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After Obama
The World Is at War and the Peace Has Been Lost
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  • Fat_Man

    The woman who “reset” US Russia relations? One of the architects of the Lybia fiasco?

    No we are not better off with Hillary, or Trump.

    Our only hope is a miracle. As I wrote yesterday, I pray: “Dear Lord: Send us Elijah the Prophet, to herald our redemption, speedily, and in our day.”

    • Frank Natoli

      The prophets foretold the Messiah, the Messiah arrived, fulfilling all the prophecies, and those who expected Him insisted that the Romans, my ancestors, execute him, which they did. Some people cannot be pleased.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Well, miracles happen, but I suspect we are going to have to make due with what we have…

    • Go to your cave, we’ll call ya when he shows.

  • M Snow

    Let me see if I’ve gotten this right. The people who have demonstrably failed should be asked to carry on? I think I’ll take my chances with the other guy.

    • Proud Skeptic

      And THAT, my good man is the essence of what this election is about.

    • DavidLamb

      They’ve not just demonstrably failed; they’ve promised to double down on more of the same. I’ll take my chances, too.

    • Hillary: This nation is in a ruin! Four more years!

  • rheddles

    That she is more suited by intellect and experience to the Presidency than her principal opponent is not in question. Neither is there any doubt that the Democratic Party today is in better shape to provide the country with coherent leadership than the squabbling remnants and angry factions fighting over what used to be the party of Abraham Lincoln.

    An arguable statement of Blue opinion masquerading as fact. More worthy of NPR than TAI.

    • JR

      Any mention of Trump, however indirect, must be accompanied by a childish insult. It’s not just a good idea, it’s THE LAW!!!

      • John Stephens

        Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) has publicly stated that the only reason he endorses Hillary Clinton is to make the death threats go away. Perhaps something like that is in play here?

      • It is. It is.

  • FluffyFooFoo

    It is laughably ignorant and anti-intellectual to state that Hillary Clinton is “more suited by intellect and experience” to be President over Donald Trump.

    The author apparently doesn’t actually listen to Trump or appreciate Trump’s life experience.

    • CrassyKnoll

      Hillary may be suited to a particular sort of presidency, perhaps it is even the sort of presidency that Meade desires. But she is not remotely suited to be the President of the American people as they are presently constituted.

      • That is why she shall dissolve the people and import another.

      • CptNerd

        You can’t know a people you’ve never lived with.

        • Jim__L

          Trump has a remarkable ear for the vox populi these days.

  • Andrew Allison

    “That she is more suited by intellect and experience to the Presidency than her principal opponent is not in question.” Au Contraire! What’s not in question is that she is utterly unprincipled.

    • Boritz

      That’s why the list was not “more suited by intellect, experience, and principles”. We are being played a bit by this blog. Or else there is no such intent, just blindness.

  • Matt_Thullen

    I have a standing question for those who claim that Hillary is qualified to be president: Name Hillary’s greatest achievement that she accomplished on her own, without being the wife of a very talented and popular president. What did she achieve, independent of Bill, that makes her qualified to serve as president?

    Trump may have his issues and problems, but at least he was fairly successful in business, even aside from the head start his father gave him. He’s done things on his own outside of politics, which is a something that our government could use right now.

    • CrassyKnoll

      Your question is moot – this article is Meade establishing the predicate for his eventual “I told you she’d take us to war” statement.

    • I’m with you. If ‘experience to be president’ refers to hanging around D.C. and wafting from one lofty job title to another, then Hillary has it in spades.

      Otherwise, no.

      • Thirdsyphon

        So, yes.

    • Angel Martin

      “Name Hillary’s greatest achievement that she accomplished on her own, ”

      I’d say Hillary’s greatest strength is avoiding criminal liability over a lifetime of illegal acts.

      • Matt_Thullen

        That’s actually a pretty good answer. Playing devil’s advocate, I’d suggest that this wasn’t done on her own. She had many, many accomplices, including members of the Democratic party and the media assisting her with this particular achievement.

        • BazzaMcKenzie

          True, had she not been Mrs Bill Clinton, with all the access and special favors that came with that, and the consequent opportunity to corrupt and implicate so many others in her illegal acts, she would long ago have been destroyed.

          • DickNixon

            Had she not been Mrs Bill Clinton, she never would have been more than an obscure law clerk who was fired from the Watergate Committee for malfeasance..

        • wbilct

          “this particular achievement.” Are you calling rigging the system an achievement!!!

    • petegross

      I can understand why many question whether or not Trump has the right experience to lead the country since he has not been in positions that focus on such experience.

