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Putin Is a Distraction
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  • GS

    “Trump is a thoroughly American creation that poses an existential threat to American democracy.” – Masha Gessen must have an extremely peculiar idea of the American democracy and what threatens it. I would think that it is the xenocivilizational illegals and islamic terrorists, together with the obamoths who provide the cover, who pose an existential threat – and so far Mr. Donald J. Trump is the only one willing even to address that topic.

    • QET

      “xenocivilizational.” Brilliant!

      • Josephbleau

        He will conduct the “Xenocide” (O.S. Card).

        • Jim__L

          I think it’s useful to expand a little bit on some of Orson Scott Card’s ideas about “otherness” (below*). Card took a number of Swedish words and used them as signifiers for a fascinating and useful taxonomy, much like WRM’s taxonomy of American political points of view (Hamiltonian, Jacksonian, Wilsonian, Jeffersonian.)

          The main problem is not Putin or “racism” — it is that Leftists believe that anyone who does not hold to their beliefs — including toeing the line on gay “marriage”, believing that unrestricted immigration is an incontrovertible good, believing that women and men are equivalent in all ways, believing that there is nothing to be learned and emulated from history and tradition, and others — anyone who does not believe these things is “varelse”, a being who cannot (must not) be negotiated with, and must be eliminated from society.

          Trump is the champion of those the Left has effectively labelled as “varelse”. Trump is a manifestation of the anger of those who lose in the system that the Left has created, who do not want to live as clients (slaves) of an all-powerful State run by philosopher-king elites from the Ivy Leagues whose values and ideas are so foreign to our own.

          To paraphrase Lincoln, as he championed the unfashionable and coarse Grant after Grant’s setback at Shiloh — We cannot spare this man. He fights.

          (By the way, why in the world did the Left run Schuyler Colfax as their candidate this year? What were they THINKING?)

          * Card’s categories are as follows:

          Utlanning — An utlänning is “the stranger we recognize as being a human of our world, but of another city or country.” Utlänning means “foreigner” in Swedish.

          Främling — A främling is “the stranger we recognize as human, but of another world.” Främling means “stranger” in Swedish.

          Raman — A raman (Plural – ramen) is “the stranger we recognize as human, but of another species”; [this is drawn from from a series about contact with aliens, after all] a sentient being who is of another species. Although not a common word, it may be constructed in Swedish from rå + män, where rå indicates “coarse (not refined), and män means “man” or “person.”

          Varelse — The varelse are true aliens; they are sentient beings, but are so foreign that no meaningful communication is possible with the subject. [The “buggers” — the enemies in the Ender’s Game movie — are “varelse”. Xenocidal war was thought to be inevitable because communication and negotiation was impossible.] Varelse means “creature” in Swedish.

      • GS

        Samuel Huntington’s school. I normally use a shorthand variant “xenocivvers”, but felt it necessary to use the longhand here.

  • QET

    Two Russia-related thoughts:

    One–suggested by the pebble story Willick quotes. Putin is probably thinking to himself “all you have to do is kick in the door, and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.” Ironic, no?

    The other–Trump may well admire Putin’s autocratic style (in which case Thomas Friedman of the NYT should be his ardent supporter, having himself admired Xi Jinping’s autocratic style). But it is Hillary (and Obama) who has actually done the most to enable Putin’s bold depredations. Hillary of the Reset Button. Hillary (and Obama) of the How Dumb Is Mitt Romney? derision. Let us all please remember that so far Trump has merely gassed off, while Hillary is directly and personally culpable for weakening the US position vis-a-vis Russia. Hillary, who demands to be installed as President, did all this damage while serving as the 4th in line to the Presidency, and by dint of that place in the order of succession the 3rd highest Executive Officer in the US Government. But all anyone can talk about is Trump’s gas.

  • rheddles

    I hate to go all Godwin, but really,

    He was not a grand strategist, but a wily opportunist who knew how to seize and exploit openings when they presented themselves. He did what he could to move democratic opinion in Western countries whenever possible towards the forces that were most divisive, in a bid to divide Western allies and weaken Western institutions. That’s why he rebuilt the Wehrmacht, concluded the Anglo-German naval agreement, reoccupied the Rhineland, entered the Spanish Civil War, and secured an non-aggression pact with Russia.

    But in all of these cases, he was taking advantage of institutions that were already decaying, and an elite cosmopolitan worldview that no longer was persuasive to a growing number of ordinary people.

    Another distraction?

  • Fat_Man

    I am #NeverTrum and #NFWTrump. But calling him a “caudillo-in-waiting” is rancid over-reaction.

    Trump is a clown with a bad case of ADHD, (so-diagnosed by wife who is one of the leading authorities on such things). He has neither the intellect nor the stamina to turn himself into a dictator.

    If you really want to see Trump as President, review the career of Jesse Ventura as governor of Minnesota.

    Less hysteria please.

    BTW if Putin really wants to destroy Hillary, he will release his copies of the e-mails from her server in late Octorber. Of course, the counter move to that will come with the release of Trump’s tax returns by the IRS in the same time frame.

    What fun. Is there any chance for SMAD?

