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Sea Change
Manafort, Villain-Maker
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  • Vladimir Putin’s personal wealth might put him at the very top of the list of the world’s wealthiest people; Putin gets a piece of ALL the action in Russia. [1]

    No wonder Don the Con fawns over his kindred spirit, Vladimir Putin, in seeking favor via servile flattery; Putin gets a piece of ALL the action.


  • Angel Martin

    I’d like to think that the DC dunces are finally clued into the hostility of Russian and Chinese actions against the USA. But I doubt it.
    Russian and China do not make crude, overt threats like Iran or North Korea.

    What Russia and China do is to interfere with the ability of the USA and its allies to defend themselves against threats from rogue states like Iran and N Korea.

    For example, NATO wants to set up a missile defence in E Europe to defend against Iran. Russia makes a fuss, and tries to stop it.

    USA and S Korea and Japan want to set up a missile defence against N Korea. Again, we have Russia and China making a fuss and trying to block it. In addition, both Russian is helping Iran militarily, and with its nuclear and missile program. China supports its client state N Korea, as well as allowing it to collaborate with Iran on nuclear and missile tech.

    Interfering with the ability to protect oneself from a dangerous aggressors like Iran and N Korea is a very hostile act. So is arming and strengthening dangerous rogue states.

  • truthsojourner

    I’m not a member of the “Acela Elite,” whatever the author thinks that is. But I’m just as suspicious of the Russians as I was of the Soviets; after all, Tsar Vladimir is really just a warmed over KBG apparatchik.

  • Fat_Man

    This reflects very poorly on Trump. One of the most important things that any leader has to do is build his team. The low quality of the people Trump has hired for his campaign are an important clue to how he would operate as President.

    Don’t chortle Clintonistas, Your hero may actually be worse.

    Patriotic Americans are weeping.

    • Anthony

      To your point as I understand it: and

    • FriendlyGoat

      It’s not a matter of chortling. If Hillary Clinton is detested in official Russia, that is one reason for Americans to elect her over the other guy who appears to be favored by official Russia.

      • Jim__L

        Hillary is detested everywhere, after being Secretary of State.

        This is not a point in her favor.

        • FriendlyGoat

          Putin is not your friend, Jim.

          • Jim__L

            Never said he was.

            Hillary’s not your friend either. She’s out for her own glorification, period.

          • FriendlyGoat

            It’s Clinton/Kaine or Trump/Pence. If the election was between Kaine and Pence, you’d be for Pence and I’d be for Kaine—–on policy. We know that. No sense debating Clinton and Trump as individuals.

      • Fat_Man

        Last time I saw Hillary talking to a Russian she was giving him a button that was supposed to say reset in Russian, but actually said surrender.

        • FriendlyGoat

          There is a guy in this thread named Kev, who either is in Russia or simply favors Russia. He is the one who recently told me in another thread that we have “no idea” how much Putin and official Russia dislikes Hillary Clinton. Why? Because she once was quoted suggesting regime change with respect to Putin would be a good idea.

  • Andrew Allison

    There’s a simpler explanation: Manafort was Trumps campaign manager. Do you really think his Russion ties would have made the news if he’d been working for Clinton?

  • rheddles

    Big mistake to make Russia the bad guy. Huge mistake. China is the rising power led by mandarins. Long term they are a threat. Russia is a declining spoiler led by a street fighter. Long term, they’re still a declining power. Why pick a fight with the street fighter? Encourage him to kill moslems. Don’t let him form an unnatural alliance with China. And never fight a land war in Asia.

    • Kev

      Calling Russia “declining power” has become a cliche. If anything US and Europe are declining faster.

      • Jim__L

        Europe, I’ll give you. The US? Only if we keep electing Democrats.

  • johngbarker

    I guess I should throw away my frozen piroshkis.

  • Kev

    This is all very unfair to Manafort. He had no relationship with Vladimir Putin. He worked for a president of Ukraine. The media invented this crazy conspiracy theory because they wanted to hurt Trump.

  • Kevin

    Clinton herself through her foundation accepted bribes from the Russians to sell 20% of our uranium to the to Russians and the “Acela Corrudor” hasn’t said boo.
    They mocked Romney for concern over Russia.
    This was just another convenient stick to beat the Republicans with and had zero to do with any concern about the Russians.

  • FriendlyGoat

    If Manafort had no taint of involvement with Russians at all, this Trump Campaign staff change would have probably taken place anyway.
    One doesn’t just “out-of-the-blue” enlist the spooks of Breitbart because Manafort was suddenly creating a media distraction. Donald is signaling he will spin us with sensationalism until either we die or he does. Manafort is not the story. Bannon and Conway are the story.

  • mf

    all a part of clueless machinations by the Acela Elites. Nothing to do with wars, threats and remilitarization of Russia. No,no. It could not be. It is always us, the Ugly Americans.

  • donqpublic

    This poaching by the West in the Russian front yard and former capital, Kiev, is really getting tiresome, but I suppose it’s one way to divide up the world into global competing trade zones among Oceania’s primates and, even better, those children of the Acela Elites periodically hanging out in Davos for the skiing and good times in the Alpine mists, when not kibitzing with the Clinton Foundation for more felonies, don’t have to do any of the bleeding in those emerging market deserts and jungles. It must be nice.

  • bscook111

    This article is terrible. Nothing here but gossip.

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