than promote the interests of the populace (as either producers or consumers) at large. These documents have left him with nothing to inspire popular support for these deals. His overall economic mismanagement and lack of interest in economic growth generally have further undermined popular support for his economic policies writ large and trade deals in particular. Rather than a campaign to rally support, all he can do is hope to pass them through Congress in the dark of night before anyone can read them.

    • FriendlyGoat

      They don’t go through Congress in the dark of night without conservative votes. NAFTA didn’t and TPP and TTIP don’t either.

  • Angel Martin

    “The G-20 is noise; what goes on there has little or nothing to do with the real events shaking the earth.”

    I disagree. The Chinese deliberate snub of Obama was highly significant.

    • Atlantic

      it was for their own TV propaganda machine- distract their populace with some veneer of nationalistic pride before their coming chaos- please.

  • Jim__L

    Every time we’re at a trade summit with China, we need to stand up and say, “We’re happy to see such prosperity in China, and would be even happier to see even more. The Chinese people work very hard, and they should be enjoying the fruits of their labors — they should get pay raises, so that they can enjoy more of what they create.”

    MFN status for China was sold to us on the basis that the China market would be open to American companies. What has happened instead is that they’ve hollowed us out economically, by artificially depressing the wages their workers collect. This is a point we should hammer on regularly, so that the Chinese government has to choose between raising the pay of their workers, and civil unrest.

    At some point the trade balance will even out, and both China and the US will prosper together. America-centered diplomacy will hasten that day.

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