    • f1b0nacc1

      Don’t you mean SMOD?

      • Josephbleau

        SMADCAP? I am now a target of the intellegence community

      • Fat_Man

        I stand corrected. I have fixed it. Thank You.

        We were blessed with a grandchild on Monday. His parents named him Elijah.

        The Bible says: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet, and he will turn the hearts of the parents to the children and the hearts of the children to the parents before the coming of the great and awesome Day of the Lord”.

        Maybe, this is the sign.

        Dear Lord: Send us Elijah the Prophet, to herald our redemption, speedily, and in our day.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Mazel-tov! What wonderful news!

          How refreshing to hear something about the real world that gives one hope….thank you for sharing your good fortune with us.

        • WigWag


  • Anthony

    In line with tenor of Post, “Nationalism vs. Globalism or Reclaiming Democracy” rather than Putin and DNC hackers may add insight to our social/political/economic dynamics – The author is correct Putin does what Putin does. However regarding our democratic order, political scientist Benjamin Barber’s book Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Reshaping the World may lend additional clarity to essay’s thrust (institutional fraying).

    “McWorld represents the globalizing culture of capitalism. Jihad refers to reactions to the spread of this culture, not only Islamist extremism but all forms of ethnic nationalism or racist xenophobia.” Still, alternatives (for repair/reform) not obscured by fear spawning propaganda must be both seriously and soberly searched for – though it’s harder to find common ground as fellow human beings than responding to appeals to our separate enclaves.

  • Laurence Levin

    Consider this.
    Question: What does Putin want most?
    Answer: Higher Oil Prices

    Question: What is standing in his wayof higher Oil prices?
    Answer: American Fracking

    The moronic (or should I use a stronger word) opposition to fracking plays by the left gives Putin an opportunity. Clinton probably knows that banning fracking is one of the stupidest ideas out there. Makes the US poorer, hurts the poor and working classes worst, and makes us much more vulnerable to oil disruptions. However she has to throw a bone to the environmentalists.

    The release of the e-mails may then be considered a shot across the bow. Putin is telling her that I have your e-mails and can release them at any time and you better make sure to fulfill the wishes of your followers.

    Is that paranoid enough?

  • Angel Martin

    Until yesterday, the Democrats have argued that Putin’s every success against Obama is a sign of “weakness”, and Putin is crippled by sanctions, low oil prices etc.

    Now it turns out that Putin is an evil genius who can manipulate US elections to his favour.

    The Democrats are outraged that Trump would call for Putin to release her (illegally) deleted emails. “Treason !, collaboration with a foreign enemy … etc”

    The Hillary camp is now arguing that she is a hapless victim of evil Putin and traitorous Trump, which may evoke some sympathy but doesn’t exactly paint a picture of a strong, capable leader ready to take on evil unscrupulous foreigners and their domestic dupes.

  • Andrew Allison

    Just another example of the utter failure of the elites to grasp what is going on in the country.

  • longlance

    Vigorous, valiant, virile Russian President Vladimir Putin strides manfully upon the world stage, universally admired and respected as a strong, serious, sensible statesman and solid bulwark against North American Terrorist Organization. Go, Team Russia!

    • Andrew Allison

      I never thought the day would come that I would upvote a troll, but the sad fact is that Putin makes the rest of the world’s so-called “statesmen” look like fools.

  • Boritz

    “ethically dubious Clinton Machine”
    Yeah, it’s ambiguous. You can’t really say. Have to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    “closely associated with a reviled and out-of-touch establishment”
    Guilt by association? Enlightened people don’t believe in that. Besides, my granny is ‘out-of-touch’. We still love her though.
    And ‘reviled’ tells us more about the revilers than anything else.

    “had managed to nominate someone who was not so deeply damaged”
    Well, Carol on The Walking Dead is damaged too but it’s hardly her fault considering all that has happened. Same with Hillary.

    Based on this information I can find no real fault

    Trump, on the other hand, with that ‘renounce the basic principles of democratic order.’ sounds undubiously terrible.

  • Andrew Allison

    Anybody who thinks the Trump is an existential threat to American democracy is utterly stupid. American democracy has handily survived many such threats. The real threat is the rise of commentators who view somebody who speaks his mind as an existential threat. Note to TAI: if you’re following the comments, you must surely realize that the elitist nonsense which you are posting lacks consonance with your readers.

    • Andrew, do you really want us to merely reflect your own worldview right back at you? That would be boring, no?

      • Andrew Allison

        What I wrote was “follow the comments”. Your regular followers, I among them, are becoming increasingly disgusted with the endless snide attacks on Trump. Trump is very far from an ideal candidate, but consider the alternative. Clinton is utterly unprincipled and has a 40-year history of lying, cheating and stealing. Some objective analysis of how we got into this mess, and how we might get out of it might be in order.

      • f1b0nacc1

        There is a significant difference between expressing a dissenting opinion (which is both good and healthy, and in fact desirable…better to challenge your readers than to patronize them) and infantile cheap shots more suitable to trolls. I have little respect for some of the commenters here, and respond to them accordingly, but to those I disagree with who merit respect, I always try to show it.

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