      But I’d rather take a chance on Trump who has yet to prove incompetence than buy into Clinton who has proven her incompetence and total lack of integrity.

    • Jim__L

      Trump not only had a head-start, he also picked himself up and carried on after some pretty serious (bankruptcy-scale) setbacks.

      Sure, I’m making lemonade out of lemons, but I don’t think it’s grasping at straws, if you’ll forgive mixing metaphors.

  • QET

    I have presented this before on TAI but it bears repeating:

    “Now we suffer the evils of a long peace, luxury more savage than arms.” —Juvenal

    Also, whatever Hillary’s qualifications, which I personally believe to be entirely fictitious, even those fictions make her out as the apotheosis of the “stale liberal truisms of the Boomer Progressive Synthesis.” How then, can she at the same time be the one who is better qualified to “think outside the box” of those truisms???? I’m not saying Trump is that person, but it is a certainty Hillary is not, or at least it is a certainty based on all knowledge of her we have today.

    This naive paradox from someone of WRM’s reputed experience and sagacity makes me think that the commenters are right who suggest that the real purpose of this post is for WRM to signal to the Tribe that he is still One of Them.

    • Frank Natoli

      Every single comment for this article is negative. But who then is the fool? Mead for writing this, or all of us for reading this?

      • Pete

        I say Mead — or the kiddie of his who wrote it — is the fool.

        Me, I read it for entertainment purposes and to see how woefully out of touch the establishment is, especially the pin heads in academia, from reality.

        • ljgude

          Thank you QET for the Juvenal quotation. The horrors of modern warfare, unfortunately, do not offset the ravages of a long peace, but it is difficult indeed to point that out to our contemporaries. I agree with your analysis in both of the above comments and would add that I read TAI and WRM precisely because of the excellent critique of the Blue Model and the call for a new version of Liberalism in response to changes in the world that has led to the “stale liberal truisms of the Boomer Progressive Synthesis”. What seems to be missing is the recognition that Trump represents the moment when things change, as does Brexit, NOT THE ANSWERS. Trump is just an indication of the directions in which the answers may lie – less political correctness, reassertion of national sovereignty, less internationalism and multiculturalism. The US and the world are now going to through a period change and uncertainty as the old order comes to an end – just how I would argue is a known unknown. And no doubt it will be different under Hillary than Donald, but as the Pope said, the peace has already been lost.

          • Josephbleau

            There is not a core that will take America into the future intact, a dark age must be suffered after which we will emerge as a higher civilization, not perfect, but with a higher democratic likelihood. After Obama, the Deluge.

          • ljgude

            I am not sure what you mean by core, but if you are referring to a competent core in the leadership of either party, then I certainly agree with you. The good news is that the rank and file of both parties what those people out. And if you mean by core that no new coherent political philosophy has emerged I’d have to agree with that too! That is why we have one candidate who is an incoherent reaction to the present chaos and one who represents the status quo. And two reactionary candidates who want to wind the clock back to the early 20th century – one to the free markets of the 20s and the other to the socialism of the 30s. I see us as in a period of muddling, ie not knowing what to do with the political, social, and economic mess we have created and agree that we are likely to suffer some kind of dark age before the direction we need to take becomes clearer. That for me is the ‘known, unknown’ and if I had to guess it will be economic stagnation that brings clarity. But it could be the coming to power of the new right in Europe in response to Islamic supremacism that will form the ‘core’ of an emerging synthesis. Or something else…

      • QET

        None of the above. We are all of us roiled by this election. Everybody is trying to figure out what is the right thing to do. Old chestnuts like “Hobson’s Choice” and “lesser of two evils” are no longer mere rhetorical devices. I think WRM and most TAI writers ultimately decide to prefer the devil they know, which is not an irrational choice. Were this 2008, I might even agree. But the active political “center” in this country has been dragged so far to the left in the past 20 years, and especially in the last 8, that the Right must actually act radically to undo the damage that has been done and to dispossess the Left from its control of our political and other institutions. TAI are probably not up to the radicalism that, today, constitutes the true “American Interest.”

        • f1b0nacc1

          Spot on

        • Deborah D


      • TGates

        I think WRM is merely walking the tightrope of hyperbole so that he can still gain entrance to the Faculty Lounge at Bard.

