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Erdogan's Endgame
The Purge: Coup Year
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  • Jim__L

    So… where are the Twitterati these days?

    • Nevis07

      Don’t you know Jim, it’s only fashionable if it’s anti-Western.

  • WigWag

    Kennedy knew what to do with Diem. Nixon and Kissinger knew what to do with Allende. Why are Obama and Kerry so befuddled by how to handle Erdogan?

    • Andrew Allison

      That was, I trust, a rhetorical question. The administration is, at best, incapable of coherent action wrt to Islam.

  • Andrew Allison

    Some discussion of the quite widespread belief that Erdogan engineered the doomed-to-fail coup as an excuse to cement his iron grip would have been in order.

  • gabrielsyme

    Hey, maybe we shouldn’t be in a defence pact with a country ruled by an unpredictable Islamist strongman who is prosecuting a vicious war against a national minority. And maybe it’s not a great idea to station dozens of nuclear weapons in such a nation.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Being allied with leaders of Islamic places, elected or not, is not savory business.

    • solstice

      You might want to be careful, Goat. Although you probably already know that being openly politically incorrect about Islam will get you excommunicated from the Church of Liberalism (and political correct liberalism is an organized religion in every sense). The dinner party invitations you may currently receive from this cult will dry up, and the dirty looks, eye-rolling, hostile hissing, and accusations of “racism” and “bigotry” will stream in. If one belongs to your cult, it is much safer to be politically incorrect about Islam online than in the real world.

      • FriendlyGoat

        I am a liberal who believes Islam is a colossal fib, beginning to end. One reason why is that it is “not liberal” wherever a majority of citizens are Muslim. I don’t mind making this argument to all liberal people—-who should already have perceived this about Islam anyway. If they don’t know it is “not liberal”, they just don’t know enough about it.
        That said, our national leaders are charged with maintaining relations with all countries and all people. THEY (such as our presidents Obama and G.W. Bush, and hopefully Hillary Clinton) understand that diplomacy does not proceed from insults. If our leaders tell the PEOPLE Ankara and Istanbul that “Islam is a crock”, then you don’t get to use Incirlik. That’s one example of many that presidents must consider.

      • Fred

        If I were you solstice, I’d be careful about criticizing others for making a religion of their opinions. After all, you gnus have your synoptic Gospels, the Gospels of Richard, Christopher, Daniel, and Sam. You have your saints: Neil de Grasse Tyson, Jerry Coyne, PZ Meyers, et al. You engage in ritual denunciations of theism and anathemas on heretics. On this very board you’ve evinced a tendency to fanaticism. You have blind faith that science produces the only knowledge worthy of the name. You have self-contradictory beliefs, e.g., that one should only accept as true that which can be empirically verified, an assertion that cannot itself be empirically verified. You have a missionary zeal for proselytizing. Otherwise why work so hard to convince people (including yourself?) that theism is absolute evil and all light, truth, and goodness lie in atheism, the one true religion. We Christians have a saying about motes and beams in eyes. Perhaps you should look it up.

        • solstice

          Here’s the difference, Fred: While I may be strident about my opinions, I don’t think people who disagree with me should be censored. I believe in a free marketplace of ideas in which all ideas and opinions are open to criticism and mockery. Bible-thumping Christian fundamentalists and Holocaust-denying neo-Nazis should be free to openly express themselves, and those who disagree with them should be free to express ridicule and contempt for their ideas. Likewise, gnu atheists like myself should be free to openly mock and despise religion, and indoctrinated Catholic sheep like you should be free to insult us and attempt (unsuccessfully) to refute our arguments. Organized religions have historically done everything in their power to censor criticism, impose conformity, and avoid competing in a free marketplace of ideas. They have threatened (and many still threaten) violence, social ostracization, and eternal torture in hell in order to keep their sheep in line. The gnus that you cited are not adherents of some codified dogma that they must adhere to in order to avoid punishment. For example, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett publicly disagree on the topic of free will, and Hitchens supported the Iraq war whereas the others did not. These are civil disagreements, unlike the petulant anger that the religious typically display when their myths are criticized, and which only attests to the man-made origins of religion.

  • Anthony

    Because Erdogan survived coup attempt, it must have been staged (in some minds). Confirmatory bias is akin to self deception. I’m sure The West will have much clearer picture in weeks to come!

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Turkey is lost to the backward Islamic Culture, the sooner America either kicks them out of NATO or leaves NATO itself, the better.

    • f1b0nacc1

      NATO’s time is over, and has been for a very long time. Defeating the Soviet Union meant the end of its value as an instrument of American security, but like so many creations of government, it is zombie like in its ability to live past its point of value.

    • Felix Keverich

      Not going to happen so long as the US continues to see Russia as a bigger threat than Islam. Remember, Turkey controls the exit from the Black sea. It has the ability to block the Russian fleet there, hence its strategic value to the US.

      • f1b0nacc1

        The biggest danger to the Black Sea fleet is that it might run out of tugs to tow its ships back in when they break down….
        Seriously though, I wonder if the old ‘Dardenelles excuse’ for placating the Turks may not have run out of steam. The geographic limitations facing Russia aren’t nearly as serious as its economic limitations. In any event, perhaps it is time to let the EUnicks worry about that…

        • Felix Keverich

          Last time I checked, there is talk of creating a permanent NATO flotilla in the Black sea, so no, containment of Russia is very much a priority at this time.

          • f1b0nacc1

            All the more reason for the US to stop propping up the corpse that is NATO. If they have become so senile that they consider the Black see fleet to be a threat, then then need to be put down….and yes, any American admirals who have bought into (or instigated?) such silliness are included in that statement.

            There are many reasons to be concerned about Putin’s dangerous tendencies, but quite frankly, they are European issues. If the EUnicks don’t wish to deal with them, the US has no real interest in doing so. Putin is a very bad guy, but quite frankly we have more serious issues to concern ourselves with.

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