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Sino-Japanese Relations
Japan Lashes Out at China
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  • Blackbeard

    As the U.S. continues its worldwide retreat expect to see more of this sort of thing as other countries adjust. It is an article of faith among the global Left that a major cause of instability in the world, if not the major cause, is U.S. belligerence. As we leave the field, and things get worse, not better, I suspect we’ll see that they are badly wrong. Not that they will learn anything.

    • Nevis07

      Yeah, I would expect more of this too. There was a piece yesterday in China’s state run Global Times effectively threatening Australia. There’s growing groundroots support for their own nuclear deterrent, though I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon.

      • Blackbeard

        When Iran goes nuclear, which I expect to happen within the next ten years, I think that will be the end of non-proliferation. If a 3rd of 4th tier power like Iran, and a rogue regime at that, is going to have nuclear weapons then who can afford not to? Of course one could argue that this has already happened with North Korea, and that would be correct, but the difference is that at the time North Korea went nuclear the U.S. pledge to defend its allies still had some credibility. After Obama I’m afraid that credibility is fatally weakened.

        In the end, history may judge this to be the worst effect of the Obama presidency, although there will be intense competition for that honor.

        • Nevis07

          Yeah, I pretty much expect the same thing. And if Iran gets the bomb, you can be sure SA will too.

          The only way to put the genie back in the bottle would be to invade NK and we both know that’s going to happen unless a president’s hand is forced.

          At the end of the day, the US commitment to have a credible threat for deterrence purposes is effectively gone. These are the follies of bluffed red lines. Ironic given the nobel laureate’s proclamations…

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