        • ljgude

          Have some compassion for WRM, he has created a reasonable alternative to the NY Times INSIDE the seventh circle of the Eastern Intellectual Establishment. I graduated from Columbia in 1964 and spent until the late 80s in faculty lounges in the US and Australia and can fully understand that WRM has to waffle a bit to be socially acceptable where he works. I tried speaking up and was summarily ejected by the people’s collective. They really are fascists and as bigoted as Bull Connors. What WRM does so well is set up a first class intellectual framework that exposes the bankruptcy of the educated classes and then passes the simple litmus test of the faculty lounge by supporting the establishment candidates. This tactic is exactly exactly the one used by Roman Catholic intellectuals like Descartes or Gassendi in the 17th century to avoid the Inquisition. They laid the foundations of the intellectual enlightenment but stopped short of ever saying anything that would condemn them to the stake. Of course they believed in God, just like WRM believes in Obama and Global Warming.

          • TGates

            Well said! I know what you mean, I am currently subjected to a “faculty lounge” where the members wear Bernie shirts while making six-figure salaries supported by a multi-billion dollar endowment.

          • ljgude

            Six figure socialists…..As Dirty Harry would say…Marvellous!

      • f1b0nacc1

        The commentary here is lukewarm at best. Oh, occasionally we get some interesting speculation on the death of the blue model, but ultimately it is all pretty mediocre. WRM is a nice man, I am sure, but ultimately he is pretty typical of what you would expect from an academic in this day an age.

        Speaking only for myself, I come for the comments. Some of the writers I (perhaps presumptuously) think of as friends, some provide amusement of other sorts. Taken together it makes the tedious meanderings of WRM and his collection of kiddies worth tolerating.

        If the closed the comments though, I wouldn’t bother…

      • I would hope that those who would merely say, Great Art!!!!! or Buncha Crap!!! would satisfy themselves with either silence or the tick of an arrow.

    • Experience and sagacity? Man, you are going to have a rough couple lifetimes.

  • Beth MacDaly

    And what will it take to lead? If it is true that we have lost the peace, then can we afford the luxury of pundits who merely sit back, observe and critique? Maybe it’s time for our savants to stop hand wringing. Guys, fold your opera glasses, roll up your sleeves and show us the leadership for which you are the clarion callers. AI and friends, what will take for YOU to lead?

    • Frank Natoli

      Guys, fold your opera glasses, roll up your sleeves
      Right. The most clear and present danger requires something more than that…

  • Beauceron

    Francis has supported Islam over Christianity in Europe.
    He is part of the problem and is even worse than Merkel.
    He is part of the problem and is even worse than Merkel.

  • GS

    “That she is more suited by intellect and experience to the Presidency than her principal opponent is not in question.” – ???? – her experience is a chain of humiliating failures and trespasses – exactly the kind of experience one is better without, and as for her intellect – what I have seen of it (“putinoid “reset”, anyone?), makes me question that one, too.

    • DavidLamb

      Her intellect is superior by consensus. When the consensus drifts the other way she won’t be so smart any more.

    • MarkM

      Why is it not in question? What evidence do you have of her “intellect and experience” as opposed to Trump’s? There is a long history of scandals and failures associated with Hillary even before her criminal decision to set up a private server for government business. Going back to 2008, I sincerely hope Trump’s folks will mine and re-use Obama’s criticisms of Hillary from back then.

  • WigWag

    The hysteria of the elite is a thing to behold. Why have they become so unhinged?

    It’s because Trump is Uber and they own boatloads of taxi medallions. Trump is Amazon and they are Macy’s. Trump is TD Ameritrade and they are Merrill Lynch. Trump is AirBnB and they are Hilton. Trump is Breitbart and they are Readers Digest.

    Whether its a hugely important figure like Barack Obama or far less important personages like the writers for the American Interest, both major league elites and minor league elites are quaking in their boots for exactly the same reason. If Trump wins, their gig is up.

    • Frank Natoli


    • f1b0nacc1

      As always, a delight to read. Your second paragraph sums up the position of the political class (Right and Left) on Trump better than anything else I have seen.

      Thank you!

    • Exactamundo. From National Review to National Socialists, Trump is a wrecking ball that crushes whatever is standing. Demolition is the first job and the dirtiest but after all the dust settles you won’t remember what once stood where something new is built.

      • Curious Mayhem

        A crude, vulgar, and blunt instrument to smash a corrupt and bankrupt elite — a true Scourge of God.

    • QET

      What we are seeing is one of those periodic shifts, like the flipping of the Earth’s magnetic poles, in who are correctly called the Conservatives. The Left, since the New Deal, has been in the political ascendant and is now in command of all US national political, educational and cultural institutions. Naturally they want to conserve that control and are today the proper Conservative Party. The Right is going to have to divest itself of the notion that it is still the Conservative Party and accept that it will have to act radically if it is to return this country to the values and traditions that made it exceptional and great. Trump is just a harbinger. The Republicans started out as a radical party and they are going to have to be that again.

      • Josephbleau

        Hear Hear!

      • ljgude

        I’ve been trying to say a lot of that here and elsewhere for years. Your summation is compact, powerful and to the point. It catches the core of why I can no longer support the Democratic party, even if the Republicans are sometimes just as bad.

    • Jim__L

      The last straw really is the fact that even WRM can’t seem to give St. Jacques the Martyr more than a peripheral mention.

      Trump is now the GOP. Do you miss the Christian Coalition yet?

  • Kevin

    Remarkable how WRM writes of the complete hash of things that the Democrats have made of everything, but every four years concludes the GOP candidate is unqualified. Would McCain really have screwed things up as much as Obama? Romney? Is a paranoid serial lying incompetent like Clinton really a better choice than Trump? How long until you he regrets this decision too?

    Or is supporting the Democratic ca did ate for president required in order to remain a member in good standing of the right sort of people?

    • f1b0nacc1

      As a far more astute member of academe (Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit) has often said, the media and the rest of the political class have created Trump, in no small part by portraying every ‘responsible’ Republican as Hitler or worse. Whatever one might think of Romney (for instance), he is a decent man with superb qualifications. Yet the Left portrayed him as an evil malefactor…

      They have summoned Trump…may they have the joy of him…

      • azt24

        Exactly. Trump was hired to be a streetfighter, who can’t be destroyed by the same methods used on Romney and McCain.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Indeed…. as the song goes…”the fire next time”

        • He was not hired. He is self-employed.

      • As Glenn has also said, they have chosen the form of their Destructor … and it isn’t one of the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Men they are used to having as an opponent.

      • Angel Martin

        “portraying every ‘responsible’ Republican as Hitler or worse. ”

        Yes. Since every past Republican nominee has been slandered as a racist monster, this year we decided to get our money’s worth.

        • CptNerd

          He’s making the correct response to the accusations of “Racist! Misogynist! Hater!” and that is: “So?”

      • ljgude

        Bravo, exactly my view of Romney in particular – boring yes, but an actual decent man spurned by the electorate who probably would have made a very good president in normal times and certainly preferable to Obama in 2012.

  • Frank Natoli

    Mead is the quintessential case of someone with a fantastic command of all the facts yet arrives at the precisely wrong conclusion. Pathetic.

  • Pete

    The pope said the world is at war but not religions are’t

    What planet is that idiot living on? islam — not just radical islam — is at war with the modern world, and immigration is one of its weapons. .

  • solstice

    “That she is more suited by intellect and experience to the Presidency than her principal opponent is not in question.” You’re right, Professor Mead. Hillary Clinton has extensive experience with respect to financial corruption, endangering national security, cozying up to Third Word Wold dictators, going after her sex predator husband’s female victims, destabilizing Libya, getting Americans killed in Benghazi, getting people killed via see-no-Islam political correctness, promoting debt-accumulating nation-building projects overseas, supporting a corrupt higher education system, supporting the sleazy European Union, playing the female victim card, stirring up racial tensions, and flip-flopping opportunistically on issues such as the Iraq war and gay marriage. If she is elected president, she will bring more European-style Islamic terrorist attacks to the United States via her lax immigration policies and her softness on Islamic terrorism. But, yes, she has the intellect and experience that we need in the White House.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “Boomer Progressive Synthesis”

    Leftist “1984” gobbledygook.

    “That she is more suited by intellect and experience to the Presidency than her principal opponent is not in question.”

    Has there ever been a more proven corrupt and criminal candidate for President?

    As people give Trump a second look, he continues to rise in popularity. Will “Crooked Hillary” even get a poll bump from tonight? Trump smoked a press conference yesterday, facing the most harsh and biased questions, could Hillary do the same? Does anyone think Trump wouldn’t crush Hillary in a debate? There’s a good possibility that she would breakdown and physically attack Trump. Wouldn’t that be awesome proof of being unfit for the office of the President?

    • Jim__L

      Well, if Megyn Kelly’s significant other went up to Trump to punch him in the face, I’d call that a fair thing to do, all things considered.

  • GS

    leftism is a mental disease.

  • Bankotsu

    “The World is at War and the Peace Has Been Lost”

    If you are serious about peace, it’s obvious that Trump should be U.S. President, not a neo con warmonger like Hillary who pushed for war in Balkans, Iraq and Libya.

    Total garbage to support Hillary for President if you are concerned about more wars and chaos.

    The no.1 warmonger is Hillary Clinton.

  • Bankotsu

    This article is one of the most completely shameless, dishonest and disgusting here on this website.

    Pure nonsense and total garbage logic on Hillary Clinton.

  • Old Gunny

    Has Mead lost his mind? “the Democratic Party today is in better shape to provide the country with coherent leadership than the squabbling remnants and angry factions fighting over what used to be the party of Abraham Lincoln.” Democrats allowed an Independent Socialist to run in their primary. They did this so their favorite candidate would have someone to tilt against during the primary season. Surpise!! The Independent gained more traction than the Democrat. They have just fired thier National Chairman for attempting to ensure that a Democrat was nominated rather than that Independent. And Mead thinks Republicans are split into angry factions? One final note. In a sane world when the presidential candidates receive their classified briefings, Hillary should be required to wait outside the briefing room.

    • azt24

      Aggrieved Bernie delegates are reporting to any media who listen that they were physically blocked from taking their assigned seats and white noise machines placed where they were herded to, to prevent their boos and heckling from being heard.

      And these Bernie Bros are the new Democrat base. They have no use for Hillary whatsoever.

  • Amadeus 48

    The comments on this note are brutal. WRM is like so many well-meaning, intelligent, true-hearted liberals in that he cannot reject the thought-patterns of a lifetime in the face of abject failure. Hillary Clinton has no business holding any office of trust and confidence in the government of the United States. Yet, to WRM and his tribe she is preferable to Trump largely because she has spent her adult life being cosseted by the servants of the state and she is familiar to them. And she is an alumna of Wellesley and Yale. No further thought required.
    What of Trump? Well, he certainly will shake things up. His record in business is a mixed bag involving relentless self promotion. He has no coherent political philosophy. And yet, many Americans think he is the better choice. A friend of mine, a closeted conservative in the humanities at a major university and the product of a communist family on the Upper West Side, is unreservedly voting for Trump because he recognizes in HRC and her coterie all the things he despised about the Red (in the classic sense–only in America could the historical associations of red vs. blue become so easily reversed–although the Left is probably pleased at the maskirovka involved) culture in which he grew up. Will Trump succeed as president? Who can say?
    World War II is 70 years in the past. The Cold War ended 25 years ago. The Left has taken control of our universities. He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future. Aspiring families pay a fortune (or pile up massive debt now owned by the government) so that their children may become credentialed if not educated. This leads America to a very bad place.
    Time to take a chance on Trump. He isn’t the answer, but he could knock Leviathan into a different course, and at least change the field of battle.

    • These punks don’t know anything about the past, though. They openly denounce the past as Old News, as if the world was born along with themselves. To call it solipsism is an insult to Point Land.

      • M Snow

        “…an insult to Point Land.” What a great phrase. I love it.

    • Rhoda Maxwell

      We don’t know whether Trump will succeed, but we know Hillary will destroy America. I’d rather vote for life in a wheelchair than a certain death by poison.

  • klgmac

    Bush won the wars. Obama has lost the peace.

  • The world is always at war with Islam because Islam mandates a war with all that is outside Islam The House of Peace is the land and people subjugated by Islam. The House of War is everything else which, if you are lucky, is where you sit right now. The Euro Muslims, either recent arrivals or born citizens are simply acting on mainstream Islam when they, say, pull a kitchen knife from a store display and start stabbing whomever they can reach. That is Islam. It is nothing less. It is nothing else. It seems like the war just started because you opened your eyes today. If you did.

  • James_IIa

    Mead is too kind to Hillary. We have lost the peace because Obama has not been able to break free from his delusional thinking. Hillary shares the same delusional thinking; what basis is there for thinking that she will successfully lead the nation through these difficult times, in which the world works in exactly the opposite way of what her ideology imagines? There is only one thing in her favor: she is such a persistent liar that she could repudiate everything she has said before. Somehow, this doesn’t give much comfort.

  • Dr. Mead, you have written so much about the Blue Model and its breakup … yet you consider the primary advocates for establishing and continuing the Blue Model, as better suited to lead us?

    I would consider “None of the above” a more accurate assessment than that.

  • mhjhnsn

    I strongly disagree with your penultimate paragraph. To say these items are not open to question or there is no doubt is really far beneath you, Professor. Yes, the Democratic Party is probably “in better shape to provide … coherent leadership,” but when everything they think and do is wrong, what is the value of coherence?

  • Anthony

    Observation WRM: from a different perspective the outpouring brings to mind drives for dominance and revenge (schadenfreude) that underlay expressed resentment towards “targeted” elites in magical thinking of Trumpism. Psychologist could have a field day tracing essential motivations supporting a satisfying narrative that explains chaotic events and collective misfortunes as the cause of another while assuaging the culpability of the true and not so true believers.

    Accordingly, one may ask whether Elite, Obama, Liberal World Order, etc. disdain covers other self-serving motivations, sentiments, ideology, or pathologies perhaps – Clintonism/Trumpism/Democrat/Republican/Sanders/Cruz as portals to what ends. Surely, WRM, one can not avoid the reality, illustrated from Post’s outpouring, that groups take on an identity of their own and an individual’s desire to be accepted within a group and to promote its standing in comparison to other groups (Amorphous elites, The Establishment, Blue Model, Democratic Party et al) can override sensible judgment. Suddenly, “The World is at War and the Peace has been Lost” but the better Angles must contend.

  • Pave Low John

    So much for all that past criticism of the “Blue Model”. If Hillary Clinton isn’t the living, breathing embodiment of the “Blue Model”, I don’t know who is.

    But then again, when you look at who WRM and his staff voted for in 2008 and 2012, none of this should come as a surprise. Can’t jeopardize those future cocktail party invitations as Martha’s Vineyard, that would be truly crazy….

  • longlance

    Russia & China hope (probably in vain) to defend their borders and protect their citizens from the rapacious, rampaging, war-mongering U.S./international finance juggernaut. If Hillary Clinton is elected President, expect nuclear war and a loss of more than “the peace”.

    • CptNerd

      Is that why they’re expanding those borders beyond the legal limits?

    • Historybuff

      Your lord trump is the one that told the world he will not defend Europe… encouraging Putin… and will close bases in the Far East. Additionally, you lord trump actually wishes to ‘shrink’ the military:
      Donald Trump suggested that the world would be safer with Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi still in charge and said he would slash the military budget – though make the armed forces stronger.

      We most probably WILL have a large scale war… but trump being in office will only accelerate it.

      • Rhoda Maxwell

        Hillary voted to “defend” us in the Iraq War. Trump had the good sense to see it wasn’t in American interests. And another little point that is worrisome: all Muslims regard a woman as worth no more than half a man. ISIS despises women and regard them as weak, idiotic, incapable of leadership, etc. I keep wondering what the election of a woman to “lead” America will inspire ISIS to do, since the US is the ultimate prize for the destruction of the infidel world.

  • trvlingengmgr

    Islam, yes I mean Islam and not radical Islam, has been at war with the West and other religious beliefs or centuries now; unfortunately the lack of Leadership in the West and the fools in the Vatican haven’t the vision to see the threat or spine to do anything about it.

    • Rhoda Maxwell

      This is the kernel of the problem. They want to rule the world (and say so out loud), while the West keeps pretending they didn’t hear.

  • bscook111

    Yes, the world has crossed the event horizon of Big War. As with the event horizon of a black hole, one doesn’t feel the transit at the time…. But there is no escape once the horizon is crossed. The Russians have prudently hardened up their southern flank and are, in their inimitable fashion, working now on their northern, western and eastern flanks. They seem to sense the future and know they are in the storm’s path. Clinton, as president, greatly increases the chance that Russia has to do hard war. Trump, on the other hand, reduces that chance. There are many reasons to concern ourselves with Russia being at war… not the least of which is that Russia will be at war with someone. Who will it be?

    • CptNerd

      I’d say there’s now a new ideological Cold War, with hot spots. The big problem with this Cold War is that there is no central authority driving the actions of the other side. The West was able to win it by being flexible enough to survive long enough for the inherent problems of the top-down control favored by the enemy to defeat them. The new Cold War is against a distributed ideology, with no central authority that can be monitored by “Kremlinologists” to determine strategies and tactics. To defeat this new ideology is going to require a flatter, equally distributed approach, with multiple smaller analysis groups tied together with a distributed egalitarian communication system that allows more efficient sharing of information and analyses that could be pertinent to any number of the other groups, determined by those groups. This is the exact opposite of the direction we’re heading, which is more central authority, more central decision-making, and less communication between groups in the government each vying to grow their particular branch of the bureaucracy. We need to shake up and prune a large part of the current bureaucracy, to free up people with new ideas to pursue avenues of approach to the problem. Sadly one of the great, flexible tools we had during the previous Cold War is now being taken away, the University is becoming locked down by those who want to stifle “offensive” speech and thought. The Internet is a modern tool that might eventually take the place of the University as a virtual place for ideas to be discussed, but it too is being subjected to pressure to prevent “bad speech”, and pressure to self-segregate into uncommunicative cliques. There’s also the drive by corporations to monetize and control access to information on the Internet, which again reduces the value of the network.

      I don’t know if Trump will be able to do anything himself, but if his campaign can show others that they don’t have to worry about offending the perpetually offended grievance complex, then that would be some good that comes out of this election. Also, I disclaim the above rant by admitting I don’t know a lot, other than having lived and worked a good piece of my lifetime during the previous Cold War, and having worked for parts of the “military-industrial complex” back then. And I read a lot.

  • jstrong365

    The world is at a breaking point. Get a grip.
    Will the US put boots on the ground to prevent chaos?

    Muslims are killing each other by the hundreds of thousands. Only fools say the insertion of a
    western crusader force will eliminate the killing.

    The first step would be an invasion of Baghdad followed by the elimination of the Shiite Militias.

  • SoCalMike

    Mead is usually better than this.
    As if what’s good for the party is what matters.
    When WMDs so generously provided by the US to our enemies start going off on the US homeland, the political class will attack middle Americans instead of the animals attacking us whom they have armed and enabled.
    They do this after every jihad attack we suffer following the same playbook:
    1)Attack the First Amendment by warning Americans against connecting the attack to Islam or calling it Islamic terrorism.
    2)Advocate stripping Americans of our 2nd Amendment right to defend ourselves even as they arm and fund our enemies abroad and invite more of them here by the hundreds of thousands.
    3)Warn against “Islamophobic” backlash as if fearing people waging religious war and cutting heads off others in the name of their god is a phobia.

    More and more Americans are starting to wake up even as the political class, the media and a minority of conformed American zombies cling to their lies and delusions.

  • peteinny

    How can any intelligent person say that HRC is suited by intellect and experience for the Presidency? Name a SINGLE foreign policy decision of HRC’s which went well? On top of that you have a person whom William Safire called a congenital liar and who would not be eligible for a basic security clearance if she were anyone else. The only thing which HRC has demonstrated is an unwavering determination to enrich herself from her positions and a paranoid sense of victimhood.

  • Alan Blair

    “That she is more suited by intellect and experience to the Presidency than her principal opponent is not in question. Neither is there any doubt that the Democratic Party today is in better shape to provide the country with coherent leadership than the squabbling remnants and angry factions fighting over what used to be the party of Abraham Lincoln.”

    She and the elite she is a member of have failed to keep the peace. Iraq was relatively stable after the surge, now it is an ISIS recruiting ground. Syria has collapsed. She killed Gaddiffi and thus turned Libya into a failed state and ISIS haven. Europe is overrun with refugees. Since it was obvious neither Obama or she would resist, Putin took over Crimea and Easter Ukaraine (failure of the reset). China is establishing facts in the South China Seas. There are still fewer full-time workers in the US then when Obama was elected and they earn less income. US total Factor productivity and economic growth are 35% to 48% of what they historically have been. To achieve these failures Obama/Clinton has increased the debt by more than all past presidents combined. Nothing has been done to stabilize our entitlement programs. The Racial spoils system (the belief in systematic racism and police brutality) has set the ethnic groups against each other. She promised continued open borders and welfare to illegal immigrants. The failures are massive and she has no solutions, save perhaps more debt. She is not suited to solve problems that she and the American elite have created; she would only make them worse. To the elite the above problems are not bugs, but features of their out-of-touch influence peddling and rent seeking rule. Only an outsider has half a chance to solve these problems.

    Given these ongoing massive failures, I find it hard to believe that you think she could provide “coherent leadership”, I see only continued and accelerated failure under a Clinton regime.

    • Black_Saint

      well said and on point

  • Black_Saint

    Democrats want to flood this Nation with uneducated, high crime, welfare loving Hispanics to join the blacks and other criminals on the Democrat welfare plantation. Repubs must serve their Pay Masters in the C.o.C and business and provide them slave labor with taxpayers picking up the bill for their medical, schooling and welfare.

  • Black_Saint

    We have two political parties and either one is for middle class hard working Americans citizens that love their country as a beacon of light and see the policies of both parties destroying their nation and letting it slide into third world status.

    The Democrat party openly despise the men and women that work hard, obey the laws, pay the taxes, fight the wars and built this Nation and cannot wait to give away what they worked and built to every illegal alien and lazy worthless bum they can find,

    The repubs pretend they care while supporting the rich, open borders, globalization, big government, and are only slightly less worthless then the socialist American hating Democrat party.

    This Nation needs a American party we have two parties to represent the rich, globalization, illegals, Muslims, welfare bums and the rest of the world.

    Can Trump be the Start of a American party for Law abiding American citizens?

  • johnwerneken

    Those who cut defense, who intervene for no apparent reason in countries like Libya, who put a terribly flawed minor expansion in health care above the economy, who manage to preside over the weakest recovery economy in history – these people have ANY good qualities? They do not.

  • mickBelker

    “Francis is not always the world’s clearest thinker on matters of politics and policy, but he hit the nail right on the head here: we have lost the peace.”

    What’s amazing, professor, is how you think you can keep getting away with obfuscating history this way. We haven’t “lost the peace;” it was step-by-step, systematically dismantled by Obama and his inbred acolytes.

    From the cancelled Eastern European missile defense system, to the failure to aid the Iranian Green Revolution, to the ignored ISIS “jayvee team,” to the unilateral withdrawal and surrender of Iraq, to the disastrous Iranian nuclear arms deal, to the consequent Middle Eastern nuclear arms race, to the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t Syrian red lines, to the failure to aid Syrian rebels, to the ”limited military action in Libya,” to the Benghazi debacle, to the “Russian reset,” to the unanswered and, thus tacitly encouraged, Russian invasions of Ukraine and Crimea, and, let us not forget, the international example of Obama’s dictatorial lawlessness at home.

    No, professor, we haven’t just “lost the peace.” What utter hogwash.

    Or should I say whitewash. Yeah, historians are gonna have a real tough time figuring this one out, eh?

    What utter drivel.

  • Rhoda Maxwell

    The Democrat party is in no shape to provide leadership. How can this author dismiss the actions of the past 8 years? Passing unread legislation crafted by the agencies most likely to benefit regardless of the effect on taxpayers or the national debt. Numerous instances of the executive trying to avoid the Constitution. Passing judgment on crimes without evidence, stirring up racial hatred, handicapping and targeting police. Weakening American freedoms of speech and religion. Passing off terrorism as absence of gun control. Starting new wars, behaving with cowardice towards our enemies, passing off American leadership as no longer needed. Supporting yet more trade agreements to offshore American jobs, while ignoring the basic requirements of all responsible governments to maintain borders and provide benefits for citizens rather than aliens.

    There is nothing, nothing in the record of the Democrat candidate to suggest that she can “think outside the box.” Every word she utters is insincere, the result of considering which way the wind is blowing. Her record of donors shows she will work only for herself and those who pay her — the oligarchs of America and the numerous foreign donors who know she has no character and no interest in anything but power.

    Her opponent does not have her “experience,” thank God — the experience of repeated lying, of insulting Congress by “what difference does it make?”, of bad judgment in dealing with our enemies in the Middle East, of taking money from the arrogant rich to power his campaign, of taking government property and having to return it, or of being indifferent to the needs of average Americans, who are now in the despised category so far as Dems are concerned.

  • Cjones1

    Hillary is damaged goods and may enjoy diplomatic flattering, but will never be trusted.

  • Smith Justin

    So the antidote to our failed “global elite” is a woman who represents more of our failed global elite?
    Whatever Trump’s “temperament” – and whatever that means – he could scarcely do worse than Hillary and our failed global elite.

  • DickNixon

    Who cares about ‘holding the (democrat) party together? Who is going to hold the country together? Not Hillary, that’s for sure.

  • PierrePendre

    The modern European order is at war with itself, never mind Putin. It’s not just Brexit. Hungary and Poland are in fights with the Brussels, the first because it has a conservative government which the EU’s ruling liberal autocracy dislikes and wants to make trouble for, the second because it does not wish to be dictated to over the management of migration. Brexit has focused the discontents of the EU’s many opponents among Europe’s citizenry and sympathetic political parties, rising to the challenge, are on the march. The EU needs to put the Ukraine and its dubious claims to be ready for Western European style democracy on the back burner while Brussels sorts out its domestic problems and reaches a long term modus vivendi with Putin. The late Soviet Union still casts a malign shadow over its former central European satellites who jib at exchanging the tutelage of Moscow for the tutelage of Brussels. The Commission is also likely to find itself at loggerheads with Austria if the conservative candidate wins the re-run of the rigged presidential election. Both the euro and Schengen are on life support. Absent economic and political union, the euro is a captive of its foundational flaws and the economic mismatch between north and south. Schengen has been torpedoed by unmanageable levels of Third World migration across the EU’s porous borders and by terrorism on a scale unknown since the 1970s. The best thing that the next US president can do is to urge the Europeans to put their house in order.

  • Curt A.

    I am sorry, and I mean really sorry because it should not be this way, but this is a “race” election no matter what cloak of issues are draped around it. Clinton is pandering to African-American Blacks, Latinos, and is very popular ( ancedotal evidence only ) among Asians. Unless there is an unanticipated groundswell of support from disaffected white voters in key states, Trump has no chance. Like I have stated it should not be this way…..but it is.

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